Someone just asked me, will you be alone tomorrow?

Someone just asked me, will you be alone tomorrow?

I wish I were a dog.

I hope to share with you the world in our eyes

someone just asked me, will you be alone tomorrow?

I really want to ask him, "am I going to be a dog?"

I don't know since when, humans are divided into three breeds:

boys  girls

and. Single

when I was in high school, I was just a single dog at peace with the rest of the world. Soon after college, I became a single dog forced to fall in love. I have a premonition that I am about to become a single dog who is forced to marry.

in fact, being single is not a life of your own choice. Whose mother wasn't born single. After ten years of talking like leprosy, I wish I was a dog.  ▼

everyone's life has several parallel structures, such as family, work, ideal moments, you can be a nymphomaniac wholeheartedly. Why can't I throw up my heart?

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so falling in love is just a state of life

you are not Diana or Audrey Hepburn. I really don't envy you

Don't watch a movie, eat, sleep in a hotel, sleep and tell me that I don't really want to know how you are dark, passionate and prolific. You can switch to CCTV to watch Animal World

single brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts

show love every year. You can do it if you just want to find someone to celebrate the festival and shake your phone

. We also have moral integrity, ideal words, four beauties, enterprising youth, the kind of beauty that comes out of the beholder's eye. Maybe other people's Xi Shi is Wang Baoqiang. Your Xi Shi is Wu Yanzu


feed ice cream into a dog

swimming pool


I love you too! "

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