22 very clean words that will last a lifetime.

22 very clean words that will last a lifetime.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.



as the song says, "three points are doomed, seven points depend on hard work", even if you have a bad hand, as long as you work hard, it is still possible to change your fate.



things outside the body can not hold up and starve to death.

what he eats well, I eat pickles, and I'm full; nothing but what he wears, and what I wear poorly, it's still warm.



No matter what occupation or position you are in, you can't look at people with "tinted glasses" just because of these.

as the sketch says: the final destination is that little box.

We set foot on the same piece of land and there is no distinction between high and low.



now, close one eye and turn a blind eye to his (her) intolerance. Turn a blind eye and look at the poor sparkle left in him (her). No one is perfect.



A few discordant notes are skillfully put together to make extraordinarily beautiful movements, depending on how you enjoy them. Anyway, the performer is enjoying it.



if you want to leave, you don't have to ask, it may be a villain who comes back.

if you have a heart to heart, you don't have to call each other every day. As long as there is something wrong with the other person, a greeting will be on call, and you will be OK.



is a certificate of deposit given to you by God, of course not your account, and the password is unknown.

you just deposit it, and when you can take it out and enjoy it, it depends on its owner. Don't count on it, just give it.



they are the people who set up an account for me. Although they don't want to recover the cost, it's time for us to pay it back, maybe until they leave me. It's still unclear.



I am decadent, old, and depressed, but I also feel relaxed, open-minded, and cheerful.

if you argue with others in everything and compete with others every day, isn't it pure to have a hard time with yourself and torture yourself?


learn to make yourself happy

the people around you will be at peace.

looking back, I still have a bike to drive, a bike to ride, a crutch to walk, a crutch to walk, crutches, and no legs. I have no legs and no life.


Life for several decades

No matter whether you are poor or rich when you are alive, don't you finally belong to a pile of loess?

maybe you are walking on the edge of the abyss, but you can still look up at the starry sky; maybe you are short of money, but you can be mentally rich.


different mood

look at different scenery and experience a completely different life. In the same situation, some people feel as if they are in heaven, while others feel as if they are in hell.

Life is like a clump of roses, there is no absolute beauty and ugliness, flowers and thorns, it depends on what we focus on.

the heart is full of gratitude, warmth is accompanied from time to time, and forgiveness will naturally accompany you.


write to you

if life does not meet, I am still the same person, occasionally dream, and then begin to run around day after day, submerged in this noisy city.

I don't understand that there is such you in this world, which makes people aftertaste and intoxicates me.

if life has never met, I will not believe that there is a kind of people who feel warm as soon as they know each other, and there are some people who can never get tired of seeing them.


write to Happiness

always think that happiness is in the distance, in the future that can be pursued.

later, it was found that those who have hugged, the hands they have held, the songs they have sung, the tears they have shed, the people they have loved, and the so-called once are happy.

in countless nights, words I have said, phone calls I have made, movies I have seen, tears I have shed.

We have all been moved by what we have seen or unseen, and then over time, everything becomes eternal!


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write to effort

Don't complain that you don't have a good father, don't complain about your poor job, don't complain that talent is unappreciated.

there are too many unsatisfactory things in reality. Even if life gives you rubbish, you can still step on garbage under your feet and climb to the top of the world.

the world only cares whether you are reaching a certain height, not whether you step on the shoulders of giants or garbage.


At that moment of anger, the IQ was zero and returned to normal after a minute.

the key to a person's elegance is to control his emotions. Hurting others with his mouth is the stupidest behavior.


to know

it is the greatest happiness to have someone who understands you.

this person may not be perfect, but he can read you, walk into the depths of your heart and understand everything in your heart.

the person who knows you best will always be by your side, silently protecting you from a little bit of grievance.

people who love you will not say many words that love you but will do many things that love you.


to be alone

if you are single for a long time, you don't want to fall in love, and you will feel that friends are becoming more and more important.

A person who has been single for a long time does not want to go shopping. He will more and more like listening to music at home.

A person who has been single for a long time will become mature and love his parents more and more than before.

A person who has been single for a long time will buy a lot of shoes and travel to many distant places alone.

A person who has been single for a long time will inadvertently shed tears, but it doesn't matter in front of everyone.


write to fate

every memory has a password. As long as the time, place, and character combination are correct, no matter how long the dust is sealed, that person's scene will be picked up again in oblivion.

you might say, "isn't it all over?"

the past is the only time, you still can not escape, think of the fate of smiling or sad, that kind of fate is called "powerless".


write to growth

sometimes, I feel bad for no reason and don't want to talk to anyone. I just want to be alone in a daze.

sometimes, want to hide a person's vulnerability, and do not want others to see their wounds.

sometimes, walking down a familiar street corner and seeing a familiar figure, I suddenly think of a person's face.

sometimes, others misunderstand what they have said unintentionally, and they get depressed and panic.

sometimes I find myself growing up overnight.


write to the afterlife

if there is an afterlife, be a tree and stand in an eternal posture without joys and sorrows.

half is serene in the soil, half is flying in the wind, half is shady, half is bathed in the sun, very silent, very proud, do not rely on do not seek.


write to Benzene

there are always some people around you, you see him happy all day, frank like a child, everyone envies him;

in fact, how do you know: one second he was still crying sadly, and the next he was brimming with brilliance.

they are like sunflowers, always shining brightly toward the front of the sun, but hiding sadness in the back where they can't be seen.