A letter from home alarmed the Ministry of Education and moved hundreds of millions of parents! Some people suggest

A letter from home alarmed the Ministry of Education and moved hundreds of millions of parents! Some people suggest

Good morning, accompany you to read.

A university professor wrote a letter to his newly grown daughter!

in the letter, the father made nine suggestions to his daughter at that time, covering all aspects of morality, professionalism, knowledge and love.

this letter not only moved tens of millions of parents, but even alarmed the Ministry of Education. People's Daily also forwarded the recommendation for reading.

some netizens even suggested that this article should be used as the first lesson in high school Chinese and college Chinese.

so what is the content of this letter that the father wrote to his daughter?

after reading it, many parents said: I said all the things I wanted to say from the bottom of my heart. Let's have a look!

Baby, time flies and time flies.

babbling in swaddling clothes and toddling in the courtyard were long ago.

before you know it, you have grown up, and you will go to college in the twinkling of an eye.

in theory, 18 is an adult, and I shouldn't have been worried.

it's just that you've never left home since you were born, and I'm always worried that you can't take care of yourself outside.

you said you didn't want to go to college locally. I understand and support it.

outside, you can fly as much as you like.

you hate preaching, but I still want to say a few words when you go out to study.

it may not be effective for you, but it is a comfort to me.


about morality

morality is first of all a kind of practice, and kindness cannot only exist in the heart.

being a moral person is not new. I mainly want to talk about how to do it.

morality is first of all a kind of practice, and kindness cannot exist only in the heart.

I remember once taking a bus, I offered my seat to an old man.

at that time, you and Sister Jun both said that I didn't expect me to give up my seat.

Let me ask you, isn't that what the teacher taught you?

you say yes, but you just feel a little embarrassed when you do it.

I understand the mentality of young people. When I helped others for the first time, I also cared about the opinions of others.

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think about it now, it's not necessary at all.

A good thing, without self-interest, what are you worried about, what are you afraid of talking about?

there are many little things in life, as long as they are handy, it is a good deed.

Don't be stingy when you can help others.

the world will be a better place because of your efforts.

Dad has received favors from others, so we should know the truth of feeding society back.


about majors

to pick a major is to pick an interest, not to be measured by the standard of interest.

the quality of a major is relative and dialectical.

A good major today does not mean a good major forever.

Don't judge your major by the standard of interest.

to pick a major is to pick an interest. No matter how hot the major is, no matter how strong the discipline is, it makes no sense if you don't like it.

the standard of interest is more stable, while the standard of interest is not long.

doing what you like and reading your favorite books is one of the great pleasures of life.

choose what you like, learn what you love, work should be more happy, and life will have a higher quality.

any major, as long as you study well enough, you don't have to worry about getting what others don't get.

it's like traveling. As long as you go far enough, you can see scenery that no one else has ever seen.

with the continuous development of human society, the professional division of labor is more precise, but the professional division of labor can not be divided into well water without invading river water.

all kinds of majors are the way to explain the world. If you dabble widely, you will be more intelligent.


about knowledge

knowledge makes life more possible.

"the theory that reading is useless" exists, and there are also people who make a windfall without reading.

but the case can not explain the problem, the common phenomenon is convincing.

people who know a little bit of common sense know that even in terms of money, the role of knowledge can not be ignored.

otherwise, it cannot be explained that famous multinational corporations attach great importance to intelligence.

as long as we do a simple statistics, we will find that there is a positive correlation between knowledge and income.

whether reading is useful or not, the key is how to treat it as useful, not just the standard of "money". Knowledge makes life more possible.

knowledge determines a person's temperament, taste, vision, appreciation level, values. These are the key factors that affect the quality of life.

all these are the result of the edification of knowledge, not the product of money exchange.

if you graduate from college and realize that there are many more meaningful lifestyles, then the university will not be in vain.


about reading

reading classics, classics are the product of time choice.

the biggest difference between college and high school is that there is a lot of freedom and a lot of people squander it.

I hope you can take advantage of this rare freedom to read more books.

nowadays many young people don't like reading. They can spend a lot of time shopping, Taobao, playing games and chatting online. I just don't want to take the time to read quietly.

I once wrote a reading message to my students: "while you are young, seriously fall in love with good books."

I emphasize that when you are young, you will know how difficult it is to take the time to read.

