An excellent article is worth reading for 10 years every sentence (highly recommended)

An excellent article is worth reading for 10 years every sentence (highly recommended)

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it is mercy not to disturb the peace of others, and kindness not to hurt the self-esteem of others. It is good for a man to shine his own light when he is alive, and do not blow out the lamps of others.


A little more patience means fewer regrets. If you fall out a few times, you will have more steps. The more times you can't hear, the less times you worry about yourself. If you say a few cruel words, you will have more leeway.


the more you are afraid, the more people will bully you; if you are not afraid of anything, no one dares to bully you. It is that you are so nice that others want to take advantage of you. If you are a bit bossy, instead, they all come to please you.


the best way of life is not to lie in bed and wake up naturally, nor to sit at home and do nothing. But to run on the ideal road with a group of like-minded people full of positive energy.


if you are predestined, you will start all over again if you miss it; if you miss it, you will leave. There are reasons for gathering, excuses for separation, no ifs in life, only consequences.


No matter how sincere you are, you are a lie when you meet someone who doubts you. No matter how simple you are, you are resourceful when you meet complicated people. No matter how naive you are, you are a joke when you meet a real person.


A person's self-cultivation is not when he is calm, but when he is impetuous; one's reason is not when the wind is calm, but when there is a lot of noise!


has gradually formed the habit of not explaining, and many emotions cannot be shared, so they simply digest themselves. Those who understand naturally understand, and those who do not understand have jet lag no matter how much they explain. Some stories can only be told to those who understand.


even if you encounter the greatest misfortune in the world, the premise that you can solve all difficulties is to be alive. Only by living can there be hope. No matter how painful and sad it is, as long as you can work hard to live, everything will be all right.


No matter what stage of life you come to, you should enjoy that period of time, fulfill the duties that should be done at that stage, live with life, not indulge in the past, and not look forward to the future feverishly.


I wish you knew what kind of person you are. What kind of life you live, you can enjoy it or bear it. There is no need for everyone to understand and understand the hard life and enjoy the good life.


there are never perfect people and things in this world. Too perfect feelings only occur in fairy tales and imagination. The normal state of reality, in addition to insipid, is riddled with holes and reborn after robbery.


if you can't get up with a little setback, and if you can't let go of one or two bad words, then your pattern is too small. To put it bluntly, you can not be smart, or you can not be sociable, but you must be generous.


Don't be depressed about what you have lost. Others have the chance to meet the people and things you have lost, and you have the chance to have what others have lost. What really belongs to you will never leave.


the person you should remember most in your life: the one who lent you money when you were poor; the one who backed you when you were in need; the one who helped you when you were in trouble; the one who served tea and water when you were sick; the one who really liked you when you were nothing; the one who gave you advice wholeheartedly when you didn't know anything.


the car has gas, the mobile phone has electricity, and there is money in the card. This is sense of security. Expect others to be bullshit. No matter how good the co-driver is, he is not as good as holding on to the steering wheel.


there is only one reason to move forward and a hundred reasons to go back. Many people find a hundred reasons all day to prove that he is not a coward, but never use one reason to prove that he is a warrior.


whatever you do and say, you care too much about the feelings of others, which is tantamount to living for others. Just do a good job of yourself, don't be selfish, don't be arrogant, don't make yourself mythical. In fact, you can't take care of everyone's feelings, you just make yourself uncomfortable.


you don't have to put too many people into your life. If they can't get into your heart, they will only disturb your life and make it crowded. Loneliness is not that there are no friends around, but that there is no company in the heart.


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Don't be afraid to have it for fear of losing, otherwise, you will lose your life. Similarly, don't worry about losing something because you have it, otherwise you will lose yourself.


this world, there are always people you don't like, and there are always people who don't like you. It's all normal. Moreover, no matter how good you are, no matter how good the other person is, you can't be too strict with each other. Because, whether it is good or not is one thing, whether you like it or not is another.


you can start doing what you want at any time. I hope you don't bind yourself with age and other things. Age is never the limit unless you embarrass yourself.


forget the impenetrable heart, you don't have to try to figure it out; those who can't see clearly stay away and don't bother to guess. Life is short and energy is limited. We should devote ourselves to the people we love and get along well with each other.