It's really important to be close to these five kinds of people.

It's really important to be close to these five kinds of people.

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01 people with good character

many times, we are often attracted by each other's image or other advantages.

the biggest bottom line and principle of a person is to have a good character.

other abilities or talents should be built on this basis.

there is a saying: "living with good people is like entering the room of Zhilan, not hearing its fragrance for a long time; living with evil people, such as entering the restaurant of abalone, for a long time without smelling it."

when you are with people with bad character, they will not only hurt you, but also pollute your mind and even lead you astray.

when you are with people with good character, you will become more and more kind under their influence, and you won't make too many mistakes.


people who strive for progress

have a problem with Zhihu. What is the best way to be an excellent person?

A highly praised answer is to get close to a good person.

you are the kind of person you are with.

when you follow the progressive person, you will try to keep up with the other person and become as good as the other person.

when you are with lazy people, you will gradually become procrastinating and lazy, and then get farther and farther away from your better self.

if you want to be a wolf, you can't live with sheep all day. If you want to be an excellent person, you can't spend all day with mediocre people.

sometimes, what kind of circle you choose to enter, you choose what kind of life you choose to live.


positive and optimistic people

I don't know if you find that everyone needs the corresponding energy.

there is plenty of positive energy, and they shine at any time, which will make your mood and state of mind more positive, more optimistic, and more sunny.

there are plenty of negative energy. they cover you in the dark and make you complaining, pestering and haggling.

there is a saying: "the luckiest thing in the world is to have a few lively, cheerful, positive friends."

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in life, everyone's life is not easy.

when you are with someone who loves to laugh all day, your heart will be full of gratitude, and you will be happy, calm and at ease.

when you are with people who are full of hostility, you can easily be infected by their emotions, and your heart will be filled with all kinds of grievances and dissatisfaction.


A friendly critic

in life, everyone has his own shortcomings.

but not everyone is willing to kindly point out your mistakes and deficiencies.

after all, compliments, even if they are not true, will make the listener feel good and even have a better impression of you.

but criticism is not only not conducive to a harmonious relationship, but also easy to make enemies with others.

there is a saying: "good medicine is good for disease, but good advice is good for deeds."

the more people who criticize you, the more conducive to your growth, but also really good to you.

in fact, if the other party, there is no malice.

then never alienate those who criticize you bluntly.

only by facing your own problems can you solve them better. Only when you face your own shortcomings directly, can you better improve your shortcomings.


people who do reliable things

in life, we all like to get close to smart people, as if with them, we will become smarter.

in fact, you must choose reliable people to do things in order to really benefit you.

work with reliable people, and they won't let you off the chain. Even in a very small matter, it will not tease you, but let you rest assured and worry about it everywhere.

work with unreliable people who dig holes for you and worry you everywhere, which will not only bring you more trouble, but also cost you more.

there is a saying: "reliable, it is simple to say, but complicated to fall down." It sounds like a feeling, but it's a principle to do it. "

No matter how good a promise or promise is, no matter how beautiful the words are, they are not as good as those who really do things well.