5 life crooked reasoning, crooked quite reasonable, we have to accept it!

5 life crooked reasoning, crooked quite reasonable, we have to accept it!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

everyone knows the truth, but not everyone.

on the contrary, there is some wisdom in life, which is hidden in crooked reasoning.

the following five life theories are so crooked that they are not convincing.

I hope all of you can get something out of a smile.


people who say this always think that the current busyness is only temporary.

as long as this period of time has passed, there will be a lot of free time.

however, the days are just problems with each other.

as soon as the old problems are finished, new ones follow.

the ancients said:

walk every day, no matter how long the journey will be finished; often do things, no matter how many things can be done.

once people are idle, they will not be far away from becoming useless.

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accustomed to enriching yourself in busyness, there is momentum in life.

days are always spent in busyness, fleeting.

so, no matter how busy you are, don't forget to stop and be with the most important person in your life.


exchange life for money when young,

buy life

when old

the stupidest mistake a man can make is to overdraw his health in exchange for all kinds of things.

with the promotion of positions and the accumulation of property, health is in debt all the way.

once you lose your health, you will not only suffer from illness, but also bring great burden to the family.

when people reach middle age, there are old people at the top and children at the bottom; the left hand carries the career and the right hand carries the family.

without a strong physique, it is difficult to carry these two burdens.

A disease may quickly drag down an otherwise happy family.

therefore, the wealth exchanged for health is but a castle in the air.

when I have to buy my life with money, I'm afraid I won't get it back even if I lose everything.


when you are embarrassed to refuse others,

think about how they can embarrass you

Sanmao said:

"Don't be afraid to refuse others, because when a person asks for something, he has two answers in mind.

so it is expected to give him any of the answers. "

if you don't think about being rejected at all, then you haven't considered each other's difficulties.

when you meet someone who takes an inch, you should turn your face and don't be afraid to offend others.

as the saying goes, "A good man is deceived, and a good horse is ridden."

if you don't know how to refuse, you can be deceived in the eyes of others.

it is selfish to not care about other people's feelings, and to care too much about other people's feelings is self-abuse.

the most lossmaking business in the world is to fulfill others and wronge yourself.

know how to refuse in order to live without entanglement.


I never hold a grudge.

I usually get revenge on the spot. When I have a conflict with others, appropriate retrogression is a kind of self-cultivation.

but if the other side advances by an inch, we can't go back again and again.

if good deeds are rewarded with evil deeds, what should be used in return for good deeds?

in many cases, the more patient the good guys are, the more cowardly they are; the more the bad guys indulge, the more arrogant they become.

if the needle is not stuck in your body, you will never know how painful it is.

it is better to treat a person in his own way than to break his teeth and swallow them alive.

only by returning the pain to him will he begin to repent.

Don't be too kind. Your kindness should be sharp.

nothing, don't take the initiative to cause trouble, and never be afraid of something.

there can be neither endless withdrawal nor open-ended tolerance.

those who are happy with gratitude and hatred live the most comfortable life.


help the poor but not lazy, help the poor

Zeng Guofan said: "mediocre people in ancient and modern times are all defeated by a lazy word."

such a person, you can help him for a while, but you can't help him forever.

help people solve their difficulties for a while, but they can't give up their laziness and greed.

cannot solve the underlying problem, and a similar situation is bound to repeat itself.

as the old saying goes, "rise rice to nourish grace, fight rice to nourish hatred."

people's desires are like the sea water. The more you drink, the more thirsty you become.

if the inherent bad habits are not corrected, no matter how much you pay will be wasted.

people want to live well, after all, they must rely on their own will and efforts.

people are poor because they are lazy. No matter how much help they can do, there is nothing they can do.