A really kind person: do more, bear hardships, and make concessions.

A really kind person: do more, bear hardships, and make concessions.

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first, do more.

I wonder if you find that people who don't complain, don't care, and do more work at work will not only become more and more capable, but also the most likely to be valued and appreciated.

leaders instruct to work overtime, even after work, they will seriously rush to report, change plans, and make statements, not without complaints, but because they value the interests of the company more than their personal interests.

colleagues who need help, even if it is a matter of foreign affairs, are willing to help repair computers, help lift heavy objects, and help send express delivery. they are not willing to work, but are willing to share their worries and problems for others.

A person cares too much about his work and seems to safeguard his or her normal rights and interests.

but people who are willing to contribute more are not stupid, but they have a greater sense of responsibility and team cohesion.

in many moments, we always care about the amount of work, the light and heavy tasks, and even less, never more, and never take the blame.

when you work hard, your abilities will increase, your chances for promotion will increase, and you will get more recognition and trust.

people who do things too selfishly will limit their future, it is difficult to go far, and it is difficult to get the favor of opportunities.


second, they are willing to suffer losses.

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in life, we often find that the more a person suffers, the more popular he is, and the easier it is to accomplish great things.

when taking a taxi, the person who always rushes to the front row to pay is not stupid, but treats people more sincerely and warmly.

when eating, people who always pay a deposit in advance do not have a lot of money, but care more about their relationship.

when you go out, people who always rush to buy water, snacks and tickets are not confused, but they don't want to get even with you.

in this world, everyone is interested in his own interests.

but people who are willing to spend more on you just regard you as very important, so they don't care.

on the contrary, people who always think of good things are difficult to be liked and even more difficult to be appreciated.

there is a saying: "some people go to the toilet when they pay the bill, and some people go to the toilet to pay the bill."

on the face of it, the more generous a person is, the more uneconomical he seems to be, but he can win more hearts and trust.

people's hearts are mutual. If you are kind to others, they all know.

it may be OK to take advantage of everything once or twice, but after more times, it will be put on the blacklist.

A person is really smart, not to calculate everywhere, nor to haggle with pen, but to take a share of losses and give people a share of profit.

sometimes you seem to have made a small profit, but you have lost your heart.

sometimes, you lose some small profits, but you get a good popularity that money can't buy.


third, it can make people.

in today's society, everyone has his own personality and temper.

on some divergent issues, it is inevitable that each has its own position, perspective and starting point.

sometimes, if you don't say a word properly, the easier it is to create a gap between each other.

sometimes, if one thing is not communicated properly, it will increase the contradiction between each other.

if a person does not fight or take it seriously, the result will be completely different with an attitude of understanding and tolerance.

sometimes, you seem to be holding back for a while, but after taking a step back, you can see the vast sky.

sometimes, you seem to have been wronged for a while, but after giving way, it is calm.

in this world, everyone has his own emotions. Only by being tolerant, considerate and lenient can we go further.

if you have to argue, to be strong, to distinguish between right and wrong, you seem to win for a while, but lose a lot of invisible things.

there is a saying: "how wide a person's heart is, the road will be wide." The world will be as big as a person's heart is. "

when you have enough metrics, you can accommodate enough people, and your future life will be smoother and smoother.


in fact, to be really smart is not to be lazy in everything, to plan everything, and to fight for tit-for-tat in everything, but to be kind enough in dealing with the world.

there is a saying: "there is no road in vain in life, every step counts."

if you do more work, the leaders will see it in their eyes, and they will, in an invisible way, win themselves more opportunities for promotion and salary increases.

if you suffer an extra loss, your friends will keep it in mind, and they will be invisible to appreciate your good, and will give you more support and trust.

if you give way more, others will be included in the account, and it will be invisible to help you remove more interpersonal obstacles and pave the way for you to move forward.

those who are kind will be blessed later.

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