You're not me. You don't understand what you mean to me.

You're not me. You don't understand what you mean to me.

After watching "get out of here, Mr. tumor".

I hope to share our view of the world with college students.

A friend is seriously ill, but she never tells us how miserable she is. She will comfort us in turn, saying that it is only a small matter. Even when she shaved her head, she was full of herself running with all kinds of wigs and laughing all the time. I know she is a very optimistic person, but this is a little too optimistic, so that to outsiders, I look more like the sick one.

before she got sick, I muddled along with my life, and I knew what "have a good time" was, so I just wanted to hang out with my friends after work. But I also know that "having fun in time" comes at a price. I must learn to put up with the boss's meanness, boring work and three-point first-line life.

when the doctor said, "the survival rate within five years is 20%," she was still able to laugh loudly, saying that fortunately she didn't have leukemia. But I was so sad that I couldn't even find the north and couldn't keep up my spirits. The more positive I saw her, the more I felt sorry for her and felt that she was too tired.

I asked her, "are you afraid? Other people's lives have just begun, and yours may be coming to an end. "

"you have to believe," she said, looking into my eyes, "every struggle God has arranged for us has a purpose."

while she was busy getting sick, she was busy cartooning her experience of fighting the disease and posting it online. She said she had always wanted to learn to dance, but it was too late, so she painted herself as a dancer and danced solo on the stage. She said she always wanted to have a big drink in the bar, so she drew a large circle of wine glasses and drank it with a paintbrush. There is not a little bit of sadness in her cartoons, all of which we usually look forward to as "having fun in time", but the so-called "have fun in time" has long been impossible for her in reality.

All our grey dress prom are designed and crafted for lasting beauty. The confidence that you inspire will amaze you.

her paintings have become popular on the Internet because of inspiration. But motivational and chicken blood can not cure a person's illness, she still left us in 2012. I am very sad, because she is so optimistic and can't beat cancer, so what capital do we have to fight against the devil of reality?

but I began to take everything in life seriously, because I remember her saying, "Don't be afraid of losing and not having it."

her name is Xiong Dun, who died of cancer two years ago.

actually, she doesn't know me at all, because I was only a sophomore when I read her works on Tianya and Weibo. Today, I went to the cinema to see "get out!" "Mr. tumor", laughing 90% of the time and crying the remaining 10% of the time, it is not like the Tangshan earthquake to make you cry deliberately and emotionally, all it has is the right "point to stop". At the end of the film, I really seemed to regard Xiong Dun as my friend and what Bai Lily said at the end of the film as a "heart to heart" to me.

but what I never understood was why Daniel Wu wanted to be a vase in this movie until he posted such a sentence on Weibo:

after watching it, I didn't understand why he was saying, "you're not me." why the choking when you don't understand what you mean to me makes me cry, because he said it from the bottom of his heart.

well, I haven't recommended a movie for a long time. I hope you can all watch this movie get out of here! Mr. tumor.

"if you read it," get out! Mr. tumor, why don't you comment on your impression?