A life that can't be repeated (poke the heart)

A life that can't be repeated (poke the heart)

Good morning, accompany you to read.


at first we came to this world because we had to come;

finally we left this world because we had to go.

live as much as you want in the process.

people's life is not easy, ups and downs, joys and sorrows, we all have to live well.

live the life you want in your lifetime.

instead of pleasing others, it is better to be happy, to be able to live a poetic life in hardship, and to live an affectionate world. This is the skill.

the way you live is different, and the results are different:

if your life is centered on money, you will live very hard;

if your life centers on your children, you will live very tired;

if your life centers on love, you will be very sad;

if your life is centered on comparison, you will be very depressed.

if your life is centered on tolerance, you will be very happy.

if your life is centered on contentment, you will be happy;

if your life is centered on gratitude, you will be very kind.


when you are really lying in a hospital bed, you are not afraid of anything, but at this time everyone is afraid of you:

parents are afraid that you will not be cured, so there is no one to give them nursing care;

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your spouse is afraid that you will drag him down and fly separately in the face of disaster;

relatives and friends are afraid of you to borrow money, so Wechat can't get back to work.

the leader is afraid that you can't come back to work, so find someone to cover for you.

by then, temper and arrogance will be completely gone.

therefore, you must take good care of yourself. Nothing belongs to you but your body.

the most important thing is health, learn to take care of yourself, love yourself, life is so realistic, and do and cherish!


when you are tired, many people will say to you, quit if you are tired.

is there anyone who can give you money to spend?

when you are sick, many people will say to you, take some medicine.

is there anyone who can really buy you medicine?

when you say your cell phone is down, a lot of people will say no to you and change it.

but can there be someone who can really change it for you?

when you encounter difficulties, many people will say that nothing will pass.

but how many people can really help you?

Don't just hear, it depends on how to do it.

there is no shortage of onlookers in this world. Work hard. No one can give you the life you want if you don't work hard.

when you think about something, you will understand:

in this world, you are who you are.

you hurt, hurt yourself; you are tired, tired yourself.

even if someone sympathizes with you, so what? in the end, it's up to you to clean up the mess.

remember: there are some people you can expect, but you can't rely on.

always warn yourself, work hard and be strong!

when it rains, it slips and climbs. Everyone has to walk their own way. Only they know whether they are tired or not.


everyone's tears have to be wiped by themselves!

No one can replace you.

Don't cling to the past and don't let go.

when a person ignores you, don't be sad. Everyone has their own life, and no one can be with you all the time.

the most embarrassing thing is to overestimate your position in the hearts of others.

in fact, you know very well that the most humble feelings are the coldest people.

you must understand that those who want to leave cannot stay, those who pretend to sleep cannot wake up, and those who do not like you cannot be moved.

everyone is striving for a complete life.

however, nothing in the world is absolutely perfect.

as soon as the sun reaches noon, it will drift to the west; when the moon is full, it will lose.

therefore, imperfection is permanent, and imperfection is life.

in fact, the best state is that the flowers are not in full bloom and the moon is not full.

if you are willing to bow your head, you will never knock on the door; if you are willing to give in, you will never go backwards; those who ask for shortages will have a sense of satisfaction; those who cherish blessings will feel happy.