A letter to the graduates.

A letter to the graduates.

Wish you a happy graduation.


I remember that when I was a junior high school student, I saw a blog post by a college netizen that read:

"on the day I graduated from the third year of high school, I thought I would sleep for three days and three nights. As a result, I went all night on the night when the college entrance examination ended. "

two years ago today, I graduated in such a muddle that I neither slept for three days or three nights nor stayed up all night.

as soon as I graduated, I returned to the regular life of a house girl. Until a month later, my mother found out there was something wrong with me.

the emotional world is in a blank, and I live like a backwater every day. The whole year of preparing for the exam in the third year of senior high school makes people mentally numb, and getting angry and trying to be strong has become the only spiritual sustenance, so now, with the completion of the angry work, life is like being removed from the only fulcrum, "bang" out of balance.

A year ago today, a repeat friend of mine said to me:

"I can't be as happy as I used to be. I seldom chat and joke with others."

at that time, when we were preparing for the college entrance examination together, he was a comedian and talker in the class.

two days ago, a repeat schoolmate in moments, a year younger than me, also left similar words in moments:

"now I am a very difficult person to get along with."

the departure melancholy of graduation is not terrible, what is terrible is the empty and numb spiritual world after graduation.

so tonight we are going to leave a message for every graduate. As an experienced person, leave suggestions that we think are useful to every graduate.

Wen, eel whale.

this letter was handwritten in a college class. You may not understand what it's like to pick up a pen and forget a word a year later. Forget it. I'm not a spoiler. You can experience it for yourselves.

the moment you finish your last composition, the last word, and put down your pen in the English exam room, will you make yourself laugh by staring at the head-shaking monitor like me? After coming out of the examination room and waving goodbye to the examination room with the partners who went to the examination room temporarily for two days in the college entrance examination, are you looking for the figure of your parents waiting anxiously in the crowd?

at this time, you pack up your bags and leave from the dormitory, leaving the bucket, washbasin and hot kettle that have been with you for three years in that "home", and maybe, like me, don't take any textbooks with you. Just take a "composition material" as a souvenir.

at this time, you hurriedly bid farewell to your roommates and classmates you ran into on the road, and casually said, "Don't forget me, come out often." some of them didn't even see each other these two days, and they left before it was too late to say goodbye. Immersed in the rebirth of Nirvana after a bloody battle, you probably don't understand the concept of graduation. You will not know that students who can only be identified by their faces after two or three school uniforms have been carried out for three years. The next time they meet, they have already permed their hair, dyed their hair, put on their face with exquisite makeup, and dressed themselves like adults.

Require to replace your vintage style bridesmaid gowns after each occasion? This section is just for you – unique in every way.

at this time, you are either joyfully thinking about your graduation trip while having dinner with your family and friends, or being slapped up by someone in the illusion that you failed in the exam, but you are still nervous about the established reality that cannot be changed.

Don't worry. For the people who go on the graduation trip with you, you may talk to each other in the dead of night, miss the past, be reluctant to part, and hug and cry. But you have to believe that this will be the last time you get together. Don't worry, people who think they fail in the exam usually do well unexpectedly, because you never know what the marking teacher is thinking. In case you really fail the exam, it doesn't matter, don't be sad, don't blame yourself, don't complain, what school you go to really doesn't mean it will change your life from now on.

I really envy you at this time, immersed in the joy of thinking that you can work together to create a beautiful and happy life, change the world, change the world and change the universe. I do not know the future and do not regret the past.

the next time, to do what you love, to do something valuable, to hug the one you love, this is the best time in life.

after writing this letter, school is over. Another friend and I sat in the classroom for a long time, each giggling at our high school photos. We didn't know each other in high school, but the plot was always similar. People left, the lights went out, and the fan was turned off.

"Let's go."

have a nice graduation.

Wen, Ying.

about the annual graduation confession, a message to the frustrated person:

in fact, the humiliating degree of confession failure is lower than that of getting dressed, the level of pain is lower than that of being bitten by a dog, and the level of psychological trauma is lower than that of boyfriend being bent. So to sum up, the failure of confession is only a matter of low lethality. For those of you who have experienced the pain of the third year of high school, please do not be afraid to confess your failure.

in fact, the bottom of graduation confession is a kind of atmosphere that makes people act in haste. In fact, whether you are successful or not does not have much to do with whether you are tall, rich or handsome. The premise of success is that you and the white person you are listed have a memory that you want to keep together. To put it simply, you have to get along with each other, or make eye contact. If you want to confess your love to someone who has been in love for a long time but has never been with someone directly, the success rate is needless to say very low.

therefore, I would like to suggest that every friend who is ready to express his love or has already expressed his love: chase a girl, chase a male god, and have a good mentality. Was rejected not because you are not good, but because you are not familiar with the road! Remember, make a long line, catch a big fish, take the time, chase hard, and create a bunch of memories to look forward to for yourself and each other.

two years ago, I completed the college entrance examination at a normal level.Controversial selection of majors, unsurprisingly admitted by voluntary colleges, all the way mediocre.

the vast gap in the emotional world once made me close my heart. I changed from a lively, lovely, shameless girl to a lifeless graduate with a dead face. It took about a year to regain his lively, lovely and shameless state.

the college entrance examination is your last exam in the third year of high school. Graduation is your first mass parting at the age of 18. It may be sad, but you have to remember that the loss of parting in the world is as complicated as autumn leaves. Instead of grieving, you might as well embrace it with a foolish heart.

you may think that the college entrance examination has completely stifled your hobbies, but it hasn't. Today, a year later, like every college student, you will sit in the dormitory, excitedly watching other people's college entrance exams and thinking about what to say and do. You will talk with your friends about three years of high school in the playground and dormitory. When you talk about it, there must be more happiness than sadness.

the transition period is not easy, but you must get through it.

remember that staying in memories for a long time is the work of the frustrated.

Wen, Zhang Jingshi.

you close the pen cover, then put all the "college entrance examination essentials" into a transparent stationery bag, and sit there waiting for the teacher to come and put away your test paper. at that moment, do you have a feeling that "it's finally over"? But the next second, you start to miss high school.

the college entrance examination is so cruel that most people divide their lives into "before the college entrance examination" and "after the college entrance examination". So now you, who are reading this article, have started a life journey called "after the college entrance examination".

We know that it is difficult for you to understand the importance of this summer vacation, because a week after the college entrance examination, I went to work as a summer job and lost my most comfortable vacation for hundreds of thousands. But I still want to advise you:

"many of the 'knee-length talks' and 'reckless actions' that you think you can enjoy at will after the college entrance examination will not happen. So please cherish this summer vacation, as long as it is over, you will all go your separate ways. "

in fact, the reason why high school is so memorable is that you are both in a closed environment. When you are in school, you don't have to think about what to do today, because the school arranges your daily life safely and properly, and all you have to do is to go to class and finish class according to the schedule with your classmates, so we will make a lot of jokes. So that our high school life is not so boring, but also enhance the friendship between classmates.

as long as you go to college, you will find that the class is no longer like a class, and you can't accurately recognize the whole class for a year. This is because of the increase in freedom, we find that we can not accommodate others, so we are divided into many small groups, living in their own world.

and when you go to college, everyone will have their own social circle, and then you will find that it is better to miss each other than to meet your high school classmates. Because we no longer have the same interests and hobbies, and the gossip around us cannot overlap, so when we meet, we can only talk about our former high school life, but the more we talk, the lighter the taste.

Please cherish this summer vacation, because even if you don't want to, time may wash you away.

but I hope you can promise me that you will have a real "everlasting friendship" with your best friend.