About yesterday's "spectator".

About yesterday's "spectator".

I feel like I'm going to come out and talk about yesterday's article. Looking back today, there are indeed many extremes. But I still think I'm right. Why?

I feel like I'm going to come out and talk about yesterday's article.

when I looked back this afternoon, I found that there were indeed a lot of extremes. But I still think I'm right. Why? Because of my Wechat, I have to decide what to do, okay? What some people said yesterday was really terrible. He said that I said he was "consumption", so he had to do everything he could to hurt my self-esteem.

in fact, I didn't expect anyone to call themselves "spectators". As I said, when I passed the test, I added it with "they all have good intentions." However, I did not expect that today's "spectators" dare to say in a loud voice: "I add you Wechat because I am a spectator!" And no one else doesn't like them.

but it's all right. I want to thank you for your confession, because you let me know that some people had better not be offended, and then I'll say sorry to you again, because I know that yesterday's article really broke your heart.

but although you have turned it off, I expected that you would hide in an empty corner and secretly drive "chaos" to see what bullshit this bastard is going to say today.

so, maybe now when you see the above paragraph, you should pay attention to "chaos" again, be forced to accept my sentence "Hey, I knew you were coming", and then angrily throw what you want to scold into chaos.

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well, I would mind, but there's nothing I can do about it, so I have to allow you to use clutter as a trash can.

but then again, it's okay to scold the views of my article, but can you not target me? Don't you really think it's a bit heavy to say that I "boast my own views and success"? If you haven't tried to be too desperate to open your eyes, don't comment on my "boasting success", because you're not qualified at all. Also, sometimes when scolding others, we should pay attention to the logical relationship. For example:

I refuse to allow spectators to add that there is something wrong with my Wechat ≠ value orientation

I do not let spectators add my Wechat ≠ Subscription account is not far away

well, it goes too far. In fact, when I had lunch at home yesterday, my father said to me meaningfully:

"Don't be so extreme in your writing, it will make others feel unhappy. You can write more jokes, love stories and so on, a lot of people watch. What you write now won't spread, and only people your age will read it. "

I spit the drumstick in my mouth into the bowl, laughing and saying:

"I'm going to write to college students. Maybe there's something wrong with me, but at least I can let them know what's wrong with me."

by the way, the grapevine will also publish its own WeChat account, and others are welcome to add it, but there are conditions before adding it:

send him a red packet (random amount) or a selfie (girl) after adding a friend. And when adding, you should indicate your name and work. If you do not do the above, it will be deleted.

so if you want to add me, please indicate your name and major so that I can make notes, and you'd better send me a red packet of "one yuan". Thank you for understanding.

Sorry, it seems that every time I write, I forget to thank the group of people who are willing to buy me Vitasoy and say "Thank you" here first. In fact, I think this is a good beginning, it shows that as long as the content is enough to move people, someone is willing to reward it. In fact, I don't know whether one dollar is too much, but I know it is very important to us.

if I can say to my disorganized friends, "you see, as long as you write well, you will not be worried about drinking Vitasoy." They will certainly fight hard for every push they are responsible for, hand over all their attention when writing the composition of the college entrance examination, and take every article pushed out in a mess seriously.

so, thank you for looking at you in disarray. Whether you give us a dollar or not, I thank you, because you let us know:

I don't know what direction is, but I know where there is light.