20 little things to make yourself happy

20 little things to make yourself happy

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the years go by in a hurry, and before you know it, the New year comes quietly.

I remember that on New year's Eve last year, many people wrote wishes in moments, the most of which was:

indeed, running around the world, happiness is rare for every adult.

in the Journey of Flying House, there is a line that is quite right:

"Happiness is not immortality, not a big fish, not a big fish, not power."

Happiness is the fulfillment of every tiny wish in life. You have something to eat when you want to eat and someone to love when you want to love. "

New beginnings, new expectations, do these 20 little things, and start the good luck of the coming year.



1. Go to see the fireworks in the world in your spare time.

in the adult world, when you have to strike a balance between work and family, you often feel out of breath because you are under too much pressure.

it is better to take a walk in the vegetable market, snack street, square and other places in your spare time to feel the real world.

Life is supposed to be interesting, and life can be alive. Don't lose the heart that is soaked in the smoke and fire of the world.

2. Occasionally set aside private space to enjoy the solitude.

being alone is a special ability to enjoy freedom in an independent space and to be at ease in being alone.

Life is too crowded, the crowd is sometimes noisy, occasionally give yourself a private space, can make the body and mind healthier.

3. Make sure you get enough sleep.

I have heard a saying: "A knot that cannot be untied during the day will be consumed slowly at night."

but in fact, sleep is the best way to cure all troubles. Staying up late hurts not only your body, but also your vitality.

go to bed early and get up early, take a proper nap, can you have more energy to face the difficulties of life.

4. Regular physical examination, health is above all else.

people want too much when they are young, and when they lose too much, they will eventually understand that the body is free from disease and is the source of all happiness.

remember to make a good plan for physical examination. No matter how busy your work is and how chaotic your life is, don't forget to check whether you are well or not.


improve the state

5. No longer lose your temper, don't be swayed by emotions.

the measure of a person's maturity is whether he can face the world calmly.

only those who can control their emotions can live a good life if they don't lose their temper with people close to them and don't let their own mood do things.

6. Find a way to reduce stress that suits you.

walking in the world, no one's life is easy, no one's work is stress-free.

give yourself a chance to catch your breath, so that you have the courage to face the pressure.

maybe swimming, bathing, mountain climbing, watching movies and tasting good food will keep you away from the hustle and bustle for a moment.

7. Practice the empty cup mentality and learn to let it go.

there is coffee in the cup, people will say it is a cup of coffee, the cup contains a drink, people will say it is a cup of drink.

people will say that it is a cup only if the cup is empty.

learn to let go of things that don't belong to you. Only by maintaining an empty cup mentality can you have more.

8. Get up in the morning and smile in the mirror and find confidence.

A doctor said: "the human face is a delicate piece of cloth, sorrow will produce corresponding wrinkles, happiness will have a completely different pattern."

therefore, often smiling at yourself in the mirror every morning can not only regain your self-confidence, but also improve your appearance.



9. Keep exercising.

exercise is the source of all life, sitting for a long time or lying down for a long time will make people more and more useless.

develop the habit of exercise, often running, yoga, fitness, etc., in order to reap a vibrant life.

long-term exercise, over time, you will also meet a new self.

10. Ensure effective and continuous input.

whether it's watching high-quality movies or reading high-quality books, it's the best way to recharge your brain.

people have a lot of things to deal with and deal with. Only by ensuring effective and continuous input can people continue to run forward.

if you read more books, your knowledge will be enriched, your perspective on problems will be broadened, and your way of doing things will be much more flexible.

11. Reduce the time spent browsing moments.

one day you will understand that a lot of socializing is ineffective, and other people's activities have nothing to do with you.

Control your impulse to browse moments frequently and focus on enriching your life. The real happiness is to live a good life.

12. Everything is ten minutes ahead of schedule.

as the old saying goes, "if you do something in advance, you will stand up; if you do not anticipate, you will be wasted." To change a person, start by doing things 10 minutes in advance.

making effective use of every minute and accumulating every 10 minutes is the beginning of improving efficiency.


long-term doctrine

13. Review before going to bed every night.

know clearly what you do every day in order to clearly see your growth trajectory.

after washing before going to bed, review your life that day, formulate a new strategy, and improve your life plan.

those who achieve great things are all people with goals.

14. Tidy up the room once a week.

A person's room hides his own happiness and future.

on weekends, calm down to clean up the corners of the house, and the mood will change from cloudy to sunny.

15. Make a breakup once a month.

when people reach a certain age, they should not add, but should learn to subtract from life.

what should be thrown away, the relationship that consumes oneself should be broken, the unnecessary desire should be given up, and the excess burden should be separated.

organize your life once a month and give up "unnecessary, inappropriate, and uncomfortable" to have real freedom.

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16. Travel at least once a year.

the world is a book, and people who don't travel read only one page.

Travel is a way of life, and the meaning of travel can only be understood on the road.

Let the moldy dream go out to bask in the sun, get some fresh air, and get a new life.


Love is indispensable

17. I often go home to see.

the older you get, the more you understand the saying: children have a big world, with careers, partners and friends;

but parents' world will become smaller and smaller, with only children who always care about them.

Don't forget to call your parents no matter how busy you are at work. No matter how far you go, don't forget your way home.

18. Keep the goodness from the bottom of your heart.

all things in a person's life are inseparable from the word "cause and effect".

if you often do good deeds, you will have good karma and good results. No matter how difficult the days are, we should also keep the bottom line of being a man: kindness.

one day you will find that all the surprises and good luck in life are your accumulated character and kindness.

19. Soft speech, hard heart.

in middle age, a hard heart is a necessity of life, but you can also try to be a gentle person.

words are comfortable and warm in attitude, with both temperature and height.

if you are gentle enough, the world will be gentle to you.

20. The so-called happiness is to ask for benevolence.

what is the best state of life?

in a loving way, it is worth living a happy life with contentment.

only by living in the present can we live well in the present; only when happiness is in our own hands can we be carefree.


I like a sentence written by cartoonist Zhu Deyong very much:

whenever you look ahead, as long as you are full of hope, you can be invincible.