A Chinese girl destroyed by "weight loss drugs"

A Chinese girl destroyed by "weight loss drugs"

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A shocking thing happened at the press conference held by the Shanghai Drug Control Commission on August 17.

in addition to identifying many new drugs, weight loss drugs have also been detected to contain drugs.

and the data show that drug-related cases of weight-loss drugs account for more than 85% of drug-related cases.

it is hard to imagine that psychotropic drugs controlled by our country have also been widely used in the production of weight-loss drugs.

at present, weight-loss drugs have eroded the market for "drugs" and "banned drugs".

No one expected that the sought-after lazy weight loss method would come into everyone's attention in such a special way.

among these weight-loss drugs, a series of weight-loss drugs mainly composed of Internet celebrity DC weight-loss drugs added with fentamine drugs are equivalent to drugs.

and those boys and girls who "fake drug use" have already been eroded before they know it.

Zhihu saw such a gory case:

Xiao Li once felt anxious about his figure when he graduated, especially when he saw bright white-collar workers after work, which doubled his mental burden.

but exercise and dieting are too hard to lose weight, so she started searching for various weight loss products and came across Internet celebrity DC weight loss pills, each of which beckoned to her.

without even thinking about it, she added the purchasing agency. seeing all the favorable feedback in the circle of friends, she felt that she had made the right choice.

taking medicine for a week, the weight loss effect is obvious, the weight loss, Xiao Li is very happy.

after taking medicine for two weeks, Xiao Li began to feel nausea, headache, insomnia and hair loss. 'it 's normal, 'said the purchasing agent.' just get used to it.

after taking medicine for three weeks, Xiao Li began to get excited, palpitation, limb stiffness and other symptoms.

Xiao Li suddenly felt that she needed to see a doctor, but it broke her down.

she was diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder.

this disease needs long-term control and treatment.

although Xiao Li took a year to get rid of the drug, he was lucky compared to other people who died without treatment in time.

she didn't wait until things were irreparable to stop the loss in time, and she didn't go further and further on the road of taking medicine.

what makes Xiao Li afraid is that doctors say that long-term abuse of weight-loss drugs will lead to pulmonary hypertension, and if left untreated, he will not live for more than five years.

only then did she realize that diet pills can eat people to death.

those so-called weight loss drugs without side effects can lose not meat but life.


weight loss drugs that you don't know

after reading the above, maybe you still don't know anything about weight loss drugs, so let's analyze some of the ingredients and side effects of weight loss drugs on the market.

1.DC slimming drug: this drug is divided into main drug and auxiliary drug, the main ingredient is fentamine, this drug is listed as the second class psychotropic drug in our country, eating will cause excitement and other symptoms, the biggest problem is addiction, not to mention like taking drugs, it is a drug.

2. Amphetamine: nicknamed methamphetamine, central stimulants and antidepressants, it is banned in most countries. To put it bluntly, this drug is a drug. If you take it, you are taking drugs, which is tantamount to betting with your life.

3. Thailand yanhee: the main ingredient is sibutramine, which is a banned drug in China, and its harm is so high that it is dozens of times more likely to cause elevated blood pressure, palpitations, nephropathy and inhibition of the central nervous system than other drugs.

4. L-carnitine: frequent customers of weight-loss drugs, known as fat killers, but it itself can not lose weight, because it is the carrier of carrying fat, but can not consume fat, eating L-carnitine often needs to cooperate with exercise to lose weight, and will cause serious burden on the kidneys, but also cause palpitations, night sweats, diarrhea and other problems.

5. A variety of substitute meals, weight loss fruits, weight loss tea: a large ingredient is laxative, which reduces weight by dehydration, has no effect on fat consumption, and makes people dependent and burden the intestines.

6. Orlistat: at present, the reason for its popularity is that it is the only approved OTC weight loss drug in China, but its effect is a long-term and powerful specific gastrointestinal lipase inhibitor. In popular terms, it inactivates lipohydrolases in your stomach and intestines, so that fat cannot be absorbed and eventually excreted through feces.

but orlistat does not consume the function of fat in your body, and it will bring you more serious consequences, such as nausea, fecal incontinence, and sudden uncontrollable embarrassment.

so far, no weight loss pill can make you lose weight while lying down, but it can make you die lying down.

the statement Today of CCTV once exposed such an incident.

