A blessed woman has these three characteristics. If you find one, you will be congratulated.

A blessed woman has these three characteristics. If you find one, you will be congratulated.

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Women, it is the skill to live a beautiful life.

No matter what age she is, a woman's life should not be surrounded by family trivials. every woman lives confidently without worry.

it is a pity that many women tie their happiness to others. Once there is misfortune in their own life, they will blame everything for dragging her down and make her unable to be herself.

as everyone knows, "there is no way for misfortune and happiness, but only when called by others."

all the blessings in the world are transformed by your accumulated kindness, hard work, good mindset and all good habits.

No one can accumulate blessings for you, and no one can break your blessings either.

only the woman herself can do all this.


be kind to others

if you have a good mind, you will be rewarded with kindness; if you are kind, you will be blessed.

for the time being, kind people will certainly give more, and of course they will suffer more grievances, but in the long run, God will never let down any kind people, so good people must get more in return than they give.

this is not superstition, but a cycle of cause and effect.

in the TV series Legend of Miyue, the heroine Lui Yue was able to produce a princess from a humble woman and counterattack to become a powerful empress dowager in the State of Qin, not because of her beautiful appearance or full of intentions, but because of her wisdom and character with kindness as her background.

the harem is a battlefield where there is no smoke of gunpowder. Empresses and concubines have exhausted vicious means to fight for the exclusive favor of the emperor, maiming the heirs and sisters into a feud, and kindness is a scarce product of the harem.

despite being bullied by others, seeing through the ugliness of human nature, and suffering from the warmth of the world, she still insists on being kind to others.

because of her noble character, she has gathered in her camp, ranging from maids and eunuchs to concubines, courtiers, brothers and husbands.

how kind you are, how blessed you will be.

because there is "attraction" between people, when you are a kind person, your goodwill rooted in your heart will always drive out the bad people and things around you.

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somehow you will unknowingly get the support of many dignitaries, the support of others, and the praise of those around you.

and what you think of as "good luck" is precisely the happiness that kindness brings to you.

so, when you have a good virtue, have a good heart, be a kind person, and when goodness is internalized into your character, it will naturally accumulate good rewards for you.


there is no completely happy life in this world.

there is a famous couplet in Zhitong Temple in A Dream of Red Mansions:

there is a long way to go in life, and everything is fixed. You and I are just passers-by, thinking too much, but worrying about nothing.

there are many things you can't do if you want to; many things you can't get if you want to; and many people you can keep if you don't stay.

only by letting go of obsession and contentment can we reap the happiest life.

when I was at home for the Spring Festival, my neighbor Sister Ping came to me to go shopping. I sincerely envied her beaming appearance along the way.

Sister Ping and her husband have been married for ten years, but life has not been plain sailing. Their parents-in-law's serious illness once left them heavily in debt.

the various special classes expenses of the two children also make them a little out of breath, so Sister Ping and her husband get up early and late every day to earn money, living in straitened circumstances and hard work.

but Sister Ping is the happiest person in our neighborhood. Often hear his voice before you see him, and laugh every day.

when I asked her why she was so happy every day, Sister Ping said with a smile:

most of the troubles in life are not because of having too little, but because of wanting too much.

writer Neil Donald Walsh once said:

"I won't hold on to anything I have!" Because I know that when I hold on to something, I will lose it. The only way to have anything is to learn to be bearish and let go. "

in this life, love is easy to fade, fate is easy to disperse, money is easy to lose, and people are easy to go.

there are many things that can't tell right from wrong. You don't have to decide whether to win or lose. You don't have to worry about it all your life. The space for your heart is limited. If you are full of trivial things, there will be no room for beauty elsewhere.

look down on the past, look to the future, and let your mind calm down, so that you can see the wider world.


enjoy life and be kind to yourself

whether you live well or not is up to you.

Women's life is hard and tiring, but when you start to learn to please yourself, the bitter life begins to become sweet.

those things of the Ming Dynasty gives an excellent summary of life:

it is too difficult for a person to live a lifetime to satisfy everyone. Instead of wasting his life pleasing others, it is better to live a good life for himself.

writer Li Na once wrote a story about herself:

"in the spring of 29, I went to Peking University to listen to a lecture by Lin Yihua. He looked bright and cunning, strung up and down the aisle, looked you in the eye and asked, 'are you happy?'

he said to us on the April day full of cherry blossoms:'no matter how old you are and what you are going through, be sure to ask yourself what else I can change and grow.'

at that moment, I suddenly decided: find one.Writing that I love.

I write on the subway to and from work, in the snoring office during my lunch break, and in the middle of countless quiet and long nights, into a faint light at my desk.

A lot of people disdain: you are 30 years old. What about

30 years old? I decided to live a steaming life, with dreams as horses, yellow sand everywhere, wandering around the world in the world of words. I picked up the pen in my hand, picked up the courage, and finally lived up to myself. "

I have seen a sentence that touched people's hearts before:

"if life is a glass of water. Compared with plain warm water and refreshing ice water that irritates the stomach, I prefer you to be boiling hot water. Full of excitement and extraordinary, but feel calm and happy after evaporation. "

live not to cater to others or flatter the world, but to please yourself, enjoy yourself, and respect yourself in the mirror.

every woman who chooses a hot life is great, and they don't need any support from dignitaries, because they are their own best dignitaries.

opportunities, rely on their own to strive for, fate, rely on their own grasp, and only those women who have become their own dignitaries, can always be smooth and carefree.

as the saying goes, "Life stands on its own, and blessings accumulate on its own."

everyone's fate is always changing, and the so-called fate is good or bad, but comes from his own creation.

and this self-creation is your behavior, people are doing it, heaven is watching, just be yourself, God will never let down any kind-hearted person.

so, instead of saying that bliss comes from God's gift, it is better to say that blessings change from themselves to better ones.

Please believe that serious people change themselves, persistent people change their destiny, as long as you have the will to change, there is no destiny that cannot be changed, and there is no distance that cannot be reached.

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