You should celebrate if you're still breathing.

You should celebrate if you're still breathing.

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I stood on the hillside and looked at Miss F, who was within a meter of distance from me. She was shouting at the whole open mountain forest. After shouting for a while, she could still hear a long reply. She smiled at me all the time. Before that, my heart had been stuck in the Pacific Ocean.

I used to dislike and even dislike this person, a typical strong woman who works hard for her work every day and regards things and glory as higher than the sky, and she always has a sense of constant aversion. She is the kind of person I dislike most since I was a child, but she is my elder sister, not elder sister, and a bit like my aunt, because she is as good as a sister when she talks to me, and I treat her like a long time.

"Why are you cheating on her in this relationship?"

on a light rainy afternoon the other day, I went for a walk, went to the cinema in Shanghai, bought a glass of milk, and went in. There were no more than ten people in the ninth row, and there were no more than ten people in the second floor. I sat alone between the two boys (the kind I didn't know). It took me a few minutes to watch the whole movie awkwardly. I laughed at him, cried for her, and told them about life, who were heavily affected by the incident and the film. He said, "you never know which tomorrow or accident will come first, so cherish it. I watched them stay up late drinking and drinking, keep them away from thousands of miles, and redouble their efforts for those who don't even look at themselves."

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A person watches a full TV show, and a person orders a cup of steaming tea at the meal next door. It rains heavily outside the glass window. I think of "how good it is to be alive." in my memory, I seem to have told my trusted friend a few years ago: "one day I suddenly finish playing, and when I die, I must play this song on party." you have to tell him that he is serious about what I want to say to the people who love me.

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I also remember that one of the bears I am wearing is Miss F.

she came to my house today. She always thinks her clothes are too bad. I thought, what else do you want to do, cut it off? Before she could finish complaining in her heart, she grabbed the dog and pulled it all over her head, leaving me speechless. I should have guessed that she had done a good job and should have done it a long time ago. I just never thought that she would shave it off, never thought that she would regard beauty as the f of her career, and one day she smiled and showed off her fake beauty to us. I leaned over wearing headphones and went on to watch.

and out of the room, facing outsiders, she will take care of herself beautifully, try hard and be in high spirits.

in the afternoon, she went mountain climbing with her husband and dragged me into the back seat. She said she wanted to travel. She smiled and told me that she wanted to go to all these places. In the past, I wanted to complain that travel was not a trip, but when she said the second half of the sentence, I put what I was going to say back. She said, "I don't even know how long my life is." I pretended to look out of the window, but I didn't care about it. I didn't understand it.

she took off her shoes and ran on the slopes of the mountain road, panting without a step. She told me to go first. I didn't have to wait for her, but I walked very slowly on purpose. It was not a high mountain, but when I watched her follow us to climb the mountain, she shouted loudly at the hillside and smiled back at me again. I even gasped for a moment. Yes, in the past, I took life and death too seriously, and it was these bears who had had close contact with death who told me that I could not be sure which day I would die tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but I could decide how to live today or tomorrow.

tomorrow will come, and accidents will come. Even if the accident comes first, we will go first, and tomorrow will not stop because of it. The things you leave behind can affect the countless tomorrows of others, such as Miss F to me.

I have more than one bear bear who is in close contact with death. The male bear who walks in the night, only after stepping into the ghost door does he realize that he must change his way of life and live a more carefree, happy, healthy and active life. They don't think about the meaning of living. They don't think about tomorrow or which one will come first. They don't think about a mess of positive energy to understand life. They just want to live as much as possible.

We stood at one end of the mountain and the other end of the mountain, close to the other end of the mountain, and near the end of the mountain, we lived without death

in the early morning of the explosion in Tanggu, Tianjin:

what Zhang Zhiming said to Yu Chunjiao in Zhiming and Chunjiao became a golden sentence for a period of time: "some things don't have to be done in one night, and we don't lose time." Indeed, there are some things that are not urgent, but there are some things that you think you will have plenty of time to go back on if you don't do it now?

A thousand people sang: "if the bottom of the building collapses that night, there will be a phone call even at parting."

Yes, we have no way to foresee when there will be accidents. In the town where I live, there were four or five car accidents in a row in an hour the night before last. Some were seriously injured or died on the spot. Two more days later, a fire broke out in the downtown area, and several children had no choice but to jump from upstairs. Fortunately, they were picked up by firefighters and citizens downstairs, and their lives were not in danger.

these things we can't foresee. Maybe some people are thinking that I will work hard today, work hard, and take my parents on annual leave to travel next month. Some people are thinking that I will call him to apologize tonight when I finish this problem, and it will be all right if I get out of the way. Others are thinking of going to bed early, getting up tomorrow to make breakfast and sending my children to school.

and at this moment, with a roar of thunder, we freeze in all the good visions and die.

I won't tell you to live each day as if it were your last. If every day is your last, then I won't go to work or go to school. I'll go home and stay at home all day, because I want to do what I think is the most important thing on my last day and be with my family. Therefore, according to the working principle of normal society, there is no logic to say this sentence. The only thing we can do is to try our best to do what we want to do in life. If you think about it, I am sitting in the car at this moment. If a big truck crashes into me, I will die. Will I feel pain at the last second because this thing has not been done?

Q: have you or someone you have ever been in close contact with death?