Who is easy to hold? the most difficult thing in ten years is to let go.

Who is easy to hold? the most difficult thing in ten years is to let go.

It is a vast expanse of passers-by to meet each other.

I hope to share with you the world in our eyes

Mai Junlong released a song "Luo Sheng Men" last month, which was very popular in the city. however, the focus of the world's attention is not on the song itself, but that this song was used by Huang Weiwen to slap the world after the song "bitter thoughts" ten years ago.

"hold a grudge" is about what happened when the man was still bitter about him after he broke up with the heroine, and even the new girls they met wanted to show it to the hostess and ask her for advice.

how are you these days? Do you still like to read girl comics

have you hardly shown up recently

do you have a new date

I really want to introduce you to her I just met

I want your opinion.

at that time, I thought it was just a lover who was out of his mind after being lovelorn. Who hasn't been in love several times? In order to endow new words with strong sorrow, this kind of hypocrisy, time to cure.

Ten years later, at the beginning of 2015, the same crew, Huang Wei Wen ci, Wu Le Cheng qu and Mai Junlong sang, released "never forget", continuing the story of "haunted" ten years ago, which can be regarded as a sequel. It is said that ten years later, from the time when I gave you hellokitty to now it should have been replaced with jasmine perfume, the man in the story has tried to accept his fate and made a new girlfriend, but in fact he is still obsessed with it, and he even hopes that when he meets her again one day, she can unreasonably ask her to give up her current girlfriend. If he wants to meet again, there is still a chance to revive the dead.

even though I finally accepted my fate and met her

, I believe I will meet her again one day. Listen to you say don't like her

you and I will go home in the future

actually you are a painting hanging hard on this old heart

the reality is not going well? look forward to the epiphyllum in this painting

ten years later. They will still secretly check your news in the middle of the night, learn about you through layers of relationships, and wonder if you have changed from liking hello Kitty to jasmine perfume, a decade-long concern that has long since turned into a "morbid" unrequited love. The miserable thing is not unrequited love, the tragic thing is that you torture yourself so much that you don't look like a ghost, but you still think that the other person is as worried as you are, and you can't forget it.

at that time, everyone thought that even if the song "never forget" was the end of the story, I always felt that something was missing. I did not expect that in July this year, there would really be a final finale, "Luoshengmen".

in Luo Sheng Men, the woman who likes girls' comics finally shows up, but her appearance is a slap in the face of the male master. I think it is not only the male master, but all the people who have similar experiences, and those who can't let go because they are worried about it. Huang Weiwen is really unique, a sentence, a slap.

regarding the female master who likes girl comics and hellokitty, the female master says:

have I ever loved Harrogiti? does it seem that Dickens is still comic

Dickens is still misunderstood by girls

infatuated with blindness to beautify but actually understand me

that girl has long since disliked hellokitty and comics. When she matured, she liked literature and read Dickens. She used this to tell the man that it was because the obsession blinded her eyes that she felt that everything in the past was so beautiful, but have you ever thought that maybe you don't know me as well as you thought?

with regard to the behavior that the male actor often looks at the female host's Facebook behind his lover's back at night, the heroine expresses her position like this:

sincerely think of the relationship is still worth it

if I meet again on the road, I will smile and ask you how you are doing

the Facebook you update every night is pointless to read

if you want to be at ease, don't go over the old case every night

for your 10-year trip to Iceland. The man said

that he would like to be reunited somewhere in Iceland as scheduled next January

, while the woman is only willing to let the past stop at Fukushima, Japan, where she went together.

You are sure to find that red lace gown that will be what you need to show your unique style. This section is just for you – unique in every way.

Let the past settle down somewhere in Fukushima

because of a party, I heard my old friend say that the man had not let go of himself for a long time for ten years. Even "if you don't feel at ease early in the morning and at night, you can't expect to get a signal in two seconds and then see what you said to contact each other often." I don't know if you've ever tried to wait for a message from someone, until you never leave your cell phone, wash your hands, take a bath, and hold it in your hand even when you sleep. And finally wait for the phone to vibrate, ecstatic, open, either Tencent News, email ads, group chat messages, or voting requests.

the hostess could not bear it and decided to come out to exhort So here we go:

I am very grateful that I still like me for ten years

recently, my old classmate said that I have been loyal to you for 600 weeks

it's a pity that I haven't been able to stay together for ever

, but if I tell you or feel more guilty

, I don't have to look back at

the most moving time

the most moving time may not be everlasting

You miss it too much to forget

who is the most difficult to hold in ten years

look at a better place to absorb sunshine for the next love

think it is the unforgettable thoughts of both sides. From the beginning to the end, I was the only one who could not let go.

this story sounds really familiar. I think of Miss A, and you still remember the article "you don't like it that much."Love him "? Miss A kept Mr. B in mind for seven years, during which she wrote hundreds of letters to herself. She clearly remembers Mr. B's favorite music and movies seven years ago. Once she went shopping and saw Mr. B's favorite record, she would certainly use the pocket money she had saved for a long time to buy it and collect it. She said that she had a premonition that she would see you again one day, and that she could give all these things to him when she met. Just like in the story, the man always misses the hellokitty that the woman likes, but is told that I don't remember liking it any more.

as you know, Mr. B appeared one night seven years later, and Miss A was so upset that she stayed up all night, and then realized that she might not really like it. I also thought that this was the end of the story. In fact, there was a sequel. I saw Miss An after I went home during the summer vacation. In a coffee shop, she told me the later story. The appearance of Mr. B turned out to be just a group chat on Miss A's Wechat, but he never opened his mouth. He just seemed to watch his own movements, and always had no intention of intervening. This "spectator" posture made Miss A uncomfortable. She thinks every day, what kind of circle do I hand out today, and he will react when he sees it? Just like in the story, the man takes a peek at the woman's Facebook every night while his partner falls asleep, only to find that the woman's answer is "you update Facebook every night but there is no point in reading it."

the reality is that one day Miss A clicked on Mr. B's moments as usual, only to find that she had no permission to check any messages long ago. Yes, she was deleted.

half a year ago, Miss An excitedly came to tell me that their old classmates had set up a WeChat group of more than 100 people, including him. Wechat has the function that a stranger can see each other's ten moments, so she goes to find him every day, refreshes his dynamics and follows everything about him. Miss A found that Mr. B had been learning the piano all the time. She remembered that seven years ago he had said he would learn the violin he loved. At that time, Mr. B asked Miss A what musical instrument she liked, and Miss A said, "Piano."

she didn't dare to think about it, and she couldn't help wondering if Mr. B really learned the piano for his own sake.

there must have been an answer later.

although "Luo Sheng Men" is cruel, it is my most satisfactory answer. Whether it is the male master or Miss A, if the obsessive object does not come forward to give himself a response, I think it is not too much for people like them to be so stubborn for more than seven years or more than ten years. I am grateful that someone can come forward and slap them. I sincerely hope to wake up these two believers who are infatuated in their dreams. It is really pointless to let the wonderful journey together become an explosive that troubles both sides. Go ahead, there is light ahead.

(Note: Luo Shengmen means that the parties to the incident each hold their own opinions and prove or weave lies in a way that is beneficial to them, which ultimately makes the truth complicated and confusing, and it is difficult to find out. )