Spend the rest of my life with clean people.

Spend the rest of my life with clean people.

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Yi Shu said: "the most important thing in being a man is to look good."

this posture refers to the temperament presented from the inside out, in the final analysis, two words: clean.

people with a high level of life are often clean people with clean appearance, clean life and clean heart.

some people are not outstanding in appearance, but their fresh and clean temperament makes people feel like a spring breeze;

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some people live a simple life leisurely, full and comfortable;

some people experience the influence of the world and can still maintain their authenticity and treat the world with a pure heart.

cleanliness is not only the highest state of being a person, but also the highest evaluation of a person.

the best way to keep healthy is to be with clean people for the rest of your life.


appearance is the noblest temperament

. Appearance is not only a visual experience, but also an auxiliary tool to reflect the heart, and is the first door to get along with people happily.

Matsushita Konosuke, a famous entrepreneur, once went to get a haircut. Due to overwork, he was very tired and dishevelled.

the barber said earnestly, "you don't pay any attention to your appearance, just like the quality of your products is very casual, as the representative of the company is so sloppy, will his company be good?"

Matsushita Konosuke was speechless, and from then on he began to manage the image of himself and his employees, and his products gradually attracted attention and his business boomed.

some studies have found that a person's appearance will have a great impact on his behavior. The cleaner and neat a person's appearance is, the more positive and enthusiastic he will be towards life, which will form a virtuous circle.

good appearance reflects a person's optimism and sense of order towards life, taking things leisurely and handy.

thinking of Sister Ma, she loved to be clean when she was young, braided her braids perfectly every day, washed her clothes white but neatly, and always had a smile on her face.

she wanted to be an art soldier, and her family felt hopeless. As a result, she was admitted on the spot. The person in charge of the interview said that she had to practice dancing again, but she saw her inner appearance through the outside, confident and transparent, and comfortable.

Sister Ma was hospitalized for surgery some time ago. while she recovered a little, she washed on time every day, dressed appropriately, and arranged the affairs of the unit in an orderly manner. Others said that her uncluttered demeanor was like a patient and treated her politely.

people are clean and elegant. Always keep a clean appearance, is the respect for life in the world.

there is a very moving saying: "character is written on the lips, happiness is exposed in the corners of the eyes; standing posture can see talent and demeanor, gait can see self-awareness; there is a recent state of mind in the expression, and the eyebrows are the past years."

the appearance is clean, it is a kind of decency and self-discipline, it is the noblest temperament, it shows dignity and strength, and every move exudes charming elegant demeanor and the charm of a successful person.


Clean life is the most comfortable way to live.

I have seen a topic discussion: "do you hate life now?"

the highly praised answer is: what I hate is not the present life, but the way I live the way I am.

Mobile phones take up a lot of space by information pictures, which is jammed to death;

rooms are in a mess, making people irritable and suffocating;

wardrobe can not fit, still continue to buy …...

I agree with Zhou Guoping: "if a person attaches too much importance to material comforts, he must pay a spiritual price."

We always want to satisfy our desires with the number of things, which makes life tedious and exhausting.

Yu Hua discusses the meaning of living in "living". Life is just to live clean and pure.

in order to find the true state, the writer Thoreau ran to the edge of Walden Lake, built a cabin and lived alone for two years.

he planted the spring and autumn harvest, made friends with nature, played the flute on the boat, fished by the lake, and recorded his observations and thoughts at night. He proudly declared that "everyone can be the king of his own kingdom."

the simpler it is, the more refined it is. Only by daring to break up and do subtraction at the right time can we spend our time on the people who are really important, find the most beautiful scenery, realize the best self, and make life easy. No, no, no.

A person who lives a clean life must be planned, trade-off and trustworthy.


the heart is clean, and it is the top accomplishment

Mr. Qian Zhongshu said:


inner cleanliness

CCTV host Li Pan told such a story in his book.

Reading time has been on the air for three years, and she invited writer Huang Zongying to talk about the creation of reportage.

she was surprised to find that the 70-year-old Huang Zongying was so young, with a straight back, white hair, wavy eyes, talking and laughing.

Brother Huang revealed the secret: because she is an old child and naive.

years are never defeated by beauties. A person with a clean heart is indifferent to the world. Always full of passion, blooming bright, no distractions naturally look vibrant.

Mr. Yang Jiang has too many ups and downs and joys and sorrows in his life, but he never changes his noble temperament, does not pursue fame and fortune, but writes quietly in the cabin.

you will be unprepared to be amused or moved by her sheer purity.When she was talking about the embarrassing story of sending a bed to her husband who went to the countryside, she said, "I'm afraid that home will fall apart like a broken bed."

when you feel sorry for her, she talks about growing vegetables and digging wells and feeding stray dogs in the dry school to make you laugh through tears.

do not be optimistic, do not deliberately sad, the separation of the family, life changes unreservedly flat in front of you.

Zhuang Tzu said, "the heart of the supreme man is like a mirror. He will not meet him, but he should not hide it, so he can win things without hurting him."

people with high horizons are as clean as mirrors and are not served by external things. even if they have seen the gloom of the world and experienced worldly tribulations, they can still be free from wind and frost and without any damage.

cultivate a pure heart, do not need to avoid the hustle and bustle of cars and horses, but build hedges and plant chrysanthemums in your heart, abandon too many desires, have your own bottom line and principles, and have your own bottom line and principles.

when your heart is clean, some things will pass with a smile, and some things will make you smile after a while. This is the best way to be a person.


for the rest of my life, I spend the rest of my life with clean people

some people say that the simpler one lives, the cleaner he lives. This is the fragrance of the soul.

the highest state of life must be the purity, freshness and magnanimity of plain and simple.