A person, all his life, what is the most important?

A person, all his life, what is the most important?

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it seems easy to write, but it is actually difficult.

the truth of life is always the coexistence of gain and regret.

I have heard such a saying: "Life is a process of constant choice." The wise man is that he knows what choice is. "

busy all my life, some people pay attention to the bright appearance, others pay attention to the inner talent.

We spend all our lives looking for how to live our lives.

Life is only thirty thousand days, and these three words are the most important thing in life.


Health is more important than face.

there are always some people who are very drunk when they attend the banquet, but still accept the wine they have handed over.

No one knows that you are the only one who suffers from this.

in the end, I lost my face and my health.

after the writer Mo Yan became famous, he always had endless drinks and banquets every time he returned to his hometown.

at banquets, you can't avoid being persuaded to drink.

Mo Yan's mother worried about his health and advised him not to get drunk.

but Mo Yan can't wipe away his face. he feels that if he doesn't drink, he can't hold his face, so even if he gets drunk, he should be strong.

finally get drunk every time and be helped home.

on one occasion, Mo Yan and his brothers drank more than 40 glasses of liquor and more than a dozen cans of beer.

the next day, Mo Yan, who had not yet woken up, went to visit the winery and drank half a ladle of hot wine.

I couldn't stand the repeated invitations at noon, and then I had a dozen drinks with the reporter.

that afternoon, Mo Yan couldn't bear to get down.

as soon as they saw this, several friends were worried and hurriedly sent him to the hospital. He was given a hanging injection and vomited to save him for most of the day. Finally, he was in no danger and saved his life.

the drunkenness caused great harm to Mo Yan's body.

after that, he became sick when he smelled wine and drank with much caution.

Yi Shu said: "face is the hardest thing for a person to put down, and it is also the most useless thing."

I am used to drinking for face and friendship, but I don't know that true friendship never needs to be sustained by drinking.

I have heard such a saying: "the reason why people live tired is because they can't put on airs, tear face, and can't solve the complex."

in order to lose face and drink down the body, the loss outweighs the gain.

Yu Hua wrote in "living": "people live to live themselves, not to live for anything other than living."

Let go of unnecessary face and take care of your health is the most important thing in life.


the heart is more important than appearance

the Book of Rites says: "those who love deeply must have harmony, those who have harmony must have pleasant color, and those who have pleasant color must have Wanrong."

face refers not only to a person's face, but also to the presentation of a person's inner world.

some people are clear-eyed but annoying;

some people are mediocre but popular.

everyone wants to have a beautiful face, but in fact, what is more important than appearance is your heart.

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once read such a story on the Internet:

A young female model went to a plastic surgery hospital for plastic surgery.

the doctor asked her why she had plastic surgery when he saw that she had exquisite facial features and was very good-looking.

the model replied that her recent career had been hampered repeatedly, and she thought it might be because she was not pretty enough to have plastic surgery.

as a matter of fact, models are upset recently because of sudden changes at home;

they are full of grievances because of intrigue in the workplace.

the model is immersed in such negative energy all day, and her face naturally becomes ferocious, and no one dares to come near her.

the Sutra of impermanence says: "if you have a heart without a phase, you will live with your heart; if you have a phase without heart, you will die with your heart."

A person's appearance will change with the thought of good and evil.

No matter how delicate the face is, it will become ugly because of hostility;

No matter how ordinary the facial features are, it will also become beautiful because of friendliness.

face is determined by the heart, and our inner grief and resentment will eventually be reflected in the face.

if you are positive and optimistic, you will have the appearance of Bodhisattva;

if you are full of complaints, you will be ferocious.

Wang Guozhen said: "if you are not happy enough, do not frown deeply. Life is short, why cultivate bitterness?"

if you think too much, your heart will be tired.

instead of indulging in unchangeable pain, it is better to put aside your grievances and pursue real happiness.

when troubles are thrown away, there is a light scene;

when the soul is happy, there is a radiant face.


character is more important than ability

Gorky said: "if you take the road of integrity and honesty, you must have a clear conscience."

there are numerous troubles in the world, and only moral character is the foundation of the world.

when I watched The Legend of the Condor Heroes when I was young, I always felt sorry for Yang Kang. He was born with a good hand, but he played badly.

on the contrary, Guo Jing, who is regarded as a silly boy, not only holds her beauty, but also becomes a generation of warriors.

now I understand that Yang Kang's fate laid a foreshadowing at the very beginning.

Yang Kang knew full well that his adoptive father was his enemy of killing his father, but he recognized the thief as his father for the sake of glory and wealth, and even betrayed his country for glory, and his character was extremely poor.

he deceived the people around him with hypocrisy and designed to kill Guo Jing.The six masters.

although Guo Jing exhorted him many times, hoping that he would go astray and return to the right path, he was bent on going his own way and did not want to repent.

in the end, he died tragically in the Iron Gun Temple and got what he deserved.

on the other hand, Guo Jing looks silly on the surface, but he is kind-hearted, respects his teachers, and has feelings of family and country.

he treats love wholeheartedly;

treats his teachers with respect;

treats enemies, he is jealous of evil.

his honesty and honesty won him the love of many martial arts predecessors and taught martial arts. As a result, he acquired martial arts and eventually became a generation of chivalry to protect his family and defend his country.

writer Shi Chenjin said: "it is better to be worthy of the matter than to be worthy of the body; to be worthy of the body is better than to be worthy of one's conscience."

be a man, be aboveboard;

do things worthy of your heart.

even if you go through hardships, you will still use your character to make a world for yourself.

No one is luckier than the other, but the more character he accumulates, the more blessings he will get.

if you choose to be a shrewd egoist, you will naturally get disdain and indifference from others.

if you choose to be an honest altruist, you will naturally gain favor and feedback from others.

ability is important, but moral character is more important than ability.

only when we have both ability and political integrity, can we form a wide range of good relationships, and can our road of life become wider and wider.


all his life, what is most important

Ostrovsky said:

A person's life should be spent like this: when he recalls the past, he will not regret for wasting his time, nor will he be ashamed of his mediocrity in the past.

in the face of pushing the cup on the table, the smartest way is not to be brave, but to accept it.

after all, there is no wine game worth fighting for.

instead of pursuing the ultimate perfection in appearance, it is better to practice your inner temperament.

all things in the world go up against the current, settle down, and life is complete.

character is internal skill, ability is skill, only deep internal skill, skill to assist, life can be the icing on the cake.

but if you fail in character, no matter how strong your ability is, it will be in vain.

Wu Zhe said in "wild": "as an experience, a person's life, there will always be a lot of experience, all kinds of experience is the proof that you have lived."

looking back on the past, I have mixed joys and sorrows.

however, after a walk in this world, instead of remorse and shame for the past, it is better to take advantage of the present moment to live yourself.

there is a long way to go, and the stars are bright. May you realize your dream and soften the years.