A good mother is worth all the great education.

A good mother is worth all the great education.

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A mother's influence on her child, like a never-ending force, will last her child's life. "

in a family, the person who has the greatest influence on the child is the mother.

the characteristics of mothers play a vital role in the growth of their children.


A mother's vision

determines her child's world

there is a problem in Zhihu:

the answer is:

I have a friend who has worked very hard since she had a baby, which is a model of "never too old to learn."

asked her why she worked so hard, and she said it was for the children.

not to accumulate wealth for children, but to increase their own knowledge and avoid delaying the child because of her ignorance, because she is a living example.

when she was young, she listened to her mother's theory that reading is useless, believing that no matter whether a girl reads or not, she will marry someone else and raise her son in the future.

but when she got out of school, she found that it was really impossible for her to move forward without education and knowledge.

she doesn't want her children to be like her, so when she becomes a mother, she pays great attention to learning new knowledge and skills, and takes her children to various exhibitions to increase her knowledge.

the best education is the mother's vision.

I can't help remembering that Hu Shi mentioned something in his autobiography.

Hu Shi's mother is a country woman. After she married her father, she learned to read and read under the guidance of her father.

Unfortunately, when he was four years old, his father died, leaving only a family in distress.

even so, his mother would rather live a tight life than send him to private school.

at that time, the tuition fee for a child was two silver dollars a year, and his mother would always give a little more.

because for children who only pay two silver dollars, the teacher is only responsible for leading the reading, not for interpretation, and the obscure content makes many children hate going to school, and many children skip class.

but his tuition is several times that of others, so the teacher always explains it to him word for word.

his mother often tells him:

"you must always follow in your father's footsteps."

I only know this complete person all my life. You should learn from him and don't drop his ass. "

at the insistence of his mother, he always went to school early every day and studied with his teacher, which also laid a good foundation of knowledge.

when he grew up, he studied in the United States and studied under the philosopher John Dewey.

after returning to China, he was first employed as a professor at Peking University and later as president of Academia Sinica until he died of illness.

Hu Shi once said:

it was precisely because of his mother's persistence and guidance that he went to a height that no one else could reach and made some extraordinary achievements.

I have seen such a sentence in a book:

the best starting line for a child is the mother.

the mother's horizon determines how high the child can fly and how far she can go.


Mother's values

edify the conduct of her child

once saw a news.

there is a child in Nanjing who accidentally broke someone else's car window while playing.

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No one nearby saw that she could have walked away with the child.

but what the mother did was to take the initiative to call the police, hoping that the police could help find the owner of the car and make compensation.

Mom says:

she hopes that by doing so, her children can learn to take responsibility when they grow up instead of running away when they make a mistake.

the mother gives her child a pass to walk in the world.

A mother with three values can inject an endless growth energy into her children through words and deeds.

someone once asked:

an anonymous netizen replied:

"when you were young, you would think she was nosy, but when you grow up, you will feel that she has become your strength."

when netizens came home from school when they were young, they would always see a blind man begging on the footbridge.

once on the way after school, a friend suggested stealing money from blind begging bowls to buy snacks.

so several of them emptied the begging bowl, laughed at each other for being blind, and then walked away.

some people told their parents about this as a glorious deed, and they just laughed it off.

only the netizen's mother, knowing that he was one of them, smoked him all night with a cane.

didn't let him go to school the next day, so I asked him to wait for the blind man on the overpass and asked him to give the money back and apologize.

that was the first time he really understood what it means not to do bad things, even if it is inconspicuous, do not give up doing good things, even if it is not important.

on another occasion, the family went to his cousin's house to play. At that time, he saw a Superman toy in his cousin's room and liked it very much.

before leaving, he secretly hid the Superman toy in his schoolbag and took it home.

later, my mother found out and took him directly to his cousin's house and asked him to return the toy to his cousin face to face and make a serious apology.

this time, he learned that he can't take it by any means just because he likes something.

if you want it, you must rely on your own efforts to get it.

it is precisely because of having such a mother that he did not go awry on his way of growing up, but went more and more smoothly.

famous educator SuHomlinsky once said:

A mother with three values is a quiet ferryman for her children.

A good mother can make her child feel energetic and walk in the world leisurely.


the positive energy of the mother

is the energy source of the child's life

there is a roommate in college, which is more difficult at home.

but she doesn't have the slightest sense of inferiority and timidity. No matter when and when she sees her, she is like the little sun, full of optimism and self-confidence, magnanimous and generous.

later, she told us about her childhood.

she and her mother were having dinner at home that day when suddenly a group of people broke in.

it turns out that because my father likes to gamble, he loses all his money and is heavily in debt.