2021, the best living condition of a woman (must see from 25 to 55 years old)

2021, the best living condition of a woman (must see from 25 to 55 years old)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


be a tree, don't be a vine

there is a line in "the first half of my Life":

Women in this life, don't put all your expectations on love and marriage. Don't expect to pay all in exchange for unspoiled happiness.

otherwise, once the other person gets out, you will lose completely.

2021, hold on to three things: your social circle, your ability to make money, and the reassuring balance on your bank card.

they are sharp knives for you to fight against unknown risks, and they are also the strength to start all over again after you have tripped over the malice of life.

your sense of security should be given by yourself.


Life is self-disciplined and clean and decent.

writer Ligo said:

"in front of life, there is endless aging, we fall straight into it, we have no choice."

No one can escape from the years, but there are always people who are not afraid of the years. The older you get, the more beautiful you want to live!

you don't have to wear a lot of makeup and jewelry, but you can dress up refreshing and clean.

calm and elegant, a heart that loves beauty but does not accept the old, is the best business card for a person's image.

2021, please keep healthy, too.

eat on time, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, have regular physical check-ups, never forget to exercise for half an hour, live an orderly life, and take care of yourself as much as possible.

for yourself and for those who love you.


either read or travel

as the saying goes, "body and soul, there must be one on the road."

2021, give yourself a chance to free yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city, get rid of all the pressure and troubles, and only have a pure heart.

see the world, enjoy the scenery at 04:00, stop and go all the way, enjoy free and easy and cozy, and find who you really are.

even in the face of daily fuel, don't forget to read a book you like, read other people's lives, and reap your own feelings.

Travel and reading let you learn to look at the world from another perspective and adjust the poetry of life for you.

years may age and wrinkle, but they can never steal an interesting soul.


do not owe others, do not wronge yourself

Life in the world, can be loved on the tip of the heart, is the most rare.

they may be parents who work half their lives for us, or they may be partners who are opposite to us every day.

but people tend to be like this. The more intimate people we are, the more we take it for granted, the easier it is to ignore them.

Unfortunately, there are some love that you can never make up for after you know it.

2021, in the face of love, one more tenderness, one more share. In the face of family affection, a little more patience, a little more company. In the face of friendship, be more sincere and treat each other with all sincerity.

Don't forget to keep your values and bottom line. Shoes do not have to be hard-jammed, they do not agree with each other, and they do not have to be blended.

exchange heart for heart, exchange emotion for emotion. People who do not cherish you, do not deliberately please, do not be wronged to accompany us for the longest time of their own.

the best relationship is not tired to get along. I'm still me, and you can still be yourself.


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be less angry and often happy

GE Hong, a famous health conservator in the Jin Dynasty, once said: "often its broad and peaceful self-esteem, tranquil self-defense, then the body is quiet, the disaster does not do."

in life, many diseases are "exasperated". As everyone knows, for bad people and bad things, the noblest punishment is silence, and the most ruthless revenge is ignorance.

now, clear away all the bad things that have been on your mind for a year.

Let go of the past, let go of the past, and let go of yourself. Clear your mind and clear your mind so that you can walk more proudly.

2021, worry less and smile more. Nothing in this life is worth your politeness, manners and manners.

Life, you live in a mood; in life, you live a state of mind.

less bitterness and annoyance in mind, and a good mood can bring good luck.


Love the present and look forward to the future

Yan Geling wrote in "days Bath":

this year, you must have experienced, lost and missed.

Don't lose heart. Every hurdle life sets for you has a purpose.

this year, thank you for your dedication and persistence. Walking in the long road of life, the pace must be firm.

2021, may you have the same original heart and the courage to move forward wantonly.

you don't have to follow others blindly, don't bow to the years, let alone live in the shackles of the world.

there is light in my heart, go forward bravely, have some love, and those lucky people who come across unexpectedly are coming towards you.


when we are 99 years old, we may be as happy as a thief who has not been caught, thinking that our life has passed so smoothly. "

Yes, 2020 is extraordinary and not perfect. But looking back a few years later, I believe you will be moved by yourself who fought through all the difficulties in this world that year.

although the past can not be withdrawn, it can still be written freely in the future.