Life advice, take care of yourself

Life advice, take care of yourself

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in life, we always meet people like this:

judge others before we understand our own life;

interfere with others before we deal with our own affairs;

in life, we don't care so much, just ourselves.

if you want to make a suggestion to live an easy life, it is

No matter others, take care of yourself.


watch your mouth, don't comment on others

in a variety show, Yue Yunpeng was severely criticized by netizens.

the reason is that he evaluates that female guests are not suitable for dancing, and the reason is:

female guests have thick legs.

in fact, the female guest is not too fat. Although she is not "white and thin," she is well-proportioned. Hearing Yue Yunpeng's comment, she complained on the spot:

"I'm sorry why you said that about me."

"my heart has just been broken in place."

Yue Yunpeng, who physically humiliated the female guests, was clearly in a mess.

maybe it's just a joke to him, but it's a kind of harm to others.

you speak happily, but you leave a lot of scars in other people's hearts.

people should watch their mouths and don't cause harm to others.

I have seen such a story.

in the scorching sun, there was a peasant woman taking care of the crops in the field. The weather was very hot and the farm work was very tiring. She worked very hard.

in spite of this, she is full of drive and willing at the thought of paying for her children's tuition.

at this time, a passing neighbor saw it and immediately said for her:

"you're still working on such a hot day. I'll take a picture and send it to your boss to show him how you suffer."

after hearing this, the peasant woman can no longer work at ease. She is not only dissatisfied with her present life, but also full of complaints about her husband.

in this world, some people live in luxurious ships and some people live in driftwood in the sea.

if you haven't experienced other people's lives, don't tell other people's lives.

in the world, each has his own way to go, and each has his own hardships to go through.

if you are unable to sympathize with other people's suffering, please do not make fun of others at will;

if you cannot help others with their difficulties, please do not expose them.

Kill a Mockingbird says

keeping virtue under the mouth and not easily judging others is not only a kind of self-cultivation, but also a kind of self-cultivation.


mind your own business and don't mind other people's affairs

for a while, my friend Fan Fan was particularly depressed.

she has a best friend who complains about her boyfriend scum in front of her whenever she quarrels with her boyfriend.

the point is that everyone knows her best friend, too.

she was tired of hearing this, so she told her best friend that since he is such a scumbag, you should break up with him.

on one occasion, she ran to warn her best friend boyfriend: don't mess with her best friend if you don't really like it.

to Fan's embarrassment, when she was here to persuade her best friend to break up, her best friend was already quietly making up with her boyfriend.

finally, anyone who is messed up inside and outside is not a person, and he is determined not to get involved in other people's affairs any more.

never meddle in other people's affairs, especially emotional ones.

others are still together afterwards, and you are often the only one who will be disliked in the end.

meddling in other people's affairs is often thankless.

you need to be willing and powerless about other people's business;

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your own business is what you should care about most.

Zhihu netizens @ have shared such a story.

she has a college roommate, and no matter what others do, she will cut in or interfere.

she wears a new skirt, and her roommate says the match is ugly, so take it off;

she reviews her professional lessons, and her roommate says she has no exam, so she looks like a nerd.

she was just about to memorize words, and her roommate came to point her out in the wrong way.

even the porridge she brought back, her roommate had to take care of the porridge.

until finally, Tao Tao couldn't stand it any longer and shouted to his roommate, "can you find something to do for yourself and stop meddling in other people's business all the time?"

it's a good thing to help others, but to meddle in everything is to cross the line.

in this way, there is an old saying that makes sense:

you have no right to interfere in other people's private affairs, just as others do not mind your own affairs.

Don't be angry about other people's problems, let alone take risks for other people's problems, otherwise it will bring disaster to yourself.

sometimes, people need to keep a little distance between people, do not get too close, the relationship is refreshing, on the contrary, it will be like two hugging hedgehogs, head broken.

in life, instead of meddling in other people's affairs, it is better to mind your own business.

one more thing is better than one less thing.


take care of yourself as a god and others as psychopaths

some time ago, Li Ruotong posted a photo on Weibo.

in the photo, the 54-year-old is wearing the same 17-year-old school uniform, even the size of a junior high school student.

she is also posting that her body has not changed much, but her heart is stronger than before.

what was supposed to be an inspirational and positive picture, but discordant voices appeared in the comments area.

some people say: as a middle-aged woman, I am very confused.Why should a middle-aged woman pursue the sense of being a young girl?

in the face of this query, Li Ruotong responded generously:

in the days when there was no shooting, Li Ruotong never stopped learning new things. she opened her Weibo account and fell in love with sports.

as soon as I have nothing to do, I will go to the 12-yuan Hong Kong dollar store to live a rich and contented life, and no moment is wasted.

maybe someone will jump out and tell you what age you should be and what your life should be like.

this is my life, and it's up to me how I want to live it.

as long as you don't hurt others, what you do has nothing to do with others.

take care of yourself as gods and others as psychopaths.

it is stupid for you to judge and be self-righteous when you don't know what others have been through and what kind of life they are living.

I have heard such a saying:

We should learn to mind our own business first and not to meddle in other people's affairs.

those who are willing are tired, and those who don't care don't care.

if everyone knew this, the world would be much more peaceful and quieter.


Life advice: take care of yourself and take care of others

the most important thing in your life is to take care of yourself.

as the saying goes:

"Don't judge other people's good or bad, because you are not likely to be nobler than him;

Don't meddle in other people's private affairs, because they have nothing to do with you."

know how to think of others and don't hurt others. The karma you have created will come sooner or later.

when dealing with others, never mind that it is too wide, leave a little distance for others, and leave a little ease for yourself.

to take good care of yourself, regardless of others, is not a kind of indifference, but to keep the boundaries of communication between people.

Life is a penance of self and self.

in your world, there is no one but yourself.

as long as you take care of yourself for the rest of your life, but do good deeds and don't cross others.

that's all.

click to watch. May you from now on:

other people's business is none of your business; to take care of yourself is the business.