Be kind to your wife, she is the wealth of your life

Be kind to your wife, she is the wealth of your life

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since ancient times, there has been no family without a wife.

Women have always been the soul of a family.

as the old saying goes:

if the wife is virtuous and virtuous, the family runs in an orderly way; if the wife is as warm and moist as jade, the family relationship is harmonious and harmonious.

therefore, treat your wife well and be happy all your life!


be kind to your wife, no matter how poor you are, you can get rich in your family

some men work hard for their careers, but accomplish nothing in the end.


most of the time, it is not because he is incompetent, nor is it because he has bad opportunities, but because he forgets the most important premise-to be good to his wife.

it is said that women are water and water is wealth. If they cannot be kind to their wives, they must be uneasy about their family wealth and no income from outside wealth.

the Book of Rites also says: "Father's Benedict, Brotherhood, husband and wife, the fat of the family."

only by being kind to your wife can husband and wife get along well. Only when the husband and wife are in harmony can the family fortune get better and better.

while the family is prosperous, why don't you worry about your career?

take a look at men who have been successful. They all have one thing in common: the more successful their career is, the better they are to their wives.

Li Ancheng spent six years cooking at home, picking up and picking up children, and being a full-time "family cook".

he has no complaint about this.

after becoming famous, Ang Lee is still the same as before, when he should cook, he should cook and clean up.

when the couple were shopping in the vegetable market, someone said to Ang Lee's wife, "you are so lucky. Your husband is still free to accompany you to buy vegetables!"

but the wife naturally said, "are you kidding me? I took the time to accompany him to buy vegetables today."

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Life is like this. If the wife is happy, life will be happy, then the good days will naturally follow!

this truth, as early as in the TV series "Young Pi", Lin Dawei, the husband played by Zhang Jiaye, said:

Yes, the wife maintains value, or even appreciates in value. Being good to the wife is actually the best investment.

moreover, this is a "break-even" deal.

the husband knows how to love his wife, and the wife knows to be considerate of her husband, so no matter how poor he is, he can slowly become rich.


being kind to his wife is a man's responsibility

behind all happy marriages, there is a warm man.

he loved his wife as a belief and was willing to protect her with all he had.

the marriage between Hu Shi, a great writer, and his wife, Jiang Dongxiu, is, in the words of Zhang ailing, "a rare and happy arranged marriage."

Hu Shi learned both in China and the West, studied abroad as a doctor, saw the world, and was handsome and elegant.

Jiang Dongxiu is illiterate, has bound small feet, likes playing mahjong, and is plain.

if it were not for an arranged marriage, the two would never be together.

but when Hu Shi was 27, he married her as promised.

in this marriage, Hu Shi knew his grievances, but he didn't throw away like Lu Xun did with Zhu an, nor did he slam the door and walk away like Xu Zhimo did with Zhang Youyi.

he just said faintly, "if I break the contract and make these people suffer for life, it will upset my conscience, which is worse than any pain."

after marriage, Hu Shi treated Jiang Dongxiu very well, respected her, respected her, and urged her to read and read, so as to narrow the distance between herself and herself.

in the final analysis, it comes from the responsibility of a man.

A responsible man knows how to run a marriage and how to enrich his wife.

as it is said in Camel Xiangzi:

to marry a wife, you have to act like a thing; if you are kind to your wife, you look like a thing.

it is the man's responsibility that determines the temperature of the home.

the better the attitude of a man, the more gentle his wife will be; the more able a man can resist, the happier the family will be.

therefore, in order to harvest a warm home, a man must first do his duty, do what he should do, and take a correct attitude towards his family.


being kind to your wife is the best education for your children

Tolstoy said:

for children, the best education comes from the family, and teaching by words and deeds is the most effective way of education.

when a man knows how to be kind to his wife, his children will also learn how to love from their father.

moreover, if the wife is treated well, her every move, frown and smile will be sensed by the child, so that the child can directly feel whether the world is gentle or evil, warm or cold, imperceptibly changing the child's attitude towards others and dealing with things.

just like Academician Zhong Nanshan, the national idol of this period.

when talking about his achievements, he said:

even psychologist Wu Zhihong said:

"Children are happy to see their parents fall in love instead of competing for love with their children.

if parents fall in love, the child will feel at ease to be a happy child. "

therefore, to raise a wife is to raise children.

as the head of a family, the best thing you can do for your children is to love their mother.

after all, parental love is the best gift for children to grow up.


in this life, money is like a dream, fame and wealth are like smoke, and only the family is the most precious wealth.

this is especially true for a man.

the wife around you is happy.A lifetime guarantee!

as Zhang Jin said:

"my wife is Cai Shaofen, and some people say that I have to rely on her all my life.

I can tell you, yes. The happiness of my generation depends on her.

Thank her for accompanying me through the difficult days. We go the same way with wind and rain. I hope it will be scenery in the future. "


No matter how busy you are, don't forget the woman behind you. To be good to her is to be good to yourself!