An article we have been looking for all our lives (suggested collection)

An article we have been looking for all our lives (suggested collection)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Life will not always be easy, there will always be some unexpected accidents will affect our mood.

but no matter how you feel, don't blindly suppress it. Release it in the right way and you will be relieved.

as Su Shi said, "people seem to have letters from Qiu Hong, and things are like a spring dream without a trace."

when you are in emotional trouble, you might want to take a look at the following words, which may make you feel bright in front of your eyes.


when you are in trouble

take a look at the scenery along the way

when you are in trouble, you might as well drink a cup of tea, listen to a rain, watch a window bloom, and see a windy moon; thousands of scenery, there is always a place that can stir your heartstrings.

as the writer Zhang Shuping said:

in the long river of time, only when people learn to adjust themselves at the right time, change their cognition at any time, and instantly change their angles, can they see the ever-changing scenery in the state of mind.

if you change your mind, your attitude will change; your attitude will change; your habits will change; your character will change; your life will change if you change your character.

learn to appreciate the scenery so that you can live up to your life and yourself.


when you are in pain

go and talk to your friends

in the TV series Kangxi Dynasty, Kangxi always goes to Princess Rong to talk about national and family affairs. The most common thing he says is: "I want to talk to you." After

confiding, the mood has been relieved and the inner pain has been reduced a lot.

Life is a period of training and growth step by step. When you are in pain, you might as well tell your friends what's on your mind.

there is one person in the vast crowd who can bear part of your pain, so no matter how great the pain is, there is a place to relieve it.

it is when we pour out our inner pain to our friends that we feel the beauty of life again.

A person needs to have a clean life and live a free and easy self. When the mind is relieved, the pain is relieved.


when you are depressed


exercise releases a lot of dopamine, which can make us feel happy.

exercise can not only improve bad mood and make people happy, but also effectively prevent and treat the effects of emotional tension.

when you feel depressed, don't let it go. Whether you go out for a walk or run a lap, let yourself move as much as you can.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, once said: sunshine, air, water, and exercise are the sources of life and health.

exercise is not only a regulator of bad mood, but also a cure for everything.

It is such a dream to be able to find just the right short and white mini prom gowns for that special event. Your dream garment is just a mouse click away.


when you are angry

try to take a deep breath and silently count 10

all diseases originate from qi.

many diseases are closely related to anger, so it can be seen that anger does great harm to our bodies.

when you want to lose your temper, take a deep breath and count 10 silently.

taking a deep breath can release the sulk in your heart, and counting 10 silently can relieve your mood.

as one writer said:

think before you get angry, give way in a quarrel, calm down, learn not to be angry, learn to relax.

when we effectively control our anger, life can naturally be happy and happy.


when you are tired

go to sleep

cook, do housework, and help children with their homework. Even the diamond body can not bear the physical and mental exhaustion.

when the burden of life is too heavy for you to breathe, get a good night's sleep.

Sanmao once said:

Today's things have been done wholeheartedly, wholeheartedly, and try their best. No matter what the results are, they should happily go to bed and sleep comfortably.

Sleep, for us, is the watershed between night and day. Everyone wants to have a good sleep and then feel the breeze and sunshine of the next day.

Sleeping not only cures our physical tiredness, but also rests our minds.

try to calm down and have a good sleep, take away the tiredness of the day, and inject hope into the new day.

when we wake up again, we have enough energy to accept the test of life.


when you are in trouble

go to the hospital

everyone in this world has experienced a terrible past, everyone has accepted the blow of life and quietly get up and move on.

when you feel that life is really difficult and you can't hold on, go to the hospital and have a look.

when you see that other people can't be cured because of their health, you realize how lucky you are to have a strong body.

when you see that others are deterred by expensive medical fees, only to find how happy it is that you can have three meals a day plus midnight snacks;

No matter how hard life is, but at least we have the strength to live.

Life walks step by step, each place has a unique scenery, don't let the difficulties stop us from looking at the scenery.

each of the big and small things in life will give us different emotions, but after a thousand sails, you will find that your mood at that time is not enough to affect our future.

in life, we should not only live a frank and open-minded self, a bright moon, but also have a magnanimous and natural state of mind.