Scratch the surface

Scratch the surface

A story about fighting a fire.

I hope to share our view of the world with all the university students.

there is a farmer in the State of Wu who is very poor and has no money to send him to private school, but he is smart and hard-working. Every time he passes the window of the private school, he will stop and listen to what the teacher inside is saying. He is often absorbed in it and stands still for a long time. Slowly, he formed a habit of going to the window of a private school every afternoon and listening to the teacher like a student, but he was not like a student, because he had no books and could only listen.

the teacher saw that he was pitiful and wanted to go out and get rid of him, because the poor man must have no money. As soon as he went out, he saw that the teenager had lame a leg and asked that he had accidentally fallen off a cliff while chopping firewood, so he lost his leg. Therefore, no matter how cruel the teacher is, he is not willing to say the word "get out of here" to a teenager who has no legs and no money, so he goes back to the private school, but lowers the volume of the lecture.

but those students in private school have long regarded him as their classmate who is studying outside the window, but they are in different classrooms. They hated such a realistic teacher that they took turns lending their books to the classmate who was teaching outside the window every day.

so the teenager officially began his way to school, chopping wood every morning, then having classes in the afternoon, digging the wall in the evening and reviewing the contents of the afternoon.

three years have passed, and all the students in the class are planning to go to Beijing for the exam, but the teenager is getting more and more haggard day by day, because he goes up to the mountain to cut firewood before dawn every time in order to raise money. And in order to sell the firewood he cut to the staff, he tried to make each piece of wood similar in length, and it was all dry wood that was lit by a little bit. When he worked so hard to pull the firewood to the clerk's house, he was refused by the housekeeper, because someone would deliver the best firewood to the clerk's house on time every day for free. But just when the teenager was about to give up, he just got out of the sedan chair. After understanding the situation, he touched his beard:

"I have a suggestion. What happened to you is so unfortunate? how about telling it?" Let the people in the town receive a profound ideological education, they are decadent and unstudious, lazy and unenterprising. I hope they can learn from you what is meant by 'cherish what we have'. Naturally, there will be a lot of people who will help you. "

after hearing this, the teenager shook his head thoughtfully, leaning on his stick, dropped a word and turned to pull away a truckload of firewood.

"I'm just here to sell firewood, not to solicit sympathy."

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I don't know how many times he cried since he was a child, but this time he didn't cry and bit his lip stubbornly. He took the truckload of firewood and went to the most populous market in town.

but I don't know which child was so naughty that he secretly lit the end of one of the firewood with flint.

A single spark can start a prairie fire, not to mention a pyre.

the fire was getting bigger and bigger, and the teenager took off his clothes and slapped them hard, but the fire immediately swallowed his clothes. At this time, the young students passed by, saw this situation and immediately ran to the roadside shop to ask for water, but the shop did not have a wooden basin, so they had to bring wooden bowls to fill the water, and then spilled bowl after bowl into the fire. But what's the use? So the students changed their strategy and asked for help while picking up the water. The eldest brother who drew water and bathed, the cook who was going to pour the water into the pot, and the woman who washed clothes nearby, they all begged again, hoping that they could help put out the fire. Ten, ten hundred, the whole town ran to put out the fire, there are wine glasses, wooden pots, spoons, kettles, all kinds of containers used to hold things.

the teenager looked at the beating sparks, and his face was covered with ashes from fighting the fire. the fire seemed to be getting smaller and smaller, but the firewood was burned with little left, but the fire never felt completely extinguished.

in fact, he didn't know that the fire kept burning because his classmates not only asked those people to put out the fire, but also asked them to collect firewood when collecting water, and secretly put firewood into the fire while splashing water. let it continue to burn.

because the students are afraid, once the fire goes out, the teenager will know that he has nothing left.

as long as the fire doesn't go out, he will keep staring at the fire.

as long as the fire doesn't go out, he has a reason to live.


Today, a classmate asked me if I could help. When I said something, she told me that she wanted to let more people know about it and let more people help him.

in fact, I am a little afraid that my role is not worth her to come to me for help.

I am very busy today. I drove out this story on the bus, and I don't know how you all feel. I don't want to talk about him directly, because it's so sad. What I want people to know is how hard he works. In fact, what he wants is not sympathy from others. It's just that the teacher named "reality" is so cruel that he knocks at him one after another. I don't expect you to put all your pocket money into it. I just hope you can come up with one yuan to continue his hope.

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