The secret of happiness (this article is priceless! )

The secret of happiness (this article is priceless! )

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what is happiness?

Happiness is the freedom and ease in the adversity of "the Yangtze River knows the beauty of fish around Guo, good bamboo even the mountains feel the fragrance of bamboo shoots";

is the ecstasy of the great reversal of fate when the spring breeze is full of horseshoe disease, watching Changan flowers in one day, and ushering in success;

is the inner ecstasy when the voices of apes on both sides of the strait are still ringing in our ears, and a leaf boat has sailed through ten thousand mountains.

Gorky once said: "Happiness is the greatest thing in life."

Happiness is the most important thing in one's life.


not angry

all say: "to be angry is to punish yourself for other people's mistakes."

there is a saying in "Don't be angry": "I am not angry when others are angry, and there is no one to replace me when I am angry. Don't compare your neighbors, relatives and friends, and let your children and grandchildren go with him. "

people who are angry all day will scare away happiness!


often read

Su Shi said: "I am full of poetry and books in my life."

even if you are dressed in coarse cloth and inferior clothes, those who have knowledge in their hearts are still radiant.

Reading makes people knowledgeable and wise; reading can make people find willows and flowers when they are exhausted; reading can make people carefree.


multiple exercise

exercise is a dialogue between body and mind.

exercise can get rid of wishful thinking; exercise can let you vent your emotions and release stress in the rain of sweat; exercise can produce dopamine, a hormone that makes people feel happy.


have a bosom friend

in life, it is enough to have three or five bosom friends!

bosom friends are not family members, but they are better than family members.

A bosom friend is not only the one who confides in our troubles, but also the one who shares our happiness. As the poet Wang Bo said: "in the four seas, as long as you have a bosom friend, no matter far away from the ends of the earth, they all seem to be together."


make more money

money is not a panacea, but it gives you a choice, keeps you away from unhappiness, and gives you a way out in a difficult situation.

some people say: "the happiest thing in life, sleep until you wake up naturally, count money until your hands cramp."


break off

break off false friendship, give up the relatives who can't see you, and leave the people who make you unhappy.

keep your circle clean, don't live in other people's mouths, live in your own heart.


to travel

to see beautiful scenery and eat delicious food.

Travel brings people the greatest happiness: it allows you to stretch your tired body and empty your bored mind.

A walk-and-go trip allows you to restart and be full of energy. The pleasure brought by travel is irreplaceable.


please yourself

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please others, physically and mentally exhausted, please yourself, physically and mentally.

listen to your heart, say what you want to say, meet the people you want to see, and do what you want to do.


record happiness

record the happiness of every day. One month later, you find that you have had a very happy month; a year later, you find that you have had a very happy year.

the heart is only as big as a fist, and when it is full of happiness, it cannot hold troubles.


keep the innocence

as simple, pure and real as a child.

if we look at the world with a complex heart, the world is complex. If we look at the world with a simple heart, the world is simple. Simplicity makes people happy.

Happiness is a magical thing that we can't see or touch, and everyone yearns for it.

Happiness does not diminish because you give it to others. On the contrary, the more you share, the more happiness you get.

Happiness is not determined by the people around you, but by yourself.

Happiness is not that you have more than others, but that you know how to be content.

Happiness is not brought to you by the past and future, but by the present and the present.

if you pursue happiness, happiness will follow you.