Be a man: be able to handle things, don't cause trouble, don't be afraid of things

Be a man: be able to handle things, don't cause trouble, don't be afraid of things

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all one asks for in a lifetime is only two things:

one is happiness, and the other is health and longevity.

especially the latter, the Buddhist sutra has related records:

the world is willing to live a long and healthy life, but often does not know how to "maintain good health".

I remember that some experts specially conducted a research survey, and the results showed that there were five major factors affecting human longevity:

parents' heredity accounted for 15%, social environment accounted for 10%, natural environment accounted for 7%, medical conditions accounted for 8%, and lifestyle accounted for 60%, which almost played a decisive role.

from this, we can draw a conclusion: most of the time, life is made by ourselves, and luck changes according to the heart.

the length of a person's life is actually inseparable from this word. If you remember it, you can live a long life.


"Qi" is the loss of life

as the saying goes, anger hurts the body.

most of the time, physical diseases are caused by anger.

when something happens, irritability, qi and blood ascending, it is easy to hurt the liver and spleen;

usually sad and depressed, depressed in the heart, will lead to minor diseases;

is always out of control, anxiety and tension, the easier to reduce life expectancy.

like Lin Daiyu in A Dream of Red Mansions.

born sentimental, she is usually very sensitive and paranoid, and likes to lose her temper and sulk. As a result, she is in her prime, but she ends up depressed.

it is only natural for people to have seven emotions and six desires.

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but if emotions are allowed to run rampant and unrestrained, people will only wear away in negative emotions, and in the end they will hurt themselves.

there is a saying in Huangdi's Internal Classic:

therefore, health first nourishes the heart, and illness treats qi first.

in the face of unhappiness in life, learn to control emotions, resolve them with wisdom, solve them with reason, and make peace with life.

the next time you get angry, don't think about what Mr. Feng Zikai said:

in life, only happiness is the best way to heal the body and mind.


but people who originally lived long and then went to short life also accounted for 3/10.

the reason why this happens is actually the result of obsession.

everyone cares about their health and body very much, but they never think that the root cause of damaging their lives is the fear of caring too much about the length of life.

can not let go, so worry too much;

can not let go, so entangled boredom;

look down, so remorse and chagrin.

it is these "obsession" that should not have become the "unbearable weight" in life that cause physical damage, and the more you live, the more tired you become.

many times, putting it down is a kind of nourishment of life.

just as Xunzi said:

there is nothing in the world.

learn to put down a worry, you can reap a happiness, put down a sadness, harvest a peace of mind.

remember, to lighten the burden for the heart, you can take your time for the rest of your life.


"give" is an extension of life

A person's life is a state of mind.

has a good state of mind, can be optimistic in adversity, strong in ups and downs, sunny everywhere, so always warm.

as Goethe said, "the happiness of man lies in the happiness of the heart."

give life a tolerance, life is naturally tranquil and relieved.

be lenient, look down on the vicissitudes of life, and feel safe and sound;

relax, no matter what is good or bad, it will eventually become a thing of the past;

A little more simple, it will be a small matter and a small matter.

someone once said:

always think about one or two, not eight or nine, before everything can go well.

give yourself a relax, shake hands with the world and make peace, so that sorrow will not hide the beauty of life.

give yourself a share of leisure, away from the troubles of the world, so that you will not always be physically and mentally exhausted.

give yourself a share of happiness, as if it has never been difficult, so that life can be happy and healthy forever.

Life is too short to let his earthly material desires flow, and my heart stands firm.

only in this way, in the world of mortals, can we not be surprised, watch the flowers blossom, leave or stay unintentionally, and disperse with the clouds.

all one's life, the joys and sorrows are separated and the flowers blossom.

the word "Qi" consumes the joy of life;

the word "release" completes all the life;

the word "give" prolongs the power of life.

how to live depends on how you choose.

Wang Xiaobo said:

"I just want to live vigorously in the here and now. It doesn't matter where I go or who I meet. The places I am going to are the hometown I have never met.

before, now is now, I can not choose how to live and how to die, but I can decide how to love and how to live. "

Life is not long. May you and I all choose to keep company with calmness, with tolerance as virtue, eyes full of sunshine and laughter full of magnanimity.

get what you want for the rest of your life and be in good health.