All relationships fade like this.

All relationships fade like this.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in the vast sea of people, there is no doubt that each of us will meet with countless people, some of whom can grow old together, while others just accompany you and become passers-by in each other's lives.

some people are as deep as the sea, accompanied by each other, while others go their separate ways, leaving this incomplete love and unfinished stories.

I am deeply convinced that all relationships between people need to be maintained with heart.

if you don't talk, I won't ask. I used to talk to each other very happily, but now I am silent. Different values, different experiences with each other, can no longer find intersection and common topics, or do not know how to cherish and maintain, it is not difficult to imagine that feelings will slowly fade as a result.


you don't ask much, I don't say much

I remember someone on Zhihu asked: why do two people gradually lose the desire to communicate?

A highly praised answer is: if you don't ask more, I won't say much.

that's true.

most of the time, this is how estrangement between people arises.

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when we are tired and troubled, when we need each other to care and comfort, we always think that our feelings can be understood by the other party, and our feelings can be understood by the other party, so we don't say much. If the other person doesn't feel it and doesn't ask, it won't bother us any more.

when there is a quarrel, we always think that the other party doesn't care about us, otherwise we won't ignore our feelings and tolerate ourselves.

in fact, most of the time, we think that not everyone is a worm in your stomach. Everyone is tired, has their own things to do, and doesn't always pay attention to your feelings, even when they don't pay attention to them in time.

but we always think too much, speculate on each other's thoughts, don't want to say more, and don't want to take the initiative to communicate and tell each other what we really think.

at this time, one does not ask, the other does not say, it is a trivial matter, but in the end, misunderstandings arise and become an insurmountable gully, and eventually the relationship will not be as good as it used to be, and the two people will only drift apart and do not disturb each other.

everyone is experiencing different people or things and different feelings in his or her life. Only by constantly talking and listening can we understand each other, understand each other's feelings and bring us closer to each other.

keep in mind: if it's worth it, don't lose to silence. If you still care, learn to communicate actively.


you don't give in, I don't compromise

in reality, there is always some relationship, and do not experience any deep hatred, but gradually estranged because of an unimportant little thing.

something has happened. one person thinks he has done nothing wrong, while the other person thinks the other person has no mercy. One person thinks it doesn't matter, but the other person makes a mountain out of a molehill, one refuses to step back, and the other refuses to compromise.

in fact, no matter how good the relationship is, it will slowly fade away.

between the heart and the heart, if you do not know how to cherish and tolerate, no matter how good feelings, will be separated.

you won't bow your head, and I don't want to give in. What can be explained by taking the initiative, what can be resolved by an explanation, has finally become a gully that we can no longer let go.

some misunderstandings, if you do not know how to let go, do not explain, do not take the initiative to resolve, for a long time, shelved for a long time, it will become a dead knot, and if you want to open it again, it will be like climbing the blue sky.

between people, no matter how big the misunderstanding is, as long as you think the relationship is worth it, you might as well drop your posture and dare to be the one who takes the initiative to apologize.

the person who bows his head first may not be wrong, but care more about the relationship.


I show goodwill in every way, and you don't care about

many relationships. The reason why they fade away is not that they don't cherish them, but that they cherish the responses of others.

A lot of feelings fade away, not because they don't pay, but because the other person doesn't take it seriously.

know that no matter how good feelings are, they will go their separate ways if they do not give together, cherish each other and are warm to each other.

if you don't cherish it, it's hard to have long-term happiness.

imagine that one person shows kindness in every way, the other person doesn't care, and then the enthusiasm will slowly fade away, and the person who loves you will feel cold and leave.

the feelings that only one party is giving will never last, because if you don't get a response, you will get tired sooner or later.

those feelings that are not cherished will eventually go their separate ways, doomed to have no happiness to speak of.

people live in the world, without everyone can live, and live better, no one will always wronged themselves, humble please, but more care about, just more cherish this relationship, will keep a low profile again and again.

in this world, we will meet only when we are predestined, and we will cherish it only if we have the heart.

it is not easy to get to know each other. May we all cherish the people in front of us, because we will rub shoulders in this life and meet again in the next life.

I hope that for the rest of my life, you and I can get used to everyone's drifting away, accept anyone's departure, cherish the people around us, seize the happiness we have, and try to manage our lives well.