Behind every high achiever, there are excellent and fierce parents (no matter how busy they are).

Behind every high achiever, there are excellent and fierce parents (no matter how busy they are).

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and Mr. Ding, a senior senior teacher, talked about the higher enrollment rate and the effect of a famous school in a key middle school, and he sighed with emotion:

"the school has trained high achiever with a higher enrollment rate, not only thanks to the head teacher and the school, but also to the parents."

"without the silent and strong support and promotion of students' parents, it will be difficult for schools and classes to achieve excellence and top performance."

Minister of Education Chen Baosheng said: "if family education is not in place, no matter how good the school education is, it will not help."

Special teacher Li Zhenxi said: "School education is very important, but no matter how important it is, it is only an important supplement to family education."

behind every high achiever stands excellent and fierce parents.


the parents are the original, and the child is the copy

. Just like the teacher Ding just mentioned, his son is very excellent. After graduating from a key high school, he was admitted to Communication University Of China with the first grade in the province.

I have seen this child. He is smart, sunny, independent-minded and polite.

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from primary school to high school, my grades have been excellent.

is the kind of excellent boy who is "unforgettable at a glance".

of course, this kind of excellence does not fall from the sky, because this man is also very good-as a teacher, he was rated as a senior teacher because of his excellent business and young age.

he never runs all kinds of cram schools for fear of parents gossiping and tarnishing the image of teachers.

for the sake of the children, he, who socializes a lot, rejects a lot and keeps a mind to accompany the children.

in the third year of high school, I rented a house near my son's school and spent time with my children, keeping an eye on their movements and moods.

he also likes to make friends. He is warm-hearted and full of vigor and enthusiasm.

others are well-connected, but they always keep a low profile, and everyone is willing to associate with him.

Yes, children are superior and outstanding, and they are never picked up halfway.

the land of the family, which is rich in nutrition, can make the branches of the children tall and straight.

parents' words and behaviors, beautiful and healthy, can lead their children to strive for self-improvement and stand out.

every breath and movement of a child stems from the spiritual catalysis and life context of his grandparents.


the marks of childhood left by parents and families

the most upscale erasers cannot be erased

parents and parents are the first teachers of their children.

Children and their parents and elders get along day and night, and their attitudes towards life, values, conduct, moral quality, communication principles, and so on, gradually become indispensable spiritual food, water and air for children.

this invisible shaping gives children the breath and energy to resonate with the family on the same frequency.

psychologists say that the memories and effects of infancy will precipitate into the cerebral cortex and linger.

this kind of influence and habit, once fixed, it is very difficult to transform it the day after tomorrow.

in order to avoid this unnecessary "educational rework", parents and elders should do a good job in every detail and plot of life.

when the parents are sunny, the children will be starry.

parents are depressed, while children are often decadent and confused.

if you want your child to be good, you must first be "at least not bad".

if you want to make your child stand out, you must first keep making progress, growing up, and getting closer to excellence.


it is the teachers who teach, and the parents

Han Yu has a famous saying: "if you are a teacher, you will preach, teach, and solve doubts."

includes two important processes: "teaching" and "educating".

the teacher's duty is to teach his studies and get rid of confusion.

as for how to behave and how to behave, parents obviously have more responsibility, motivation and influence.

Children get along with their parents day and night, and the development of non-intellectual factors such as personality development, moral development and psychological development depends more on the family environment and the quality of parents.

"Confucian classics are easy to get, but human teachers are difficult to find." in order for their children to become talents and adults, parents themselves should become an excellent "human teacher"-a person who pursues goodness and beauty, a person with an interesting soul, and an independent person who walks upright.

if parents do well and do it right, they can lead their children to the heights of "people" and make their children outstanding in both political integrity and ability.


companionship, the most advanced home classroom

companionship, that is, parents should give up their work and socializing, go home, play with their children, play with their children, and communicate and discuss with their children.

this is a very simple and not difficult thing to do. if it is done well and done in place, it will bloom the miracle of education.

Mother's company will bring sense of security to infants and young children.

the companionship of the father will bring the child a sense of rules and a sense of responsibility.

in companionship, there will be all kinds of tactile communication, emotional interaction, emotional massage and so on.

there will be discussion of problems and collision of information.

the heart door of children is always open, and they always regard their parents as their intimate friends, so they are naturally willing to follow their parents and follow their guidance.

Children with parents have a happy and carefree childhood.

parents who are willing to put aside social activities to accompany their children are the most competent parents in the world.


there is no ticket that must be earned

only children who grow up instantly

talk about accompanying children.Son, many adults, especially men, say they are too busy.

Yes, your work is in a hurry.

however, the pace and frequency of children's growth are also in a hurry.

facing the rising sun and the genial spring breeze, the speed of children's upward jointing is far faster than we can imagine.

the most effective companionship time a child needs is only more than ten years.

you have no time, no mood to be with your child today, and you don't have heart to heart with your child in your company.

one day, when you want to care for and manage your child, you will find that he has grown up.

you don't have this chance anymore.

it's too late.

of course, some bad habits developed by a child in a lack of companionship, such as loneliness, inferiority, haggling, and so on, may be difficult to overcome for the rest of his life.

Kaifu Lee once called on: "Don't think that the child has been sent to school, everything is the teacher's business, and then urge to do your homework when you get home." Kids need more than that. "

Harvard psychology professor Gilbert said: "Ten years from now, you will not regret doing one less project, but you will regret not spending an extra hour with your child."

educating good children is the most important career of parents in this life.

there are no tickets that have to be earned, only children who grow up in an instant.


good parents, most of them are diligent parents

Wang Renping, a famous psychologist, said: to raise children is to raise oneself.

he also summed up an equation for family education: the achievement of education = the degree of attentiveness × ways and methods × ideas and ways of thinking.

the era has already entered the era of the development of the speed of light, and many children have surpassed their parents in terms of information possession and information processing.

at this time, if parents' cognition and ideas remain in the 1980s and 1990s, if they do not know trendy nouns and the meaning of new words, they will not use modern information tools.

there are even some outdated ideas and OUT. If you want to rely on the authority of your parents to guide your children, your children will always be unconvinced.

therefore, parents must educate themselves to be advanced, fashionable and glamorous.

through online learning, the promotion of learning teams, etc., to improve their own educational level, modern life and development concept.

parents themselves have been growing up, and growth has always been an important concept in the family.

when children look at it, they will naturally look like their parents.

it's hard to think not to be good or to be outstanding.


Family is the root.

Children are branches, trunks and fruits.

only when the root is deep, the root is strong, and the root system is developed, the fruit of the child will be fuller.

every parent who is a child should make the roots of the family more developed and more detailed.

inject positive energy into the family and accumulate a steady stream of good energy and nutrition for children.