After getting up in the morning, the first thing to do is not to wash or drink water.

After getting up in the morning, the first thing to do is not to wash or drink water.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Uncle Fan shares a health knowledge with you today. Generally speaking, when you get up in bed in the morning, you have to divide it into four small steps. Only in this way can it be more scientific and will not affect the body.

first of all, we sit quietly on the bed for 5 minutes

because we just wake up in the morning and the brain hasn't recovered yet, so don't get up too hastily. You should sit on the bed, lean against the head of the bed, and sit still for 5 minutes, especially for older people. It is easy to cause bad cerebral vessels because of excessive hyperemia. Sitting for 5 minutes is to buffer the blood in the brain, and then proceed to the next step after being steady.

secondly: stretch and twist the neck

many people think that the second step is to put on clothes, but don't worry, at this time, we should stretch our lazy waist and twist our necks, because after sleeping all night, our bodies are still in a stiff state, and stretching is to stretch the body to reactivate all aspects of the body. It is best to rub your face with your palms to promote sobriety and beauty at the same time.

again: get out of bed and get dressed

after completing the previous two steps, you can start to get dressed this time, but if you are an elderly person, if you are not fully clear-headed, don't get out of bed and get dressed. You should sit on the bed and wear a coat, slowly wake up, get out of bed and wear pants, and be careful not to fall down. Because in the current winter, it takes longer for the elderly to wake up.

finally: open the window for ventilation

everyone has a habit of sleeping at night, that is, closing the window to sleep. The first is to reduce noise and make use of sleep, and also to consider the low temperature at night and worry about catching cold. So they all close the windows completely and then go to sleep, but after one night, the indoor oxygen is consumed a lot, we open the windows at this time, we can wake up again and promote ventilation in the room. It's good for fresh air.

well, when we get up and complete the above four steps, here's the time for personal care, drinking water and breakfast:

first step: drink a glass of lukewarm water

because our bodies are resting all night, but when we sleep, our bodies are still running and volatilizing, so the first thing to do when we get out of the room is to replenish water. This also has the advantage of cleaning up our intestines and stomach, which is good for defecation, but we should remember that do not drink cold boiled water in the morning, drink warm boiled water, drink cold boiled water, which is bad for the intestines and stomach.

step 2: go to the toilet and defecate

after drinking boiled water, you will start to go to the toilet. Toxins have accumulated in the intestines and stomach all night, and the food you ate yesterday has been almost absorbed. This is the best time to defecate in the morning, and the intestines and stomach are also very active in the morning. We feel much more relaxed and refreshed after going to the bathroom.

step 3: wash

all right, you can choose to brush your teeth and wash, refresh your breath and get rid of the bacteria in your teeth. Wash the greasy substances produced on the face at night to make the skin more sober.

step 4: morning exercise

this step is for people who like exercise. If you don't like exercise, then you don't need it, you can proceed to the fifth step below, because morning exercise is for activating the cells of our bodies, remove the residual tiredness at night, and quickly integrate into life throughout the day, so this is very important.

step 5: eat breakfast and put on makeup

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for men, you can almost apply a little face cream to have breakfast at this time, and if it is a woman, you can eat breakfast first and then put on makeup. This order is scientific, because you will not worry about the inconvenience of eating after makeup, especially women who like to wear lipstick. You don't have to add lipstick for breakfast.


well, these are the scientific steps to get up in the morning. Have you learned it? For our bodies, I hope everyone should pay attention to it and not ignore it. Only in this way can I have a comfortable and happy work and life for a whole day.

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