The best way for a man to be noble

The best way for a man to be noble

Good morning, accompany you to read.

We often say "rich family". What is "rich"? What is "expensive"?

to put it simply, wealth is material, while expensive is spiritual. If you want to be expensive, you must read books.

Zeng Guofan said: "I do not want to be rich from generation to generation. I hope there will be scholars from generation to generation." A scholar is the seed of reading. "

he hopes that future generations will not be proud of being rich, but proud of reading.

Zeng Guofan attaches great importance to the reading and study of the younger generation, often setting an example and teaching the younger generation to know books and etiquette.


there is no difference between reading and not reading every other day, and there is no obvious difference every other month, but in terms of five or ten years, there is a big difference.

some people say that reading is useless because they have never tasted the sweetness of reading. If they read one more book, they will say less to ask for help in the future.

some people say that the books they have read do not remember anything, but in fact, knowledge has been integrated into the body like daily nutrition, silently nourishing the soul.

Reading is a watershed in life. "after three days of farewell, we should be impressed, not to restore Wu to Ameng." this is Lu Su's evaluation of Lv Meng.

knowledge can change fate, as it has always been. Reading is not the only way out, but reading is the fairest and easiest way to go.

the only way is to study, not for birth or talent, but for hard work and hard work.

you can wander in the ocean of books whenever you want. As long as you give, you will get something.

Zeng Guofan was born into a peasant family, and there has not been a single scholar in the family for 500 years. He is not talented, even stupid, and even the talent of a thief is higher than him.

but through the road of reading, he struggled from scholar to Jinshi step by step, and Jinshi was selected as a scholar.

later, because of reading and self-cultivation, he became a generation of "perfect people".

it is reading that can achieve such a high level of achievement.

Reading is a stepping stone to upward progress. If you don't read a book, you may not even find the door.


when you are not reading at this age, you will find that life without reading is more difficult, and reading is the easiest.

the bitterness of reading is bitter for a while; the bitterness of not reading is bitter for a lifetime.

many people do not want to eat the hardships of study. In the final analysis, they are afraid of hardships, so they choose to give up.

they are also unwilling to eat the hardships of life, but they can't refuse the bitterness of life, they can only accept it.

Zeng Guofan was famous for his diligence in reading when he was young. he had to finish his reading task every day, and he couldn't sleep until he finished it.

that is, I have taken the exam six times. In each exam, I have to get up before dawn, pack up my things, walk the mountain road to catch the exam, enter the examination room at dawn, and spend a day in a narrow space. You can imagine the hardship.

We should not be afraid of hard work in order to gain something, and we should also find the correct way to read.

Zeng Guofan taught his children and grandchildren: "whenever you study, you don't have to ask for forced memory." As long as you take your time, read a few articles today and read a few articles tomorrow. It will be beneficial for a long time. "

that is to say, you don't have to learn by rote. You should immerse yourself in it and ponder it over and over again to make reading easier and more enjoyable.

We should persevere in reading, "do not skip reading in one day", pay attention to accumulation and improve day by day, so as to get the way of reading.

son, don't choose comfort at the age when you should bear hardships, otherwise life will make you suffer twice as much in the days to come.

at the age of reading, the purpose of eating the bitterness of reading is to eat less of the hardships of life in the future.

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people do not read books, one day is vulgar, the second day is disgusting in the mirror, and the third day is tasteless.

if you don't read, you will become vulgar on the first day, look in the mirror on the second day and feel hideous on the second day, and dull and lifeless when talking to people on the third day.

the books you have read are your pattern.

faced with the same predicament, some people cry and complain about their unfair fate, while others believe that "if one works hard, one hundred and two Qin Guan will belong to Chu."

Zeng Guofan said: human temperament is difficult to change because it is born, but reading can change temperament.

Reading can change your temperament and improve your pattern.

before the age of 30, Zeng Guofan was vulgar, small and magnanimous. In what way did he aspire to be a saint in his thirties? First of all, the most convenient way is to read books and learn from the spirit and knowledge of our predecessors.

from day to day, year after year, Zeng Guofan changed bit by bit. With the passage of time, Zeng Guofan's temperament changed day by day, and finally completed the transformation from "mediocre" to "perfect".

the books I have read are influencing you imperceptibly, broadening your horizons, improving your pattern, and changing your life.

the final result is quite different between reading and not reading. If you always think that reading is hard, isn't it hard not to read?

the road to the future is under your feet, and the books you choose and read have long been integrated with you and changed your life.