Birds flying upside down (depth good text)

Birds flying upside down (depth good text)

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among the birds in the world, there are nearly 10,000 known species, some of which are peculiar in shape and some with superior skills.

among them, there is a kind of bird that can fly backwards, that is, hummingbird.

at first, however, they were not the case, which can be traced back to an ancient and mysterious legend.

because of their weak size, hummingbird groups often go out in groups to protect themselves.

in order to ensure the discipline and tidiness of the team, there is a rule that all members are only allowed to move forward, not backward.

once later, he will be kicked out of the hummingbird family and even pecked to death by his companions around him.

relying on this destructive momentum, all predators are deterred from where the hummingbird community has passed.

such a rule was maintained until one day, an accident struck.

there was a big fire in the forest, and there was a blaze ahead, but all the hummingbirds moved forward and poured into the fire.

seeing that the entire population was about to be destroyed, several hummingbirds finally realized that they had to step back in order to have a chance of survival.

in this way, a small number of hummingbirds flying upside down survived, and the hummingbird population continued.

after that, hummingbirds no longer flock, they have mastered the skill of flying upside down, and despite their small size, they can live even more easily in the complex rainforest than before.

as the saying goes, "make a decision and then move."

if you don't think about your situation and keep moving forward, it's easy to be doomed.

take a step back at the right time, or you can stay away from the disaster, or you can take charge of the overall situation, but you can finally achieve the goal.

in dealing with the world, we should not only have the courage to move forward, but also the wisdom to retreat.


retreating without arguing is Goethe, a famous thinker with

, who met a critic on his way home.

the critic stood at one end of the narrow bridge, deliberately blocking Goethe's way, shouting, "I never make way for fools!"

Goethe took the initiative to get out of the way and said with a smile, "I'm just the opposite."

in his view, to take a step back is not to throw in the towel, but because he understands that he cannot reason with those who deliberately make things difficult.

since this is the case, instead of blindly wasting time, active concession can avoid self-consumption.

A person who does not know how to tolerate concessions, no matter how strong his ability is, no matter how high his IQ is, he will inevitably fall into the wind.

Lu Huiqing in the Northern Song Dynasty was such a talented man that even the emperor praised his ability in public.

he supported reform and devoted himself to innovation. He could have achieved great things and benefited people all over the world.

but he has a fatal flaw, that is, he only knows what happens and tries to win, but does not know what to do.

once, an official named Zheng Xia spoke ill of him behind his back.

when Lu Huiqing heard this, she immediately ran to the emperor to complain, which aroused the dissatisfaction of many officials.

later, Lu Huiqing was at odds with Wang Anshi's brother, Wang Anguo.

this incident upset Wang Anshi, the leader of the reform, and Lu Huiqing has been stuck in the New Party ever since.

A lot of things can obviously be laughed off with a smile, but Lu Huiqing just doesn't know how to back down and fights around without any results. instead, she makes enemies everywhere for herself.

later, as soon as the new emperor ascended the throne, Lu Huiqing was quickly demoted to the frontier because of her accumulated grievances.

through the ages, it is very difficult for people like Lu Huiqing to live a happy life.

in the final analysis, the premise of ambition is to have a mind first.

take a step back in case of trouble, don't worry about immediate gains and losses, and devote your energy to bigger goals;

put up with people for a while, don't get caught up in trifles, and spend time on people who are more worthy of it.

walking around the world, always take a step back in order to make room to embrace the world.


taking retreat as progress is wisdom

there is a sentence in "transplanting Yangge": "the pure mind is the way, and retrogression is the way forward."

A lot of time in life, just like transplanting rice seedlings, you always go backwards while planting.

from a human point of view, it is a retrogression, but from a matter's point of view, it is making steady progress.

if there is something wrong with being a man and doing something, it is often not that you are not moving forward enough, but that you do not know how to retreat.

the so-called fans of the current situation, one step back can grasp the overall situation from the perspective of a bystander.

details that were previously ignored will be seen, and a seemingly inexplicable situation will be changed.

in the movie "Chinese partner", I was very impressed by the role of Meng Xiaojun.

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his childhood dream is to go to the United States to develop and achieve something in the United States.

before leaving, he was so ambitious that his friend took him to the airport to say "good-bye" to him.

but he responded with a tone of burning his bridges: "I'm never coming back."

however, life in the United States is very different from what he imagined, where he is so discriminated against that he is not even qualified for the position of laboratory assistant.

because of the high local price level, he can only live like a year in a small and cramped rental house.

he can only make a living by doing odd jobs in restaurants, let alone achieving something great.

Meng Xiaojun knows that if it goes on like this, it will only get farther and farther away from the original dream.

after thinking about it for a long time, he is the mostI finally decided to go back to China first.

slowly, the students looking for his one-on-one simulation formed a long queue, and in just a few years, their tutoring class developed into the largest training institution in the country.

once the lab that did not employ him as an assistant, now had the money he invested, and even named after him.

Meng Xiaojun told everyone with his own experience that he did not retreat from his return to China that year, but in a different way, and as a result, he took a big step towards his goal.

there is a line in "lurking":

step back at the right time, not to settle for second best, but to let yourself see more choices.

the road in front of you is not necessarily appropriate, and the direction in front of you is not necessarily correct.

in life, when the water is poor, take a step back to see the willow and the flowers are bright.


the sea area where the pattern

BBC has counted the highest incidence of shipwreck accidents.

on the contrary, he sailed on a smooth sea, feeling foolproof and not planning a way out. As a result, he was at a loss as soon as there was an accident, and eventually the ship was wrecked and people died.

by the same token, the more life goes smoothly, the more you have to "retreat".

only when you have enough hands, when you really encounter something, you can take your time and get out.

A few years ago, Huawei relied on its technological advantages to eliminate dust in the 5G commercial field.

even communications giants such as Nokia and Ericsson are at a disadvantage in the competition with Huawei.

at this time, someone suggested to Ren Zhengfei that Huawei should take advantage of the victory and seize the market share of other manufacturers by driving down product prices, so as to unify the 5G market.

Ren Zhengfei replied that you can't do anything, but you must leave a way for others to live.

he understands that when Huawei leaves others a way to live, it is giving itself a way out.

later, when the United States found that it could not compete with Huawei by formal means, it punished Huawei with various trumped-up charges.

at this time, many overseas companies are on Huawei's side.

because they understand that Huawei will not cut them off, and if Huawei fails and the United States supports another giant to come to power, it will be hard to say.

not only that, Huawei invested a lot of money in chip research at the time of its most smooth development, and it is still self-sufficient after the supply of the chip is cut off.

because of these pre-planned ways of retreat, Huawei retains the opportunity to catch its breath in the most difficult times.

Hong Yingming once said:

this does not mean that a man should not fight for his own interests.

but if you only know how to take advantage of everything, it is bound to cause fierce reactions from the outside world and a lot of grievances, which will bring endless worries to yourself.

do things to leave a way out, there is room for life, advance and retreat can be based on, life can move forward steadily.

the disciple said, "I'm falling back."

Master smiled and said, "No, you moved forward, because the door is behind you."

A few words tell the true meaning of life.

when walking in the world, we should not only find the right road, but also find the right direction.

if you hit a brick wall again and again, you can only be wide if you fall back.

for the rest of your life, may you have the mind to retreat, the wisdom to make progress, and the pattern of thinking about retreat.

advance and retreat freely, naturally without hindrance.