I also emphasize reading good books, some of which are really harmful, poor in thought and mediocre in content.

Reading is like making friends. You should screen carefully and don't come near if you are not good.

A simpleThe method is to read the classics, which is the product of time choice and the result of readers' picky.

there must be a reason why a book has become a classic.

as long as it is a classic, you can read it if you want to read it.


about competition

do not rely on human relations, but rely on ability to compete.

in this day and age, you need to speak with your strength.

the rules should be fairer and fairer, and the competition will certainly become more and more cruel.

Dad is a stubborn man who doesn't like to ask for help and seldom asks for help.

at the beginning, I was transferred from primary school to junior high school because the headmaster thought I had the level of teaching junior high school.

later, the school in the county recruited six teachers. I got the third place in the exam, but I was not admitted. It doesn't matter. I don't ask anyone else.

the next year I was admitted to graduate school and left that place.

do not rely on human relations, but rely on ability to compete.

although this is hard, it's nice to win the respect of others on the outside and peace of mind on the inside.

you know, if one doesn't want to live a humble life, he must have the capital to raise his head and stand tall.

you should seize the opportunity to improve yourself.

face the ups and downs of life and meet the challenges of the times.


about beauty

it is important to repair both inside and outside. Don't pursue vase beauty.

everyone has a love of beauty, especially girls.

people should know how to decorate themselves, but unfortunately, I don't have any experience to teach you.

it is OK to buy some new clothes, wear jewelry and add color with makeup.

of course, being beautiful and attractive is not just about appearance.

speech and behavior will convey a person's demeanor; dealing with others can reveal a person's self-cultivation.

it's important to study both inside and outside. I don't want you to pursue vase beauty.

besides, no one in our family has the capital to be a vase.

knowledge is the best cosmetics, and good literacy will make people more attractive, which is an attraction that can not be deprived of over the years.


about love

true love is deep rather than shallow, selfless but not greedy.

Love is beautiful. Dad hopes you can find the right one.

son, as long as you are happy, my life will be complete.

Love is very serious and must be taken seriously.

affection is not for fun, love is not for show.

True love is deep rather than shallow, selfless but not greedy.

your lover is not your private property.

you can miss him, but don't disturb him easily, you can love him, but don't restrict him firmly.

falling in love will make people do all kinds of stupid things without knowing it. You are a girl, so you should know how to keep yourself clean.

think clearly about what you can and can't do on your way to a date.

the decision to love should be based on careful examination, not on impulse.

I hope your future boyfriend will be honest and cultured.

if you are serious, I will bless you.


about making friends

if you can give way in case of trouble, you can help if you are in trouble.

University is a place to study and make friends.

A person must have a few friends in his life.

A happy life does not depend on money and wealth, but on social relations.

Friends are one of a wide range of social relationships.

if happiness is shared, you will be happier; sadness will be shared, and you will not be too sad.

there are people worth worrying about everywhere, and there are people who care about you everywhere. You will feel that the world is full of sunshine and your heart is like a spring breeze.

there is no love or hate for no reason.

if you want others to be nice to yourself, you should be kind to others first.

University dormitory, four people sleep in one bed, everyone has come a long way, is the meeting set by the previous life.

when something happens, you can give way, and if you are in trouble, you can help.

with human roses, there is an aftertaste in the hands.


about time

Don't always feel young and do everything too early.

time is the fairest. Everyone's day is 24 hours.

time is the easiest to get, but also the least cherished.

I often hear people say that we should make up time in our daily life.

time cannot be made up, and waste is wasted.

Don't always feel young and too early to do anything.

youdao is "remember that a teenager rides a Trojan horse and becomes a white-headed man in the twinkling of an eye."

College students' time is often wasted in two aspects, one is community activities, the other is surfing the Internet.

it is really a good thing to properly participate in club activities, make friends and increase knowledge.

but too many extracurricular activities will waste time in all kinds of aboveboard names.

the network is very convenient, and the network is very troublesome.

computers and mobile phones keep you in touch with the outside world and disturb you all the time.

you might as well shut down the network at the right time and spend your time on something more meaningful.


Baby, it is better for you to put it into practice.

Dad can't teach you everything, nor can he stay with you for the rest of your life.

time goes byLife won't last forever; one day, parting will be forever.

I hope these suggestions will benefit you.

be happy whenever and wherever you are.

if you are well, I will be happy.