A man who reason with his wife is insane.

A man who reason with his wife is insane.

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I saw a picture today and smiled.

to tell you the truth, from the husband's description, I feel the infinitely joyful couple's life.

he loves his wife's vexatiousness, loves this way of getting along, and prefers to see his wife's victory and contented smile.

the most important thing is that after the wife is proud, she can still do the housework happily.

therefore, most of the time, a woman's depression and dissatisfaction does not lie in how much work she has done, but in that the man does not make her happy, but in the depression of emotion.

when you argue, everyone knows the truth. All a woman cares about is whether you feel her feelings. The only message she needs to receive is:

you have to love me, to make me happy is to love me!

you should attach importance to me. To listen to me is to value me!

Don't always think that other people's women are very reasonable, but their own women are unreasonable. In fact, women are all the same.

other people's women seem sensible to you because you are her outsider, she doesn't care you at all, that's all.

if you are the person closest to her, she will not need to hide and suppress herself in front of you, and you will still see her unreasonable side.

so you should clearly realize that a woman is unreasonable to you because she treats you as one of her own, loves you, trusts you, and yearns for your love.

if you still insist on telling her something, you don't want to be soft for the sake of a little bit of self-esteem, detonating family discord. Then I can only say to you: brother, you are really out of your mind.

in fact, a woman complains with you and sulks with you for no reason. In most cases, she is angry or has something on her mind. I hope you can find her mood and show your tenderness at a critical moment.


my friend Chen Sheng has a lot of experience. Three years ago, whenever the couple had a conflict, they would ask a group of our friends out to complain.

his most classic sentence is: Nima has suffered more grievances since marriage than I have lived for more than thirty years combined.

but before long, he stopped complaining and told all kinds of interesting things about life.

Why don't we complain about his wife when we tease him? Has your wife changed? Has it been replaced?

Our outstanding blue maid of honor dresses are a must have for you. This is the perfect place for your stunning collection!

he said, nonono, I have found a way to subdue her.

and his so-called method is: in the past, when the two people had an argument, they always argued with each other and refused to give way to each other, and they were so red that they did not even win or lose, and then there was a cold war for several days.

what about now? Whenever his wife lost her temper, Chen Sheng did not argue and quarreled, but took a picture of her with a mobile phone, then made various memes and sent them to his wife, by the way: this is my private collection, in fact, you look cute when you lose your temper.

or wait for his wife to vent his feelings after twittering, come directly: are you thirsty? Can I get you a glass of water?

sure enough, these tricks worked very well. the next time my wife was in a mood, she was amused by Chen Sheng before she lost her temper. Until later, the dispute between the two became less and less, and their relationship became better and better.

finally, Chen Sheng gave us a summary of experience: there are two kinds of people, one is their own, the other is outsiders. The wife is one of our own, so we can only talk about feelings to our own people, be reasonable and talk to outsiders.

No matter if there is any dispute, my wife's idea is very simple, that is: I know the truth, but rather than reason, I would rather hear you say "I love you, I am willing to accommodate you".

Marriage is an unreasonable thing. If you are reasonable everywhere in your marriage, your marriage is really unreasonable!


once I went shopping and saw a couple choosing clothes.

the woman took two pieces of clothes and asked the man for advice. after carefully comparing the price, material and workmanship of the clothes, the man analyzed with the woman that the cheaper one was more cost-effective.

but these analyses have completely changed in the eyes of women, that is: you say so much, you think this is expensive, I should wear a cheap one!

later, the woman tried on two more clothes, and indeed, the cheaper one was more suitable for her.

then the man made more sense and said, "look, I'll say that one. OK, this one of yours looks like a penguin and doesn't look good."

these words become unattractive to women again. What doesn't look good on me? You just don't want to buy it for me!

in the end, the two were at odds with each other, and the man turned out of the store angrily. The woman cried and called her best friend and confided: isn't it just a dress? Don't I know that the cheap one is more cost-effective? Don't I know which one fits me? He said that it looks good on you, and you will die if you buy which one you like. With so many people watching, what did he say about the big truths that made me proud? What do people think of me? That I found a stingy husband who doesn't love me?

well, it's just a piece of clothing, which has nothing to do with love, but what women want is praise and respect.

very often, men think that women are messing around because they think that the other person does not understand what they are saying, so they enumerate some reasons in more detail to prove that this will suppress the arrogance of women, but they do not realize that this is simply a hot soup to stop boiling.

the way to deal with emotions is, of course, to deal with emotions first. How to solve the problem, of course, is to win by emotion.

the stupidest man is to treat the woman around him as an opponent, always trying to refute each other with arguments, but the result is to make the flame burn harder.

Men should understand that women should be moved, not persuaded.

in relationship and marriageWomen never care about right or wrong, only about attitude.

as a reasonable man, you need to know one thing: it is unreasonable to reason with your woman.

because of all the reasons in the world, you tell your reasons, and I say mine, that is, the relationship between chickens and ducks.

Home is a place to love and be loved, not a court of reasoning.

the best relationship is that you cry, I coax, you make fun, I spoil you.

there are countless little things in love that are never right or wrong.

male compatriots as long as they remember that they can be coaxed, do not use the big truth.

if you insist on distinguishing right from wrong and being reasonable, you might as well break up and be a brother. If you become a brother, you can get even clearly, right?

so, if you like to reason with your wife, it is a disease that can be cured.