5 life crooked reason, crooked very reasonable

5 life crooked reason, crooked very reasonable

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Can you believe it? In fact, many people spend most of their lives fooling around.

Life is only a hundred years old, but they always waste their time on things that seem meaningful but are actually meaningless.

Today, Uncle Fan shares with you five reasons why changes can be made as soon as possible, and will be more valuable in the future.

it is never too late to read these truths, no matter how old you are.


the amount of money is not as good as health

Sima Qian once said that everything in the world is for profit, and the world is bustling for profit.

money is a good thing, can buy a house, buy a car, buy food and drink, can make countless people flock to it.

but no matter how much money is, it is not as precious as health.

Plato said:

Health is the foundation of everything. Without health, even the most beautiful appearance looks pale, and no matter how much wealth is an encumbrance.

We have seen many famous people who make a lot of money from advertising and business every year, only to end up with a serious illness and die.

what's the use of having more money, no health and no life?

without health, even enjoying good food is a luxury, and money is just a string of numbers.

healthy, the later, the more precious.

when we are young, we all have the same level of health, but when we are old, we can see the difference. Health preservation in youth determines the quality of life for the rest of life.

pay attention to your health before you get old, so that you can still be safe when you get old.


filial piety is a good thing, but filial piety is more important than filial piety.

A filial child is like a warm-hearted cotton-padded jacket, which can keep the winter from cold and resist the cold wind.

the unfilial child is also a cotton-padded jacket, but it is black-hearted cotton-padded, which not only can not warm the heart, but also hurts people.

for filial children, his is his and yours;  for unfilial children, his is his, yours is also his.

Chinese families pay attention to inheritance, the previous generation raises us, we raise the next generation, you raise him to grow up, he raises you until old.

in this, it depends on the word "filial piety".

since ancient times, there has been a saying that "filial piety comes first". Filial piety is the greatest kindness, which is kind to the family and gives parents a sense of support for their old age.

Don't just focus on chasing your child's homework, ask your child's grades and spend more time with your child when you have time, just as you want your child to spend more time with you when you get old.


No matter how good a career is, it is not as good as family harmony

Goethe once said:

although the success of a career can make people enjoy honor and get more money.

but what is more important than career success is "family harmony".

have you ever seen an old man in his eighties clap his hands and say, "the family wants to have a good career and be the top manager and supervisor?"

almost none, that's funny.

they often clap your hands on the back and say "just family and beauty" in earnest.

they have gone through most of their lives and experienced countless ups and downs. They can see clearly, see through, and understand better than anyone that the most important thing between a family is "harmony."

invest your time in your career, it is better to invest in your family, spend more time with your family and children, and have a harmonious family, so that your children and grandchildren can live together for three generations in the future.


A group of fair-weather friends is not as good as three bosom friends

when they were very young, the people who can play together are partners, and they have friends everywhere.

when I get older, I begin to have fewer friends, but every now and then I get together, drink and brag, and enjoy it.

up to now, there are even fewer friends, and you can expect that when you grow old, there will be only three or two left.

it's not that we can't maintain a relationship, but that time helps us sift out the excess.

time, leave the most real person.

sift out the fair-weather friends and the fame and fortune, and finally leave behind the bosom friends who can accompany them for life.

Lu Xun once said:

among the limited friends, there must be two or three bosom friends. Maybe you haven't found it, but one day, time will help you sift it out. Maybe you've found it, so please cherish it.

Life is only a hundred years old, and there is not much time to talk with bosom friends.

while you are young, pay attention to the friends around you, and don't let there be no confidant to talk to in your old age.


Don't always want to be famous. It's not easy to be ordinary

"people are afraid of famous pigs are afraid of being strong." these are the words left by our ancestors.

people are red, naturally, but pigs are strong, and they are bound to be slaughtered.

look at those stars now. They seem to be beautiful. They are chased everywhere they go. They are so gorgeous that they are envied by countless people.

however, these envious people do not see another point.

Isn't it marvellous and exhilarating to find a stunning boho attire for wedding for your event? Latest stylish arrivals are on unbelievable sales right now!

stars will be secretly photographed and tracked when they go out, and they will be rumored to have an affair with the opposite sex. They will always wear sunglasses masks when they go out, live under all kinds of lenses, and will never be free.

for them, it is also a luxury to sit by the side of the road and eat a bowl of noodle soup.

what's the point of such a life?

Don't always think about being famous, it's not easy to be calm and stable.

stars, live for the audience, all their lives, they will only live by people, not themselves.

ordinary people are the ones who live for themselves.

know that what you think is ordinary is a great luxury for celebrities.

take advantage of the present, understand the ordinary, accept the ordinary, in order to spend time on more precious things.


think about it, we've come a long way.

what is the meaning of life?

We don't know.

but the meaning of life must be no regrets.

if you are 70 now, what do you want to be in your old age?

is it good health, filial piety, family harmony, and three bosom friends who occasionally talk to themselves about the years?

is it?

if so, the above five points will be given to you.

I don't wish you fame all over the world, but I wish you a successful family and good health.