A story about quot; learning to listen

I hope to be able to share with you the world in our eyes

although there are a lot of stories that can be written, but now I can't polish them one by one and show them to you, because I can't tell them all with a smile. But there is a story that doesn't look so sad, and I'd like to share it with you tonight.

when I was in junior high school, my mouth was so fierce that it was "invincible all over the world". If anyone dares to greet me with foul language, I can prove with my logic that the foul language is actually scolding themselves. And best of all, my logic is extremely correct.

No one dared to call me stupid at that time, because I knew how to fight back would make those people lose face. For example, I would cross my legs, stare at the "class ranking" next to the blackboard and say to the person who called me stupid, "if I'm an idiot, what are you?" An idiot who is even more stupid than an idiot? " If he says he doesn't care about grades at all, then I'll make up for it: "it's all because you're not qualified to care about grades."

so in the second semester of the second year of junior high school, I was rejected by 80% of the boys in my class.

A few days ago, I arrested a pupil from a summer camp and lectured him alone because he punched a boy in his class in order to "earn" other people's two dollars. The little boy was only up to the corner of my eye, one hand holding the thumb of the other, his chin shrinking and looking up at me with a "I was wrong" look. I asked him, "did you hit your classmate for two dollars?"

"I didn't call, I just touched it." He looked at the ground.

"did you touch your classmate because of two dollars?"

he looked at me and said yes.

"if you touch your classmate because of money, do you think the classmate who is touched by you will be sad?"


"if it was you who were touched, would you be very sad that your friend beat himself for two yuan?"

"Yes." After that, he wiped the tears with his left hand, drop by drop.

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at that time, the excluded me also stood in front of the head teacher like him, shed tears drop by drop, I know why they are not in strings, because it is different from sad tears, very sour.

I apologized one by one on QQ, blaming myself for my previous tone and asking for their forgiveness. I still remember a reply from a classmate who was in the same class from primary school to junior high school:

"actually, I don't hate you, I'm just with the brigade."

my then head teacher called me to the office the next day and gave me two unsealed books, "Learning to listen" and "100 rules for interacting with people". Then she told me that they rejected me because I was too stringed and my words were too bad.

I went back to the classroom with those two books in my arms and began to read them day and night, because no one played with me anyway. But in fact, it is not that there is no one to play with me. At that time, some people in the class still thought that I was pitiful or that I was right at all. They still played with me after class and talked to me in class.

it's just that at that time, I couldn't take care of those who really thought I was a friend, and fell into the sadness of being excluded. At that time, while reading those two books, I wrote down what was said in them, such as "listen more and speak less", "the reason God wants us to have two ears and one mouth is to listen more", "the best time to apologize is within 48 hours after it happened" and so on.

because I read it too carefully, I had a little misunderstanding when I returned the book to the head teacher. My head teacher pointed to the crumpled cover and asked me, "do you hate me so much?"

although I spent nearly half a semester trying to "please" the group of people who rejected me, I don't think I can forget the classmate who painted my school uniform with a fountain pen in my life. I can't forget the two classmates who yelled "you dare touch my brother" while waving fists at me. I remember that they used to be brothers with me, but at that moment they chose to forget.

although I was not a pussy at that time, I also took out my fist when I was besieged and grabbed one of my classmates by the collar: "I don't hit you because I regard you as a friend." But I began to understand what a friend really is.

I went to high school in the next town, and I didn't have any junior high school classmates in that class. I often listen to my classmates tell me about what happened recently and can't tell "others". So at the end of the term, I found that I was the only one in the class who could spell out the script that belonged to our class. I know which boy likes which girl, and I also know which girl doesn't like that boy. Everyone in the class likes to chat with me very much, and now I think it is because of the book Learning to listen.

and when people call me "stupid", I will still look at the "class ranking" next to the blackboard, but I will say: "Don't call me stupid, my grades are even worse than me, you should call me a genius, then you are a talent."

after hearing this, the other party laughed and praised me as "genius", and then I gave him a "talent" in return.

until now, I have found that "being popular" has become a characteristic of me. I can take a week to melt every seemingly aloof co-worker, then collect their love stories directly and say to them:

"I'll write it, but no one will know it's you, okay?"

"well, let me know when you send it. I want to see it, too."

I suddenly remembered that it was very popular before.One line: "those experiences that make you cry, one day you will say it with a smile." But up to now I still can't write this article with a smile, because that kind of inexplicable fear and grievance stay in a corner of my heart, and you can call them out with memories at any time.

but fortunately, the happiness and luck of the harvest are full of what I think now, so I can face it even if I can't write it down with a smile.

and the girl who "didn't follow the stream" and helped me load water every time after class when others rejected me has now become my girlfriend. I have nothing to complain about.

well, this story is for the friend who became the 4000th fan in chaos yesterday morning. Good night.

of course I won't forget you

might as well listen to this song before going to bed