Behind every excellent child, there is a powerful mother.

Behind every excellent child, there is a powerful mother.

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mothers play an important role in family education.

the mother's mood determines the child's growth atmosphere, and the mother's character affects the child's character.

the self-cultivation of the mother affects the moral character and personality of the child all her life, and the mother's attitude towards education determines the future of the child.

the mother's connivance is indispensable behind the bear child, and the mother's education is indispensable to the good child.

behind those excellent children of other families, there is a powerful mother of another family.


A mother who is emotionally stable

raises an optimistic child

speaking of star mothers, it is inevitable that Huo Siyan, a warm little man like ahem, cannot be avoided.

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in "Mom is Superman", the program group asked mm-hmm: "what do you do, Mom will be unhappy?"

mm-hmm. Without thinking about it, he said, "Mom has never lost her temper with me."

indeed, throughout the season, Huo Siyan has always been gentle and patient with ahem.

even if ahem sometimes loses her temper or cries loudly, Siyan doesn't lose her temper with her son.

she always calms the child's mood first, and then guides the child to recognize the mistake.

in my mother's good mood, mm-hmm is optimistic and positive, and the point of view of the world is always full of love and warmth.

an expert once said:

A mother who is good at controlling emotions is a blessing for her child all her life.


mothers who often accompany

raise warm children

the famous host Yang Lan told a story about companionship.

she didn't come home for a whole week because of her work. When she got home that day, her son didn't speak behind her back and finally cried loudly. Looking at her son like this, she couldn't help crying.

since that incident, Yang Lan has put off all her work to stay at home with her children for a year and give them sense of security.

Yang Lan said:

the importance of companionship is worth emphasizing a thousand or 10,000 times.

some mothers will say that when we do this, we just want to give our children better living conditions and go to the best schools.

but the reality is that children who lack companionship do not live up to their expectations and even become rebellious and indifferent.

it is not that the child is ungrateful, but that the child needs more practical companionship than a better material life.

money can be made at any time, but the growth of children will not wait for us.

Life is really hard. While you are busy, please remember to leave your children a time that belongs to you.


mothers who are always encouraged

raise confident children

have seen a documentary about Ai Fukuhara.

in a competition, Ai Fukuhara competed with a second-grade boy. The little boy lost the first game and went to his parents aggrieved to get comfort from his parents. Unexpectedly, he waited for a sentence:

but how did Fukuhara's mother do it?

when Ai Fukuhara encounters setbacks, instead of scolding and criticizing her face and investigating her faults, she encourages her, cheers her up, and teaches her how to serve correctly:

"try, open your hand, throw it up, open your hand, throw it."

with the encouragement of her mother, little Ai Fukuhara cheered up again and again and picked up the racket to practice and play.

Children have both advantages and disadvantages. when mothers pay attention to their children's strengths and encourage them, the children can continue to give full play to their strengths, stimulate internal motivation and build confidence.

Children have both successes and failures. When the child fails, the mother can encourage the child, and the child will have the courage to meet the challenge again.

for a child, the mother's affirmation and praise will make him full of strength and determination to change for the better.


mothers who give trust

raise children who dare to speak

there is a problem with Zhihu: why do children less and less like communicating with their parents as they grow up?

A high praise replied: because of mistrust.

when a child thinks his parents are unreliable and trustworthy, he will be disappointed in the world.

so, when he meets the malice of this world, he would rather bear it alone, or even leave this world, than bear the second harm from his parents.

A child's dependence on his mother is inborn, but it will be slowly worn away.

if you want your child to talk to you about everything, happy, sad, injured, and aggrieved can talk to you and ask you for help, you must first be a mother who trusts her child and listens to her child's voice.

only in this way, when a child encounters any difficulties, he will say confidently, "I'm going to tell my mother!"


A mother who dares to let go

raises an independent child

for a mother, the child is a piece of meat that falls from her body. The mother is neither willing to bear the hardships of her child, but also reluctant to be separated from her child. She wants to keep her child in her arms all the time.

but in fact, the process of raising a child is actually a process of separation from the child.

the moment the child was born to cut the umbilical cord, when he first let go of his parents' hands as a toddler, he went to kindergarten for the first time, and when he was nearing adulthood, he left his parents to go to college far away to start his own family.

No matter how much you care about it, you have to understand that only when you are willing to let go can the child really grow up and move towards his own life independently.

the poet Yu GE once said:

True love is not to keep the child around, but to cultivate the child to be independent and let the child go.


A mother who is willing to discipline

A well-behaved child

saw a news story that a boy in Shaanxi peed in an elevator in a residential area. the boy's mother apologized in the owner group as soon as he learned of it.

the mother not only said that she would educate her child strictly, but also asked her child to clean the elevator for one month as compensation, and also attached a letter of apology from her child.

for the next month, the child conscientiously cleaned the elevator every day. I believe he will never make such a mistake again.

it is natural for children to make mistakes and get into trouble, which we can't avoid, but the key to education is how we deal with our children's mistakes.

the words and deeds of the mother determine the fate of the child's life.

mothers' attitudes and methods towards mistakes will affect the principles and bottom lines of their children.

mothers who blindly protect their children will only raise children who are uneducated and do not know how to behave.

if you make a mistake this time, your child will make it worse next time until someone else comes to discipline him for you.

only those mothers who are willing to discipline their children can let their children be in awe and stop.

Zheng Yuanjie said:

"when a child grows up, success is the mother, but failure is the mother."

the child will end up in the same pattern as the mother.