Jay Chou

Jay Chou

You're the only thing I want to know.

I hope to share our view of the world with college students

so far, I have not heard a singer's concert. In fact, it's not that I don't want to hear it. I just think of the phone call my sister made to me when she went to see Eason Chan a few years ago, so I gave up those so-called 280 yuan tickets.

"is it clear?" My sister yelled at me on the other side of the phone. I heard Eason Chan's "A Niu" surround my sister like a surround sound.

"Yes, it's super clear! And the sound of your chorus! " I shouted inside on this side of the phone.

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"I'm at the top of the mountain. Of course I know. The horn is next door to me." Ah, just like KTV, Eason Chan is too small to be interesting. " My sister complained to me while watching the concert, so I began to disdain 280 tickets, but I didn't have the money to buy 380 tickets, so I never heard a concert.

so I am not a person who goes to the airport to hold a famous brand for the sake of stars, and I will not squeeze into an already packed shopping mall just for a signing concert with no lights and no sound effects. But I have listened to all Jay Chou's albums one by one, and I don't know how many times I have listened to them in eleven years.

when I was in primary school, I put "black sweater" and "simple love" into a MP3 with only 125MB memory, and then hid in the quilt every night to listen to it again and again; in junior high school, I downloaded "Magic seat" on the computer in the classroom, and then clicked to play and sang loudly at the moment the class bell rang, asking the Chinese teacher to give us one more song. It's just that when I was in high school, I began to think about life, and then I pinned all my thoughts on songs. I began to get in touch with more niche singers, such as Dark Daylight, which specializes in electric music, and some good folk songs, but the 12 new works of that year were still included in the IPOD given to me by my sister.

when the phrase "I don't, I don't want to miss you" sounded, I remembered the days when my cousins and I fought in black Internet cafes, when we would rather skip breakfast and spend two yuan an hour in exchange for the pleasure that high technology brings to us.

I can cite countless examples like this, just to show that Jay Chou's songs are like a time machine to me, which records all my youth, ignorance and childishness. As long as I click on Jay Chou's album of that year, I can talk to others about the interesting things of that year, and then lament the simplicity at that time.

but since college, Jay Chou and his songs have become more than just a memory for me.

when Jay Chou was only 3 years old, his mother bought him a piano and asked him to practice it every day. But every time he practices the piano, he is always absent-minded when he hears the playful sound of his companions outside the window. So his mother stood behind him with a stick, watching him finish playing the piano. It was only then that there was the lyrics in "listen to Mom":

"Why are others reading comics while I am learning to draw and talk to the piano?"

after graduating from high school, Jay Chou went to work as a waiter in a restaurant. At that time, he was able to hum a few tunes that he had just thought of while carrying plates, and he had no chance to show his talent at all. Until the owner of the restaurant put a piano in the lobby in order to improve the taste of the restaurant. At that time, the restaurant had a full-time pianist, but because one day the pianist did not come, he went on stage to play a song with the mentality of giving it a try. It wasn't long before Jay's salary doubled and became a full-time pianist in that restaurant.

"when I grew up, I began to understand why I ran faster and flew higher than others."

We all know that Brother Wu Zhongxian is Jay Chou's Bole, but we may not know the situation at that time. At that time, as a singer who was not well-known and did not have any formal works, no one dared to help him release an album casually, because it involved a lot of money, and it was like using leverage to speculate in stocks. Once you lose all your investment, you have to lose it.

one day in December 1999, Brother Xian called Jay Chou to the office and said to him, "Alan, you have 10 days. If you can write 50 songs and I can pick out 10 of them, then I will help you make a record."

"mm-hmm." That's all Jay Chou said.

then he left the office, went to a nearby convenience store to buy a box of instant noodles, and carried them into the recording studio.

10 days, 50 songs, an album.

We all know that Jay Chou is never the one who can confess casually. For ten days, he buried himself in the abyss of inspiration to write songs. When he was hungry, he ate instant noodles and continued to write again. In the next few days, his eyes were full of blood, but with his characteristic "ouch nice" confidence, he slept on the sofa when he was tired. This reminds me of a codeword software called "Little Dark Room". When you open "Little Dark Room", you can't do anything but type, open a web page, watch videos, or reply to other people's Wechat until you reach your goal. Your computer will not be unlocked until you achieve your goal.

I think that recording studio is his "dark room", right?

in 2000, Jay Chou's first album of the same name, JAY, was released. Deng Ziqi sang "Tornado" in the second season "I am a Singer", and Hu Yanbin sang "Lady" in the finals of the third season. I think as a layman, we can make a simple judgment on the arrangement ability of Jay Chou, who has just started out.

and among the fifty songs spelled out in those ten days, there is Xingqing happily singing "eating sorrow in a mouthful, carrying you as if carrying the sun". High intensity is not equal to windGE depressed, "Xingqing" such as the smell of raindrops after a continuous heavy rain, let people instantly follow the drumbeat humming minor.

silently make a wish back to back

look at the distant stars. If you can hear

it must come true

every time I say to myself, "I wrote it yesterday, it's okay to be lazy today." I think about the 20-year-old Jay Chou in 1999.

at that time, "the present moment" he may be listening to the tape bought by his part-time job, and then writing down the melodies he thinks are good to hear, or he may be practicing his piano accompaniment to make the recording more sincere and smooth. Or maybe he is as sad as I am because of the loss of inspiration, but I know that he will not sit in front of the computer like me to read unimportant words and dispensable pictures, wasting his few creative time.

if I ask the teenager in casual clothes and a duck-brimmed hat, and then press the hat down to show only his eyes:

"are you tired?"

he should only smile and say to me:

"not at all."