10 instantly sobering answers

10 instantly sobering answers

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Q: why do we often feel unhappy?

answer: unhappy is not that we have too little, but that we want too much.

everyone has their own desires, and when they are not satisfied, they are prone to resentment.

when we are lamenting what we lack, we might as well think about what we have.

as the saying goes, contentment is always a pleasure.

not knowing how to be contented is an important reason for our unhappiness.

No matter how much food there is, it is only three meals a day;

No matter how big the house is, sleeping is just a bed;

No matter how expensive the car is, it is only a means of transportation.

eat what's in your own bowl, don't envy what's in the pot of others.

learn to be content and cherish what you have in front of you.

you will find that happiness is actually very simple.


Q: how to control yourself from losing your temper?

answer: if you are right, you do not need to lose your temper; if you are wrong, you are not qualified to lose your temper.

losing temper is a human instinct, but it doesn't mean we can lose our temper.

if you are reasonable, persuading others with reason is the weapon; if you are unreasonable, it is a good policy to bow your head and yield to weakness.

losing your temper indiscriminately will only make you look ill-bred and unconfident.

what's more, losing your temper won't solve any problem, it will only hurt others and yourself.

A person who is really capable, even if he is angry, will take into account the overall situation and maintain his proper demeanor.

if you don't have the ability to clean up the mess, don't indulge your fickle emotions.

Please remember: your temper is never greater than your ability.

only by controlling your temper can you control your life well.


Q: what's the difference between the one who loves you and the one you love?

answer: the person who can cure your temper is the one you love; the one who can stand your temper is the one who loves you.

when we fall in love with someone, we always want to show our best in front of each other.

even if he is full of anger, he will try to put aside his edge and bad temper.

when we are loved by someone, we act like we have nothing to fear.

unwittingly, he hurt each other with his bad temper.

if you don't want to lose, please cherish each other and learn how to love.

you should know that only the feelings of mutual tolerance and appreciation can go far.

Don't wait until you miss it to know it's too late.

after all, some people can't wait for you all the time.


ask: "Don't let the child lose at the starting line" is it reasonable?

answer: you have to compare with others all your life, which is the source of the tragedy of life.

Life is a marathon, and there is little point in winning at the starting line.

whoever comes last is the real winner.

moreover, the starting line has always been a false proposition.

in the end, it will only bring about the tragedy of education.

if there is a starting line, then our parents are the real starting line for our children.

our knowledge, pattern, example, values, and character. Is what really affects a child's life.

instead of messing with their children in the future, it is better to toss themselves well now.


Q: what really dragged you down?

answer: it's not your phone, it's your lack of self-discipline.

there is a heartbreaking saying on the Internet: Douyin takes five minutes and the world takes an hour.

in this era of entertainment to death, it seems that the trouble caused by mobile phones is actually our own lack of self-discipline.

talk about reading and studying. As a result, it takes half an hour to swipe your cell phone to study.

knowing that staying up late is not good, I told myself to go to bed early, but in the end, I still played with my cell phone until two or three o'clock in the morning.

do not know that every time you indulge, you give up on yourself.

after a brief period of happiness, all that remains is endless emptiness and remorse.

Don't let your time become a low-level happy flow.

stay away from "low happiness" and life can repay you with true self-discipline.


Q: what is put down?

answer: to really let go is that even if you are in tears, you can still look up and move forward.

in life, everyone has people and things that they can't let go.

put it down, not for you to discard, nor for you to forget.

it tells you not to get stuck in the people and things of the past.

as the saying goes, there is nothing in the world to worry about.

Life is a breakup, and there is nothing you can't let go.

what we really can't let go is our own hearts.

if you are too persistent, there will be limitations in life.

if you have something to give up, you will get something.

empty what should be emptied, and put down what should be put down.

only when you really let it go can there be unlimited possibilities in life.


Q: why is it more difficult to be kind than smart?

answer: because cleverness is a gift, and kindness is a choice.

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Talent is inborn, and choice is determined by the heart.

although, at the beginning of a man, nature is good.

however, some people lose their kindness by walking.

in front of interests, no matter how smart he is, he has lost the bottom line of being a man.

the most valuable thing in life isAfter seeing the darkness and pain of the world, I still keep the goodness of my heart.

No matter how much bitterness and suffering I have experienced, I always believe in the simplicity and beauty of the world.

choose kindness, not to get something in return, but to live in peace in the days to come.

living up to one's conscience is more important than anything else.


Q: what if the days don't make it through?

answer: if you can't make it through the day, keep yourself busy, cry and laugh and pass by.

nine times out of ten there are bad things in life, and everyone has their troughs.

Don't always say that you can't get through it, you're in pain, and others are no better.

instead of spending your time being hypocritical, keep yourself busy.

busy, crying and laughing is over.

you have to believe that time is the best medicine.

the pain of the past will become your armor, and the past experience will become your wealth.

so don't be afraid.

time will certainly give you the answer you want.


Q: what is the meaning of persistence?

answer: it is not the scriptures that make us become a Buddha on the site, but the difficulty of 9981.

I have heard a saying: the meaning of persistence lies in persistence, and success is only a subsidiary product.

the joy of success is not because we have achieved success, but because no matter how many difficulties we encounter, we do not give up.

sometimes, success just lasts a little longer than ordinary people.

many people choose to give up when they are on the verge of success.

if you give up halfway, you might as well not start.

nothing happens overnight in life. If you choose, don't give up.

if there is a shortcut to success, then the name of this road must be "persistence".


Q: what are the hidden rules of the adult world?

answer: few people want you to have a good life.

some people say, "I hope you have a good life," but think, "but you can't be better than me."

there are very few people in the world who really want you to have a good life except your parents.

the greatest evil of human nature is to be unkind to others.

No one will care how much sweat you put into success, they will only be jealous of what you get.

Don't show off your happiness. There's nothing wrong with keeping a low profile.

your showing off may be a kind of harm to others.

as someone said: when eating meat, do not chirp, this is a kind of kindness, but also a kind of wisdom.

Life is a journey without a return trip.

along the way, we will meet beauty, happiness, suffering and parting.

No one's life is always plain sailing, and no one's life will be without problems.

but in the end, we all find our own answers and try to make peace with life.

I hope that after reading this article, you can also find the answer you want most in your life and live as you like best.