Be kind to yourself and never get angry.

Be kind to yourself and never get angry.

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writer Natsume Shushi said in "I am a Cat"

"No matter how great you are, it is impossible to make everything go well in the world."

can neither revive the sunset nor reverse the flow of Camochuan. The only thing that can restrain is his own mind. "

in life, we often hide anger or get angry because of little things, and we must ask why and why.

in the end, the more questions you ask, the deeper the injury; the fiercer the argument, the more sad you are.

only after a few rounds of fighting with life, can we finally understand that only by being calm can we be calm and at ease.


angry, upset

Last week, my colleague Sister Xu was hospitalized because she had not eaten for three days.

when asked why, she said, "I've tried my best to play an emotionally stable adult, but I can't help but get angry when I see my son's disobedient appearance."

after the first two days of school, I asked him if he couldn't get up in the morning and asked him what was going on at school. Really, I haven't eaten a mouthful of food these two days. "

watching her lying alone in the hospital bed, dripping, pale and distressed.

in reality, many people, like Sister Xu, often sulk because of trivial things in life, driving away their happiness and hurting their bodies.

because of a collision by a stranger, you will sweat all over your head; you will be furious because you can't find something; you will feel dizzy and stomachache because of an argument among your colleagues.

I am used to punishing myself with anger. Immersed in this powerful negative emotion, anger and resentment accumulate more and more.

but when I really fall down, looking back on what happened before, I find that those things are not as serious as I thought, or even worth mentioning.

the owl of writer Lao Yang once said: "the consequences of anger are always much more serious than the causes of anger."

I have seen such a set of data:

John Barford, an expert at Duke University Medical Center in the United States, a 25-year follow-up survey of 118 college students found that

participants with a high degree of hostility to others had a death rate of nearly 20% before the age of 50.

by contrast, the participants with the lowest "hostility" were only 5% likely to die before the age of 50.

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it turns out that emotional illness is more terrible than physical illness, and it is the most unworthwhile thing to hurt the body because of anger.

people who really know how to be kind to themselves have understood these truths in the precipitation of the years.

instead of pinning all the hopes of health on health, exercise, going to bed early and getting up early, I learned to control my temper and have fun.

because only by keeping a good mood can you protect your body.



there is such a story on the Internet:

A couple quarreled over trivial matters in life. In a fit of anger, the wife blocked her husband's Wechat.

the husband was bored all day, and as soon as he got home from work, he hurriedly asked his wife for a theory: "have you learned to block me?" OK, I won't cook dinner tonight. Let's see what you eat! "

seeing that her husband has a bad face, the wife said, "who told you to mess with me and not cook, then I'll order takeout."

the two people came and went back and forth, the quarrel became worse and worse, and the words became worse and worse.

finally, during the stalemate, the husband turned and rushed out the door.

more than ten minutes later, there was a knock at the door and the wife went to answer it.

unexpectedly, her husband came back with her favorite meat and said, "your takeout has arrived. Give me a five-star praise. Can you add a Wechat?"

my wife couldn't help laughing, and the anger in both of them went away.

sometimes, the angrier we are, the more we can't control ourselves.

always want to argue right or wrong, argue clearly, and foolishly think that winning a quarrel is the winner of this relationship.

No one knows that the tit-for-tat process has already stabbed each other, chilled the heart and hurt the feelings.

if you try to calm your heart and treat each other gently, it will be easier to pull back the other person's fierce reaction.

in life, we are always used to talking about what we care about others in extreme words, but in this way, the other person can only receive a rebuke.

then, gradually turn understanding into misunderstanding, gentleness into intensity, and love into disgust, even hate.

some people say that feelings are like sweaters, which are "knitted" little by little.

Don't let impulses, roars and accusations tear apart feelings that are not easily connected at once.

people who really know how to be kind to themselves understand that anyone and anything will become a thing of the past, will not slander each other because of it, let alone offset happiness with anger.

because only when we treat each other gently can we stay together for a long time.


angry, injured

at the regular project meeting last quarter, Li Wei, the person in charge, got angry twice in a row.

because of doubts about the financial data, the accountant explained it for 30 minutes, but he didn't agree.

so he asked the financial manager, "how do you work in finance?" The business data are not approved, so there is no need to do it at all. "

the financial manager looked at him, said nothing, and motioned to the host to continue.

then it's Li Wei's turn to report. After introducing the contents of the project, the vice president suggested that we should further understand the qualifications and needs of customers.

he immediately stood up and urged: "this project is very urgent, any more delay business will be lost, this meeting must be settled."

seeing that the leader did not sign, he was angry again, slamming the contract on the conference table and slamming the door.And go.

leave leaders and colleagues looking at each other, helpless and embarrassed.

after that time, colleagues became more careful with Li Wei, and the leaders were worried about him.

gradually, he is in charge of smaller and smaller projects, fewer opportunities, and narrower and narrower roads.

Wang Yangming said: "narrow-mindedness is the root of evil, and open-mindedness is the door to happiness."

if you always think that it is others who make mistakes and you are the ones who are in charge, it is easy to feel dissatisfied.

once you get out of control and let your anger get the upper hand, you tend to suffer a lot.

because a hurtful word is enough to change a relationship and your luck.

in life, no matter how senior we are and how powerful we are, we can't go well all the time.

when you meet a different voice, try to accept it. If not, give it to time first.

Don't get angry, because anger won't solve anything, but it will make things worse and worse.

people who really know how to be kind to themselves know how to control and dispel their emotions at the right time, not to get angry easily, and not to be rude.

Don't let a momentary impulse disturb the rhythm of life and break a lifetime of good luck.

because only when you are calm and calm can you have a smooth journey.

there is a saying: "No matter how angry you are, you will end up hurting yourself."

the world is troubled, resentment often accumulates in the heart, it is inevitable that the heart becomes angry; if you can let it go calmly, you can be transparent and open-minded.

in the middle of our lives, we have all encountered ditches and dangerous shoals and seen the vast expanse of mountains and rivers.

May we all be open-minded, reasonable, have a good temper, tranquil and gentle, and enjoy ourselves for the rest of our lives.