To the people I care about most.

To the people I care about most.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

01   to parents: you raise me to grow up, I will accompany you to grow old   

when you are young, you do not understand the kindness of your parents, and you are already middle-aged.

seldom do anything, always disrelish their parents' nagging and blame their parents for taking care of too much.

when I grow up, I find that only parents try their best to protect their children regardless of gain or loss and reward.

the greatest love in the world is the love that parents give all;

the deepest kindness in the world is inculcated by parents.

it's a pity that as a child, I still owe a lot to my parents along the way.

We always leave our bad temper to our parents and are used to ignoring our parents' eager eyes.

I always comfort myself afterwards that I will certainly fulfill my filial piety in the future.

but I don't know that family affection can't stand wear and tear, filial piety can't stand waiting.

the most regrettable thing in life is that the child wants to support but does not wait. The luckiest thing in life is to shout "Mom and Dad" to be answered.

how lucky it is to still hear your parents' nagging and how lucky you are to receive your parents' response.

the kindness of parents is greater than that of heaven, and filial piety comes first.

Dear parents, thank you for raising me and protecting me from the wind and rain all the way.

in the first half of my life, you watered me with love to grow up and be my most solid patron.

for the rest of my life, I will spend the rest of my life with you, which will be your greatest comfort.


to friends: if you meet, you must cherish

there is a saying that wealth is not a true friend, but a friend is a true wealth.

in this life, having friends is not only a blessing, but also a great joy in life.

A true friend is like an umbrella in wind and rain, the wind in the hot sun, and the light in life, giving comfort and strength.

A friend, cherish for life.

Dear friends, thank you for being in my life, giving me warmth and joy.

Thank you for taking me to heart all the way, no turning back when I am in trouble, doing my best to help me, helping me when I need it, and donating generously without hesitation.

your affection for each other is remembered by me, and I will cherish it doubly.

although in busy days, we are not as inseparable as we used to be, and we do not have so many opportunities to get together often.

but I believe that good friendships can stand the test of time.

No matter how far the distance is, I can't keep thinking of you from the bottom of my heart; no matter how busy the day is, I can't dilute the love between you and me.

No matter where I am, you are the concern of my heart.

in the days to come, may you and I continue to walk side by side and warm together.

No matter how things change, there will be no loss of affection and friendship.


to your partner: may we cherish each other and love each other for the rest of our lives  

We will meet thousands of people in our lifetime, and the probability of two people falling in love and staying together is only one in 1.5 billion, much less than winning 5 million lottery tickets.

it is a gift to meet a vast sea of people, and it is even more fortunate to fall in love.

only by cherishing it well, can you stay together all your life and grow old together.

although friction is inevitable in life.

they will quarrel over trifles, because children fall out, and because of money disputes.

will occasionally dislike, blame each other, and dislike each other.

but fortunately, after the conflict, we still firmly believe that the other person is the most suitable person for us.

also understand that the so-called husband and wife is the people who still stay around after quarrelling and stumbling.

after so many years together, in the days when we support each other day after day, the feelings become more and more mellow.

on weekdays, we are always ashamed to say a lot of things. Today, I would like to take this special day to say to my dearest you:

Thank you for your fate. Although we are not the best in the world, we are the most important people in each other's lives.

Thank you for all your efforts. I see your kindness in my eyes and keep it in my heart.

in the days to come, may we cherish and love each other, whether in prosperity or adversity.

May we depend on each other in poverty, stand by each other, cross hurdles together, carry hardships together, and share blessings together.


to myself: if you can't start over all your life, love yourself well

look back on the days you have passed, and suddenly find that you have treated yourself too badly.

busy making money, ignoringHealthy, busy taking care of others, often forgetting to reward and be kind to yourself.

waste too much time and thought on people who are not worth it, and spend too much effort and energy.

as a result, I am physically and mentally exhausted.

want to say to my dear self:

from now on, love yourself first, then love others.

the most important thing in a person's life is to live for himself, and the most important thing is to make himself happy.

so don't keep a low profile and try to please anyone, don't try to cater to anyone.

May you first have the ability to love yourself, and then have the spare power to love others.

from now on, take good care of your body.

Life is more important than money, and health is more important than success.

unscrupulously overdrawing health, consuming life, and leaving behind the matter of taking care of your body is the greatest irresponsibility to yourself.

in the days to come, may you take good care of your body, eat healthily, work and rest regularly, and exercise properly.

Don't carry it when you're sick, don't push it when you're tired.

from now on, take care of your mood.

Life is the mood, life is the state of mind.

if you are in a good mood, everything is good; if you are in a bad mood, everything is out of order.

taking care of your mood is more important than anything else.

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from now on, may you smile at the honor and disgrace of life and watch the ebb and flow of the world.

05   the most unbearable thing in the world is the years, and the most unbearable thing is waiting.

time is the most ruthless, this life can not start all over again, please remember:

Don't give the worst to the one you love best, don't save the best for last.

every ordinary day in the future, don't forget to express your love and cherish the people in front of you.

Click to watch . For the rest of my life, may all the people who care about me be beautiful and shining in their love.