Adult relationships have a shelf life.

Adult relationships have a shelf life.

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I read a heartbreaking sentence on the Internet:

when I was a student, it was very sad to break up with my friends.

but not anymore, because it breaks up on foot. "

I think so.

once squeezed into a bed to watch animation friends, I do not know when has lost contact.

I happened to meet my high school classmate. After simple pleasantries, there was no more topic to talk about.

I agreed to see each other often with my outgoing colleagues, but that was the last time.

there is a saying:

the relationship between adults also has a shelf life.

as time goes by, I get older. When I look back, I realize that too many people have long since faded out of our circle of friends.

it turns out that not all friendships can share youth and vicissitudes of life.


I walked, leaving only memories

when I was in high school, I had a very good friend Lingling.

We are inseparable almost every day, going to and from school together, shopping in boutiques together, like conjoined twins.

she understands that I like Liu Ruoying and will send me the latest tape; I know she loves beyond and learned to sing "Broad Sky".

Lingling and I always have endless words, and whenever we have any worries and secrets, we will share them with each other as soon as possible.

for countless times, we have said to each other: friendship Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling), we will be good friends all our lives.

later, I was admitted to the university and she went to a junior college.

the year I graduated from college, she was the first to marry a man who was several years older than herself.

I want to talk to her about career planning and future development, but she complains to me that her husband socializes too much and comes home too late.

I want to ask her out to see a movie and go shopping for dinner. She put off taking care of the children and is inconvenient to go out.

as a result, we contact each other less and less, and occasionally chat on Wechat.

A few years ago, Lingling divorced and found a job in another city.

and I just got married and have a family and children of my own.

We are all busy, busy making money and living, so busy that we have no time to greet each other.

the latest chat record is a year ago.

Gu Juji sang a lyric:

"time changes, the world changes, and many human feelings change."

the so-called eternity is defeated by the vicissitudes of life.

sometimes, the end of a relationship is not because of antagonism or disagreement.

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time changes, so that each other's growth trajectory from a parallel line to a cross line.

after a brief intersection, you go left and I go right.

No one can stay with you for a lifetime, only for a while.

cherish it when you are together.

after being separated, I move on with memories.


she broke off the relationship

there is a saying:

the netizen @ Polo's Beihai tells such a story:

she is the best friend with friends X and Y.

after graduating from high school, X and Y stayed locally, while she went to college in other provinces.

because they seldom see each other, they must get together once a year during the winter and summer holidays.

therefore, the feelings of the three are always the same, unaffected by distance.

however, something that happened recently made netizens sad.

after a party, my friend X suddenly said to her, "every time we meet, Y and I bring you gifts such as facial masks, but you never send postcards."

netizens were stupefied and defended: "Y likes making cakes, you like high-end skin care products, but I can't cook, and the skin care products I use are very cheap, so I want to write you my favorite postcard."

friend X said: "We are no longer high school students. Adult relationships are based on material things. Only when you come and go more, the relationship can continue."

hearing this, netizens burst into tears.

her sincerest heart is just worthless waste paper in the eyes of her girlfriends.

her most cherished friendship is not indestructible, but already full of cracks.

the initial feelings are real, and now the changes are real.

No one is wrong, it's just different values.

as the saying goes, "well frogs cannot talk about the sea, and summer worms cannot talk about ice."

people with different values can't really walk into each other's heart.

one is not clear, the other does not understand, so the feelings are getting weaker and weaker, and the distance is getting farther and farther away.

the movie "elegant hedgehog" says:

the movie "elegant hedgehog" says:

if friends can't share the same interests with each other, they might as well turn around and get what they need.


the recipient will be cool with tea, but after being bearish, it will be indefinitely

there is an episode of Ace versus Ace in the variety show.

in order to create a "memory kill" surprise for home guest Shang Wenjie, the program group invited the sisters who participated in the Super Girl Competition with her that year.

when the familiar Super Girl theme song sounded, Shang Wenjie was very moved to see the sudden appearance of a friend she hadn't seen for more than a decade.

I thought that this youth reunion would evoke memories of each other and continue the deep sisterhood.

however, several of the reunited people did not talk on the stage, and the scene was awkward at 01:10.