26-year-old Jun loves beauty so much that in order to look slimmer and more beautiful when he gets married, he bought a diet pill called "fast weight loss without side effects" online.

I just didn't expect that a little pill ended her life.

after eating for a few days, she lost some weight, but she was out of control, flustered and fainted.

she recorded the side effects of taking medicine on Weibo:

"it's so horrible that the bar falls to the ground"

"will I die in the stairwell?"

"tears run down, it's so scary."

"I can't pass out for another hour."

this is her last Weibo. After she fainted again, she never woke up.

the doctor diagnosed sudden death.

during the autopsy, the medical examiner detected fluoxetine in her body, which is mainly used to treat depression or bipolar disorder.Disorders, eating too much can lead to cardiac arrest.

and the source of these drugs is the diet pills she took.

so for those who want to lose weight, don't take a chance and try to find shortcuts. If diet pills are legal and useful, they would have been sold in hospitals long ago. How can there be fat people in the world?

you have to trust hospitals and doctors, not "weight loss drug WeChat dealers" in the virtual world.

the diet pills you have taken are the IQ taxes you have paid.


abnormal weight loss not only makes you lose weight

but also kills you

if weight loss drugs are common self-masochistic weight loss methods, abnormal weight loss methods are more common.

do you know what a rabbit is?

Rabbit is not the cute little white rabbit you think it is, but a nickname for the emetic.

the rabbit is beautiful, but vomiting is cruel.

pick the food you eat with your finger or catheter until you spit it out, so that you can satisfy your appetite and reduce your guilt.

sounds good, with a lot of fatality, which is extremely stupid.

the horror of vomiting is that it is addictive, and at the same time, it is bulimia, eating so hard that you can vomit repeatedly, struggling on the brink of despair and collapse, both uncontrollable and disgusted with yourself.

it is almost as harmful to the body as taking medicine. Hair loss, stomach trouble, tooth loss, fainting, menopause and a series of physical diseases, the most terrible is suffering from anorexia nervosa, the mortality rate is terrible.

Don't expect vomiting to become thin and beautiful, because under its counter-bite, you will become a walking skeleton.

A milder way to lose weight than vomiting is the online so-called "21-day fasting diet", which eats only one apple or two bites of vegetables a day.

the end result of this method is malnutrition, and if it is severe, it will cause stomach problems.

crazy weight loss enthusiasts, in order to reduce their own pain, chose a "pain for a lifetime" method: liposuction.

extract the fat from your obese parts by surgery, and do an operation with ease and thinness. but the fact is that after the operation, the liposucted parts are potholed and the skin is obviously lax. severe cases will suffer from fat thrombus syndrome.

in short, all of the fast diets you can think of have a very high risk of disease.

all unhealthy diets are drinking poison to quench thirst, which will only drain your life a little bit.


the ultimate form of beauty is health

if you ask others why you lose weight, most of the answers you receive are:

for beauty and for praise, but few people say, for health.

weight loss enthusiasts, for the sake of the so-called beauty, have no scruples to jump into the "weight loss drug" and "weight loss method" scam, in order to lose weight, do not want to die.

many people do not understand why some people flock to them even though they know that these weight loss methods are harmful to the body.

because the whole society's pursuit of beauty is thin, and fat has become the original sin.

in the face of other people's strange eyes, fat people are full of guilt and feel very annoying, which in itself is discrimination.

when confidence is erased, losing weight is the only way to restore self-confidence. No matter what way you use, as long as you can lose weight, you want to try.

this is not to make yourself better, but to punish yourself.

and weight loss pills and weight loss methods are published because many people who are eager to lose weight are lazy and unable to control their appetite.

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I just want to take a short cut to the end point, but it is often a pit all the way.

there is no money earned for nothing in this world, let alone white meat.

there is only one way to lose weight, that is, "keep your mouth shut and spread your legs."

this is a difficult way, but sticking to it is a healthy and sunny you.

if you want to lose weight, you should give up snacks and big fish and meat.

if you want to get in shape, you need aerobic exercise, run, run, jump rope, and yoga dancing is also a good choice.

after choosing the right way to lose weight, it is more important not to be kidnapped by the value of being thin.

as Yi Nengjing said:

Don't mess with your body easily just because you are young. One day everything you do will be doubled back to you in another way.

Fashion blogger bamboo once said:

Beauty has never been defined only by "thin".

you should enjoy the world in a healthy state instead of abusing yourself with abnormal torture.

encourage each other.