All one's life, what is happiness (wake up after watching it)

All one's life, what is happiness (wake up after watching it)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in life, we all have an illusion: happiness always belongs to others, only troubles belong to ourselves! So, we feel the so-called troubles day by day, day by day looking for, in fact, happiness around us!

there was an interesting survey: who is the happiest person in the world?

of the tens of thousands of answers, four are impressive:

the artist whistling to appreciate the work she has just finished; the mother who bathed the baby;

the child who is building castles in the sand; the doctor who finally saved a patient after hours of hard work.

Happiness is like this. As long as you feel it with your heart, it is not easy to be ordinary.

in fact, happy people are all alike, and they often have these characteristics.


often with a smile

"it's not the sunshine, it's your smile that makes the world shine."

Life is like a mirror-you cry to it, it cries to you. If you want it to smile at you, you only have one way to smile at it.

some people say:

this is true. Every time I see someone with a smile, my heart rises with the sun.

suddenly found that every friend who loves to laugh, their life is full of wind and water, romantic.


people who don't care about what others think

the happier they are, the less they care about what others think. They know clearly:

others praise you and flatter you, you will not be ten years younger; others ignore you or even laugh at you, and you will not become stupid because of it.

they know that there are only three things in this world: their own business, other people's business, and God's business.

what do I have to do with other things?


those who do not waste their time hating anyone

happy people often understand that the greatest self-cultivation in life is tolerance.

it is neither cowardly nor patient, capable of being cynical, capable of mocking others, satirizing their shortcomings, blaming others for their mistakes, but observing people's difficulties, making up for their weaknesses, promoting their strengths, and understanding their mistakes.

in the eyes of happy people, time is their own. Instead of spending a lot of time hating others, it is better to forgive others and let them go.

stay away from all negative emotions, life will eventually teach us that no one is responsible for our lives but ourselves.


Don't devote your energy to gossiping

Jiang Fangzhou once said:

"in this day and age, culture has become a very noisy thing, but in fact it is very silent."

it seems that everyone is expressing their opinions, and there is no shortage of hot topics on moments and Weibo, but you will find that

the information that people pay attention to is becoming more and more superficial and unified, and no one cares about what the truth is. People are only willing to believe the truth they want.

Happy people seldom talk about gossip, because they know: if you are fragrant, butterflies will come; if you are depressed, bad luck will come to you.


spend at least 10 minutes a day on meditation

the happier people are, the more time they spend on meditation.

for them, meditation is the most comfortable state of people every day, not thinking about things, not taking any action, in the quietest, cleanest place, enjoying the serenity of the day, feeling the physical and mental state.

when the body and mind are restless, I feel floating again and again, because sitting settles it down, so that the mind can be quiet and far away.

A wise man also said:

the best realm of life is rich silence.

not only do we need a period of quiet, but when we reach a certain age, we will enjoy all the quiet time.

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sleep for eight hours a day

there is one thing that improves your memory and increases your attractiveness;

keeps you slim and reduces your appetite;

protects you from colds and colds; and

reduces your risk of heart disease, myocardial infarction and diabetes.

will make you feel happier, less depressed and less nervous.



Happy people tend to drink water frequently. They know clearly that drinking water is the source of health, and it is comparable to any good medicine.

70% of the body of adults is made up of water, while 80% of children's bodies are made up of water.

Water is very important to human health. We often say that people can skip meals for three days, but absolutely not without water for three days.

Water can not only promote metabolism, but also be very useful for relieving emotions.


cultivate one or two interests

Zhang Dai said at the end of Ming Dynasty:

if you have interests, you can show a person's true temperament. People who have hobbies will feel happier.

when he immerses himself in his hobby and puts his heart and soul into it, he temporarily gets rid of the trivialities of life and shines all over, which will also infect the people around him.

the ancients said that "enter the Tao by art". Beneficial interests and hobbies can nourish life and enrich one's spirit.


often communicate with friends

No matter how busy and tired you are, it won't give you thoughtfulness and warmth when you are sick, but your friends will.

Happy people often have heart-to-heart conversations with their friends. When they are happy, they share with them, and their happiness doubles. When they are sad, they talk to their friends and annoy them.There will be much less annoyance.

Scientific research has also proved that meaningful communication is a good medicine to improve happiness.

do not communicate, the heart knot is still there, people are naturally depressed and unhappy. Communicate more, the heart knot will be untied naturally, and the person will naturally be relaxed!