Intern │, maybe all you want is comfort.

Intern │, maybe all you want is comfort.

About internship

I hope to share our view of the world with college students

not long ago I saw an article on a WHATYOUNEED entitled "would you like to be a printer in one of the top 500 companies?" The content is mainly about several top 500 interns to talk about their views on internship. Among them, an intern from a top 500 company said that his work is also similar to a printer, that is, there is no technical content of printing, photocopying and a series of errands. After reading his description, I was suddenly relieved that I was not much different from the top 500 interns. So I naturally thought of giving up my efforts to bridge the gap with the top 500 interns. I happened to see a comment at the end of the article that read: "after reading this article, I can finally sleep in peace." And after reading this article, I can finally feel at ease to make a printer. Perhaps we click in to read this article, just looking for a kind of psychological comfort, hoping that there is no difference between good internship, ordinary internship and non-internship.

so did you get anything from the internship? This summer, there is a TV show called "come on, intern". The trailer says that this TV is youthful and inspirational. Although I can't watch it half of it, I can't deny that some of the plots reflect reality. For example, the intern's salary in the play is only 600 yuan. Because the survey found that 80% of interns earn no more than a thousand, interns are said to be using money to buy experience.

I remember a friend said, I don't want an internship, I don't want to experience life, I just want money. But in the final analysis, the purpose of an internship is to trade an experience for a better job so that you can earn more money in the future, but whether the experience you buy now can help you earn more money in the future is another matter. There are too many unknowns about the future, so there are too many uncertainties.

as for the harvest of my internship, I can only share with you about my internship experience. My internship site is a government agency, a very ordinary internship position, and what I have to do every day is some very "logistical" work, such as stamping, binding, information entry, etc., in the words of a person in charge, there are some things that are confidential and can't be touched by us. The tasks of various departments require relevant skills and knowledge, although we can also do it, but teach us at least half a month, then we are about to leave, so what we can do is only some simple things. I still remember that in "come on, Intern," Director Hao said to Song Ren:

"I asked you to do some important tasks, and I'm very worried. I have to check it again after you finish it, so I might as well do it myself. You'd better buy yellow croaker noodles for me."

what I do every day has a common nature, that is, who can do this job, every college student can do it regardless of major, but no one can say that this kind of internship is completely fruitless. As the person in charge of our intern said:

"when others are talking, you can learn about the operation of some related affairs, or you behave diligently. Some older employees will teach you some of their own accumulated experience in dealing with some things. in short, you should listen more, see more, do more and talk less. In my opinion, you can learn everywhere in a strange place where you have never been before. "

I have also discussed such a problem with thorns:

if you have two jobs in front of you, one is a job you like and suits your interests, but the salary is very low. The salary of another job is only higher than that of the first job, but you don't like it at all, and it's not your interest. Which job would you choose?

he said he would choose the first job, but not if the first job had no salary at all, because sometimes reality can kill "interest".

and why didn't he choose the second one? 'Because you don't know what it's like to have a job you don't like,'he says. And this internship I can be regarded as an experience of the work flow of civil servants. After I have spent this summer vacation in government agencies, I personally experienced and seen their daily work, and as to whether I will take the civil service examination in the future, the answer in my heart will be clearer, and I will know more about what I want and what kind of life I want to live in the future.

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internship is a kind of experience, which is not essentially different from a series of experiences such as traveling and reading. Of course, reading is experiencing the experience of others. For an experience, its meaning and harvest can only be understood and understood by those who have experienced it, just as a thousand readers will have a thousand Hamlets, so there is no need to breathe a sigh of relief to see that the work done by the intern is very unskilled. And then get psychological comfort, so as to give up their planned efforts. There is no need to be frustrated by other people's rich summer vacation practices, and thus indulge in depravity, because every moment you are seizing your time, creating your life, your own life, no matter what it becomes. What do you have to say?