Be kind to yourself on the way to getting old

Be kind to yourself on the way to getting old

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

day after day, it passes in the twinkling of an eye;

year after year, in a hurry.

seems to be the beginning of 2020, it was yesterday;

now 2020 is almost over, quietly.

Why is it so fast this year


flowers bloom again, and

there are no more teenagers.

A hundred years of life seems to be a long time.

but even if you count it day by day,

you have to count it one day!

there is only one life.

years cannot start all over again.

in a hurry, you must learn to be kind to yourself!

be kind to yourself and put health first

the body is the capital of everything, and

health is the premise of struggle.

with a good body, the dream in

heart can come true;

only when we are in good health,

can we take care of the people we love.

take good care of yourself,

Don't tire yourself out to make money;

Don't work hard and overdraw your health.

money is gone, you can earn if you work hard. Once

your health breaks down, what's the use of more money?

Health is above all else.

the body is the baby.

for the rest of our lives, we must learn to be kind to ourselves!

be kind to yourself, don't let life be lost to the mood

on the way of life,

suffer by yourself, tired by yourself,

suffer by yourself, it's hard to stand up by yourself.

No one can really empathize.

all things have to be borne by themselves.

We are already very tired.

Don't make your heart more tired!

between people, there are two words in

: Shu Xin.

you can get along with each other in many places, but not if you don't get along with each other.

Don't always be trivial,

be angry with others, and

pay for other people's mistakes.

Don't be angry, don't be angry,

temper affects health,

decades of life, too short and too difficult,

Don't let your heart tired!

there is only one life, and there is no "never do it again"

this life is not good, maybe next time;

this life is too wasted, the next life!

how many people always comfort themselves like that?

but where will it be in the next life?

this life is over, there is no next life,

see you in this life, never see you again!

there is only one life.

it won't happen again!

wrong is wrong, and

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loss is loss.

there are some things that have only one chance.

such as life, such as age, such as true love,

is lost and can never come back.

if one day in this life,

all things will come to an end,

then I hope you and I,

, will try our best to be kind to ourselves and cherish them!

time goes by, at the end of a lifetime,

has nothing any more;

years go by, at the end of this life,

everything becomes nothing!

cherish the present and try to live in the present.

every day,

is a unique scenery.

miss it.

treat yourself well on the way to getting old.

as long as we are healthy,

as long as we are safe,

is the biggest winner in my life!