2021 three things you must throw away if you want to be happy

2021 three things you must throw away if you want to be happy

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in fact, in this life, there are no hurdles that cannot be overcome, people who cannot forget, things that they are reluctant to give up, but only hearts that cannot be put down.

as the saying goes, I put it down and feel at ease.

2020 is a thing of the past. 2021 if you want to be happier, you must know how to let go and learn to throw away these three things.


the life of the person who doesn't have you in his heart

is limited. Don't waste your time on someone who isn't worth it.

We're going to meet a lot of people in our lives, and everyone will teach you something.

some give you a taste of pain, some let you know the regret of love, and some make you grow up and mature overnight.

girlfriend Kerr ended a relationship not long ago, all because of her humble love.

they haven't been together for a long time, just half a year, but Kerr feels that several years have passed, because she spends every day in endless waiting.

Kerr's message, he replied selectively; Kerr's call, he waited a long time to answer.

in his moments, Kerr is always the first to like, but in his own circle of friends, he rarely comes to interact.

Kerr says that if you don't stick to this relationship, it will really come to an end.

Why bother someone who doesn't have you in his heart? You might as well let go and don't ask for it.

if someone really has you in his heart, he won't let you wait, let alone let you wonder. His eyes will be full of affection, and his words will be full of warmth.

he will care about you and feel sorry for you, even if you say something unintentional, he will keep it in mind.

Last night, I saw such a story in the message area where I listened last night-

I woke up in the middle of the night and was suddenly hungry. I rummaged through the kitchen but couldn't find anything to eat.

so I called him with the mentality of giving it a try, but he answered the phone.

I like to eat soup and river noodles. He went to many restaurants in the middle of that night and bought me two bowls at a breakfast restaurant where ingredients were being prepared. Only after

did I know that he was worried that I had a bad stomach and that I would call him with a sudden stomachache one day, so I set the bell to the loudest.

this little thing, let me know that he really took me to heart.

so you see,

there is no need to ask, ask or look for someone who has you in his heart.

people who don't have you in their hearts, don't bother, don't stay, it's not necessary, it's not worth looking forward to.

No matter how much you like, how much you care, how much you don't want to give up,

Don't bring those you can't love into 2021.


meaningless dinner

there is an issue in the "round table school" about the topic of "dinner". When it comes to dinner, everyone does his or her job.

it looks like a party, but in fact, the undercurrent is surging, like a battlefield, full of worldly sophistication.

do people who are friends at dinner really think you are friends?

tea length wedding dresses make you look glamorous and magnificent. Let them shower you with a display of exquisite taste.

will the beautiful words they say at the dinner table really be fulfilled one by one?

not necessarily.

because in the end, you will find that you are just friends who "had dinner together".

my friend Xiao Yang is what people call "bureau trust". He is always invited to all kinds of dinners, because he is funny and drinks a lot, and his task is to adjust the atmosphere of the dinner.

his own position is advertising planning. he has been employed for more than three years, but he has not made any achievements. It is not that he does not have the strength, but that he does not have the time.

at first, I promised the leader to go to dinner in order to get to know more friends and accumulate more resources, but it took a long time to find that there was no way to integrate into the circle of bosses, let alone expand contacts.

the people at the table only regard him as a smooth, greasy, good drinker.

those who say they appreciate his talent have never cooperated with him;

those who pat on the chest and say they are brothers seldom contact them.

the older we get, the more we understand:

meaningless dinners not only fail to expand our network, but also consume our health and life.

the best dinner, you don't need too many people, just a couple of bosom friends, and the food doesn't have to be too good, just like it.

Smart people never waste their time attending meaningless dinners.

they spend their limited time reading, studying, spending time with their families and running their own lives.

they know that only by improving their strength can they attract higher-quality contacts.


false friends

2021, those who need to put down and throw away, and those who don't take you to heart and treat you falsely.

between people, nothing but heart to heart, if you are good to me, I will be good to you.

I see such a question in Zhihu: what is false friendship?

there is an answer at the bottom:

when borrowing money, push three times and get cold feet;

in the scenery, hypocrisy always praises you;

when you are in trouble, you stumble and always hide you;

boast that you don't do real things when you drink.

Uncle is on good terms with my uncle upstairs. After they retire, they have to see each other once a day, either drinking tea or playing chess.

according to my father, the two are close friends.

when he was young, my uncle did business and made a lot of money. he was warm and generous and was very kind to his friends and brothers.

during the holidays, many people always go to his house to give gifts, most of whom go to curry favor with him.I hope Uncle can give me some projects.

but later, my uncle's business investment failed and his family fell in the middle of his family. None of the friends who usually took care of themselves came to care and greet them, but stayed away for fear that the uncle would ask them to borrow money.

Uncle was a little unable to accept the gap and was so discouraged that he thought of dying for a moment.

the uncle upstairs went to my uncle's house with a basket of eggs and a handful of fresh vegetables.

he took out the bound 20,000 yuan from the vegetables and said, "you helped me before. It's not much money. It can help me a little."

my uncle always came to my uncle's house several times a day because he was worried about him because he was in a bad state of mind.

it took half a year for my uncle to come out of that predicament.

what is a true friend?

someone answered:

is when money is short, two words are used to help each other;

is when needed, it is duty-bound to come forward;

is a heart-to-heart and kind persuasion when depressed;

is a quarrel, but never holds a grudge.

Real friendship is the exchange of one's heart for one's heart without the need for false affection.

at a critical moment, people who come forward can't fake it.

people who give up in times of crisis are really unable to give up.

if you value love and righteousness, I will never give up;

if you are hypocritical, I can only give up.


cherish what should be cherished and give up what should be given up

2021. If you want to live a simple and happy life, you must know how to break up.

to get rid of a meaningless wine game, it is for higher quality of solitude;

to give up someone who doesn't have you in mind is to find someone who is really nice to you;

leave those false friends to protect your true heart.

the older you get, the more you understand that life is not about addition, but about subtraction.