22 little things to make yourself happy! (recommended collection)

22 little things to make yourself happy! (recommended collection)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

some people say that happiness should be regarded as a habit.

eat more of the food you want to eat and do more of the idle things you want to do. In this life, there must be loose and tight before life has a taste.

once read a report.

the host interviewed a centenarian and asked, "what is your secret recipe for longevity?"

the old man smiled: "I don't have any secret recipe for longevity. It's good to be happy every day."

in fact, health and happiness complement each other. If you are happy every day, you will naturally be in good health.

people always have to be happy in order to have a better mood and energy to face life.

here is Uncle Fan's recipe to make you happy. Give it to everyone:

1. Have a self-deprecating and forgiving heart.

Life is like the sea, it is doomed that life will not be calm, and there will be a lot of injuries and tears, so it is necessary to have a self-deprecating and relieved heart so that you will not be trapped in pain.

2. Have a mind of your own.

A person is different because he not only has a different appearance, but also has different thoughts.

the appearance is more outstanding, if there is no thought, follow others, will always be a flash in the pan.

3. Always keep a childlike innocence.

childlike innocence is pure because it is simple, and simplicity is the source of happiness. If you want to keep yourself away from sadness, let yourself keep a childlike innocence.

4. Remember to live for yourself.

No matter the child, the partner, or the job, it will not be the one who will stay with you for the longest time. Only you will be your partner forever, so remember to live for yourself.

5. Give priority to your own health.

usually we always think about taking care of people, but if we are sick, someone may not be able to take care of you wholeheartedly, and sometimes we will be in a lot of condition, so we are the best who are healthy.

6. Take good care of yourself and make beauty last.

No matter how old you are, the love of beauty cannot go away.

you have to make yourself beautiful and spiritual every day in order to win the recognition of others.

7. Love is not the source of our happiness and the whole of our lives.

Love is beautiful, but it doesn't necessarily last long. If you cry more than you laugh, let go.

8. Be smart and say goodbye to those who hurt you.

it is very common to be hurt by love. If you are sleepy, it will only make you very unbearable. You might as well wave your hand, like a wisp of smoke floating away without a trace.

9. We should not treat consumption blindly.

Vanity and comparison are the eternal weaknesses of human nature, which often make people lose their minds.

so remember to stay awake, buy what you want, buy what you want.

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10. Don't suppress bad emotions.

when you are unhappy, use an effective method to dispose of it as soon as possible, and don't let it silt up for too long.

such as walking and listening to songs.

11. Make yourself transparent once in a while and don't worry about other people's comments.

there are some things, boredom will only make us more bored, find someone to talk to, is also a good way to solve.

12. Treat friends, the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water, mediocre is true.

A true friend is to treat each other sincerely and not to deceive each other; to exchange hearts for hearts, not to lose each other.

13. Treat the "enemy" without being self-righteous or holding grudges too much.

remember that one more friend has one more way, and there is no eternal enemy.

14. For those who do not agree with each other, treat each other with courtesy, the distance increases.

15. For those who slander themselves, despising and ignoring him is the best response.

16. For the pain, let time slowly heal, there is no insurmountable hurdle.

17. For happiness, we try to keep it and let them stay a little longer.

18. For work, we work hard but don't freak out.

19. For entertainment hobbies, we never give up all the time, but we don't lose heart by playing with things.

20. For families, we are loyal but not rigid.

21. When it comes to money, we pursue it but not keep it.

22. For enjoyment, we don't miss it, but we don't indulge.

people live a lifetime, not just to be happy.

cheer up, don't worry too much about gains and losses, later you will find that life lies not in gains and losses, but in experience.

be happy. Don't care too much about money and desires. When you get old, you will find that the most important label for you is "health".

be happy, there is nothing to worry about, because there is food to eat, clothes to wear, a way to go, a place to live, and a beloved to accompany.

the rest of my life is long, let happiness become a habit, let happiness often accompany, with the most comfortable mood, live the most leisurely life.