I'll give you a bowl of red bean ice for first love.

I'll give you a bowl of red bean ice for first love.

I met Neng for a few days on the road.

I hope to share with you the world in our eyes

the only tutorial in life is to secretly run to date with you in the name of maths. But on the way to the date, I met my mother who went to a parent-teacher meeting for my brother.

under the double attack of questioning and cold violence, go back to your room and cry like a dog and hide in bed to break up. If you don't agree, you don't get a share.

at that time, my grades were slipping from the top of my grade, and you fought with a boy in the office for me, causing the whole office teachers to talk about me. You told them it had nothing to do with me, well, it really had nothing to do with me, because I was the last person in the world to know, but I was interviewed.

the head teacher pointed me out for questioning in front of thousands of people in the school at the flag-raising ceremony, and painstakingly persuaded me to intimidate and seduce me. I only said to her firmly: "I'm not wrong".

but it won't last long, so I broke it up. Misunderstanding, hatred, old age and death do not know each other.

at that time, I casually said to you that "people who like to play basketball". Later, I heard that you, who were not interested in playing basketball, joined the school team one day and won a lot of games.

the first love of every family ended in vain. So far, I have not told anyone about this matter, but it can be hidden in recess notes, Qzone, PHS text messages, all stealthy love words without moisture. I should never forget it.

that year, I missed the best key middle school in the city because of a three-point difference. They all said in a tone that did not listen to the old man's words, "the loss outweighs the gain." why should I have known this in the first place? But I thought it was worth it, without any remorse or regret.

because, when I like you, the sky is very blue during the day and the stars are shining at night. I am very brave all the time.

when I think of the word "first love" in the early morning, I wake up early in the morning and send a message to my friend

"do you have any stories about first love or secret love?"

received the following answer, like a gift for you.


I wonder how I saw you in the first place.

I saw you playing in the hallway downstairs that day.

then I stood in the hallway looking for your figure almost every day after class.

then you told me that you came out only when you saw me upstairs every day.

in the school composition competition, you amused the whole audience.

but I was the only one who didn't laugh and looked at you quietly.

later you asked me if what you said was not funny.

I was almost encouraged by my sister to write a love letter to you.

I dare not give it to you after all the letters have been written.

otherwise you will say that I chased you first.


in high school, other girls watched me play basketball, and my afterlight was watching them.

when she was watching me play basketball, my afterlight could only watch the ball.


he is in charge of attendance in class on Friday.

once I asked for leave just to see him write his own name.

after reading it, it was ugly to say something in my mouth, but it bloomed in my heart.

for his birthday, I gave him a pair of bracers.

I saw him win the game on the basketball court the next day wearing the bracers I gave him.

the class organizes mountain climbing and deliberately walks behind him.

because he can let nature take its course when it comes to dangerous places.


first love started when QQ

sent a message of love, and then he was embarrassed to say that he had made a mistake

, and then he seemed to say that he was interested in me

and confirmed that

the school he was about to go to

was different from his

, so we agreed to exchange one-inch graduation photos

riding bicycles at the school gate. I saw him

he rode a green bike across the road

I gave him the picture wrapped in a piece of paper

he also gave me his paper and wrote some words I wanted to say

and then we each went

super nervous! Then it's all in the past


once after class

I slept on my arms

the noise around me was so noisy that I only heard you say

"she's sleeping and come back to her after class."

for a moment, I felt like I was lying on my stomach for a long time and raised my head

you suddenly reached out and touched my forehead hand

and that. "Let me see if I have a fever".

after the final exam, the two of us were called to school to help

I sat on the table in the front row and counted the little red flowers on the wall

you stood next to me and remembered

remembering my wobbly feet, your side face


that's probably what happened to

. I seldom asked for leave when I was in school. That was the only time I had a fever

. In the afternoon, my mom was confused and dizzy

my mom said that when I called, you

asked me how I was doing, and you didn't listen to me at all.

because my mind was blank and I would only cover my mouth and laugh

my mother picked me up in the fifth grade and sat behind my bike  your mother drove you and your brother from behind

you called me pig pig laughing so loudly that you squinted your eyes

Slip into the elegant collection of cheap modest winter dresses formal. Our collections come in a variety of sublime materials.

at that time you seemed to bring your own halo of Notre Dame in the sun.

you are so smart that you always get the first place in math

, but you always copy my Chinese homework because I am the first in Chinese

you probably don't know that I am doing this for you.

try your best to be better if you like someone

the proudest thing I've ever thought about is to be associated with your name

since I knew you were downstairs

, I was in a daze at the window

and a teenager looked up and gave me a smile

the sentence you sang to me

"Special Love for Special you"


want to hear it again


ever Every look forward to tomorrow is your punctual appearance on the right hand

later, every memory of the past only dares to set foot in our first sight

an inch of time and an inch of heart, a dream of one you.

call "Jacky Cheung" of LOL

he said, "Let's be together."

I said, OK.

arrive in the classroom at 6 o'clock every morning and review side by side.

before the evening repair every day, he handed me a bottle of yogurt.

High school is over, and so are we.

the taste of love is strawberry yogurt.

I can't help it. It's only high school.

Jay Chou

▼  want to announce loudly that I am reluctant to part with you

even the next-door neighbor guesses how I feel now

the wind by the river is blowing my hair

holding your hand

I want to take you back to my grandmother's house to watch the sunset until we all fall asleep

I want to take you to ride your bike

Watch baseball

with you

Don't worry about singing

what's the taste of your first love? Is it red bean ice or mango sauce,