There are six qi in life, and it is suddenly enlightened after reading it.

There are six qi in life, and it is suddenly enlightened after reading it.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there are many uncertainties in life, just like looking for an oasis in the desert, tossing and turning all the way, but not seeing the end of expectation.

if you feel that life is not satisfactory, you might as well give yourself a physical examination first and add more meals to replenish your qi.


good at reading and talent

Zeng Guofan said: "people's temperament is hard to change because they are born, but reading can change their temperament."

the true temperament is not the complacency set off by wealth, nor the emptiness beyond beauty, but a person's unique quality and charm.

Reading is a shortcut to shaping temperament.

loving reading is tantamount to making a mentor and a bosom friend.

in the book, read winter snow and summer fireflies, listen to the wind and birds, enjoy a person's prosperity and loneliness, it makes your life rich and interesting, let you have what you think and do.

more reading can cultivate your self-cultivation and expand your realm, so that you will not be disturbed by difficulties and trivialities.

Reading also modifies a person's appearance, makes people behave elegantly and well-behaved, and at the same time improves the skills and level of being and doing things.

Reading philosophy books can cultivate atmosphere; reading professional books can cultivate talent; reading leisure books can cultivate aura.

if a person has a rich cultural heritage, his temperament will naturally be sublimated in an imperceptible influence.


stress honesty, gather popularity

words to form the word "sincerity", and the word "honesty" means that one is true to one's word.

there is a saying in "the World is different because of you":

"the value of a person lies in that he is an honest and responsible person. If he does not have such a quality, he will not only lose a lot of valuable opportunities, but also leave him in the haze of dishonesty. "

honesty is a kind of kindness and responsibility to promote oneself and others, and it is the link to maintain a good relationship.

hypocritical deceit, can not make true friends; treat others with sincerity, others are bound to reciprocate with sincerity.

honesty is the foundation of human beings. once you break your promise, you may go far, but eventually you will lose your way.

A person's greatest achievement in life is not how much money he earns, but how much sincerity he gives to others and how much support he gets.

honesty is to cultivate virtue, and faith is to establish oneself.

honesty is a person's best feng shui, with strong cohesion, will attract more and more wealth and friends.

A man should first set up a letter, and those who are sincere win the hearts of the people.


often diligent, cultivate luck

as the saying goes: "Genius lies in accumulation, wisdom lies in diligence."

everyone's intelligence level is similar, but the potential of the brain is huge, and ordinary people usually use only 2% of it. 5%.

28 Law confirms that as long as a person's efforts exceed 80%, he or she will succeed, and diligence is the greatest advantage to break through and the strongest magic weapon to win.

the so-called way of heaven rewards hard work, and opportunities always favor those who are prepared.

insist on doing one thing to the extreme, constantly studying and trying to improve, it is enough to be far ahead.

A lot of times, we work hard but don't see anything in return. Don't you know that every step you take is laying the groundwork for the future.

nothing is difficult to work hard.

the really good people can fight desperately in the long river of time and finally sing.

like a sentence very much: "Smart people are not necessarily very diligent, but diligent people must be very smart."

be a diligent and smart person for the rest of your life, make your life compact and wonderful, and let time witness miracles.


fame and fortune, keep upright

many people think that people must pursue something in life, otherwise life will be meaningless.

as a result, the world is bustling, burdened by fame and wealth.

Master Hongyi said: "Life is born of indifference and defeated by greed."

the so-called indifference does not mean to give up struggle, but to control desire and get rid of the temptation of fame and wealth.

because the pursuit is based on desire, it is difficult to have true happiness.

as the ancients said: less desire means pure heart, and pure heart means simple things.

know that enough is enough before you can examine yourself, give your life an accurate position, and focus on self-improvement and more valuable things.

be indifferent to the mind, jump out of cognitive limitations, give up unnecessary desires, give up unnecessary burdens, break away from the obsession of foreign objects, and feel the weight of life happily in the midst of troubles.

watch the pre-court flowers blossom and fall, follow the clouds outside the sky, let the snow, rain, wind and frost, laugh at the vicissitudes of life.

before you can live the most leisurely, free and easy life.


helping others

everyone will encounter all kinds of problems, and it is inevitable to ask for help.

it is said that asking for someone is like swallowing a three-foot sword. If you can resolve the embarrassment and annoyance of the other person at the moment, you must be respected.

while helping others, I also practiced my compassion and enhanced my sense of achievement.

Kazuo Inamori advises young people like this:

how do you make money? In fact, money is not earned, it is the reward given to you after helping others solve problems.

people have been searching for happiness all their lives, but they don't realize that happiness depends on what you give to others.

if you like to give, there will be more and more blessings; if you like to help others, there will be more and more expensive people.

be altruistic and do altruistic things, and fate will naturally change for the better.

I have read a sentence:

"if one day you lose your way, please be kind and helpful so that you won't live too badly."

those who help others are alwaysTo help.

with a compassionate heart, you can enthusiastically help others in any situation, and the energy and material of life will be recycled.


Don't worry about it. In life, those who care too much about things are often unfortunate.

they magnify their troubles infinitely, and their hearts are full of resentment and pain, which not only hurt each other's goodwill, but also make themselves stumble.

in fact, there are too many right and wrong, all can not be sorted out. If you care more about a moment, you will have less time for happiness.

Ba Jin once said: be open to everything, and if you argue less, there will be less right and wrong. No matter what you lose, don't lose your mood.

there are some things that others may not know, and it may not be worth worrying about.

the world is a passer-by, so it is better to practice your heart than to be hard on others.

an open mind is the greatest joy of being a man; to look down on the gains and losses is to build an indestructible barrier for yourself.

I like this sentence very much: "A person's happiness is not because he has much, but because he cares less."

if the heart cares, it is full of complaints; if the heart is relaxed, it is always sunny.

you can only reap a pleasant face if you have room for everything.


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Life is a difficult practice and a process of constant reconciliation with the world and yourself.

as the old saying goes, "Water trees and roots, cultivate people and cultivate hearts."

do things first to be a man, and to be a man first to cultivate the mind. When you are in the right mood, the road will be smooth.

everyone has his own character, which makes every life possible.

Don't rush to define yourself. Practicing these kinds of "qi" will help you invisibly.

if you change your mindset, your habits will change; if your habits change, your life will change.