Are you still immersed in frustration?

Are you still immersed in frustration?

Everyone has a period of awakening, and the time of awakening determines one's fate.

the night when the college entrance examination results came out, I believe it was a sleepless night for many people. I don't know what happened to you, but I just held my cell phone blankly, watching the class rolling all kinds of complaint messages, thinking about the past until dawn.

perhaps many people did not feel that on that night, a seed called "frustration" had been quietly implanted in many people's hearts.

it is like a grain of sand in our eyes. Some people can't stand it and choose to repeat it, while others muddle along and go to college with it. From that day on, it gradually takes root and sprouts in our hearts.

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We thought that the good life in college would slowly dilute the frustration caused by unsatisfactory grades, but we were disappointed again. As the freshness of entering college faded slowly, we suddenly found that the college life we were looking forward to was a far cry from the reality, and finally all the fantasy bubbles burst, and the cold reality once again tested our already fragile nerves. We gradually learn to escape, we indulge ourselves in online games, and skip most of the courses during the day to make up for the lack of sleep caused by staying up late at night to play games. From then on, our life is nothing but eating, sleeping and playing games. Until one day I listened to a lecture and woke up a little after reading an article, but three minutes of blood was far from enough to shake the already luxuriant frustration tree, not to mention the temptation of the surrounding environment, so we began to become numb.

eventually, we gradually become accustomed to this decadent life, and we no longer listen to any so-called advice and words of experienced people, in a word: "anyway, I have come this far. What else do you want me to do?"

Yes, no one can do anything to you, but I want to tell you: "everyone has a period of awakening, and the time of awakening determines a person's fate sooner or later."

do you still remember what President Zou Xiaoping said on the second night of military training? "although you are not one in a hundred, you are at least two in a hundred. The students sitting here today, who dares to say that you are poor?" therefore, no one can deny yourself more forcefully than you.

frustration not only makes us fall into decadence, but also teaches us to complain. We begin to complain that our school fails to provide us with good development opportunities, that the department misses us without vision, and complains that we can't find friends who understand us. Until we are completely kidnapped by frustration, we don't realize that the so-called complaint is really anger at our incompetence.

Don't use confusion as an excuse to hide your decadence, the so-called confusion is that you don't know what to do when you are faced with a choice, so which top 500 companies are going to invite you to internship this summer vacation, but you don't know how to choose? I don't think so. you see, you don't even have the qualification to be confused, so why deceive yourself and others to talk about it?

A person's life is so wonderful that you shouldn't let a small sense of frustration hinder the future, do what you love, don't immerse the good time in frustration, and don't let your actions live up to your best age.