50 enlightening social truths in 2021

50 enlightening social truths in 2021

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sometimes the comfort of chatting is not because of being in tune, but because of dimensionality reduction.


proper anger can get more attention.


praising others' slight inferiority complex will make people happier.


Why people have two ears and only one mouth is the hope that we can listen more and speak less.

if you talk less, you will have fewer contradictions.


if you are a person, there will be crowds everywhere; if you are a loser, people will look cold everywhere.


next time = Wednesday, another day = 32, later = 13 months, there is time = 25: 00.

there is no specific time agreement, they are all playing hooligans.


Don't bother your friends.

Friendship is an one-to-one emotion, not an item that can be shared.

A friend of a friend has nothing to do with you.


it is better to remain silent like a fool than to prove that you are a fool as soon as you open your mouth.


Don't always mention how good your friends are in front of others, you should understand that other people's achievements have nothing to do with you.


"say bad things to your face and say good things behind your back."

bragging about others behind their backs is more powerful.


try to mention as little as possible after helping others.

every time I mention it, I will be less helpful before.


it is best for both parties to refuse directly what they cannot do.

reluctantly accept that it is to lift a stone and drop it on one's own feet.


relationships that need to be maintained are all wrong.


always outperform others in speech, which is the lowest performance of EQ.


Don't maintain the relationship in a temporary and mass way. Camouflage hospitality is really useless.


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remember to return things, no matter how big or small they are.

if other people don't say it, they can keep it in mind.


if you can send text, do not send voice, especially if you can send more than a dozen 59s in a row.

while it is convenient for you, you should also consider each other more.


others can laugh at themselves, but you can't go along with it.


the most effective way to break up with someone is to get closer and closer.


if you don't want to come out twice, don't make an appointment next time.


No matter who you associate with, don't just talk about human feelings and not interests.

the essence of communication between people is actually the exchange of interests.


when dealing with people, you can point, but don't point.


Don't overestimate your relationship with anyone, and don't talk from the bottom of your heart.

if you tell the secret to the wind, don't blame the wind for blowing it all over the forest.


"have time to keep in touch" means to be busy and have no time.


A relationship can not be equally rewarded, but there must be a response.


change your heart, but if you can't change it, you will give up.

give up those who give up on you, and cherish those who cherish you.


Don't expect everyone to understand you, because each has his or her own love.

if you make radish, you will not be able to make green vegetables.


it's not that hard to choose. Don't always say it casually.

every time you are casual, you are putting the blame on someone else.


another meaning of "I don't like to bother others" is:

"I don't like people bothering me either."


never get to know someone too fast. People who are close to you at ten times the speed will eventually leave you at ten times the speed.


people who talk about money and say it hurts their feelings are often not really in love with you.


what is the most nutritious food?

suffer losses.


whoever you can forgive without a bottom line can hurt you without a bottom line.


I don't fit in with the society. Should I change it? Don't change it.

because Tetris tells us that you fit in, and you disappear.


Don't drain your contacts on the cheap.

such as frequent mass bargaining and voting links.


No matter how good a friend is, never make a decision for him.

Don't say how close your relationship is, it only takes one thing to fall out.


it is not humorous to joke about other people's shortcomings.

people who are used as conversation materials also find it funny. This is a joke.


Don't kidnap others with friendship, and don't be kidnapped by friendship.


Please have a big meal of 500 yuan, sometimes it is better to buy a meal of 50 yuan a few times.

appearing more frequently can bring you closer to each other more quickly.


others respect you, not necessarily because you are good, maybe because others are good.  41

if you borrow something from someone for the third time, you need to buy one for yourself.


all her good things are cheap for a good old man who doesn't know how to refuse.


Don't always think about adding Wechat.

networking is not how many people you know, but how many people you can help.

when you are not strong enough, others only take you as their avatar.