Busyness is the cure for everything.

Busyness is the cure for everything.

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Sanmao once said, "get busy, it can cure all your hypocrisy and anxiety."

all the heart problems in the world are due to being too idle.

when your life is filled with work, sports, reading, parties, etc., there is no time to worry and grieve.

busyness is the cure for wounds.


busy, cure all bad moods

Ancient books often write: "people are busy to solve a thousand worries."

once people are idle, they are prone to wishful thinking and negative emotions come to mind.

the poem "persuading the people" says: we do not see idle people with long energy, but we can see that labourers are full of muscles and bones.

Yan Geling, a famous female writer, was admitted to the Art Troupe at the age of 12 and became a ballet soldier.

in the art troupe, Yan Geling has a full schedule.

at four o'clock every morning, she gets up and presses her legs to exercise her body shape.

later, when she came into contact with writing, she signed up for a writing class. The teacher asked to write three pages, and she took the initiative to write six pages.

after becoming a professional writer, she wrote every day from 9: 00 a.m. to 3: 00 p.m., with immutable self-discipline and never wasted a day.

"get busy, the more you write, the more inspired you become. If you immerse yourself in your work, you will have no time to deal with those troubles. "

Yan Geling's novels "the Thirteen Women of Jinling", "Mei Lanfang" and "Girl Xiaoyu" have been remade into films by Zhang Yimou and other directors, and have won numerous praise and rewards.

instead of being idle, she devoted herself to her English study. He memorized words when walking, wrote dictation before going to bed, and was finally admitted to the Columbia Academy of Arts.

"if I don't write, don't study, and leave me free, the best part of my life will die."

after being suppressed and placed under house arrest, Huawei Meng Wanzhou wrote this sentence: "suffering lengthens the years, and busyness shortens the time."

instead of being hypocritical and complaining, it's better to keep yourself busy and have a sense of satisfaction when you do something.

when you devote yourself to being busy, you will find that the environment around you is also changing.

the positive attitude and the improvement of ability are all good medicines to cure the bad mood.


lazy people are often ill, while busy people are prosperous

Zeng Guofan exhorts future generations: "mediocre people of all ages in the world are defeated by the word" lazy "."

as the saying goes, "Heaven rewards hard work". Household work is prosperous, and people are busy.

those who do not meet with talent often ruin their future because of the word "lazy".

Zeng Guofan is a famous minister of a generation, but he never slackens in his life and work and does everything himself.

he insists on getting up early every day, writing down his daily schedule, and keeping a retrospective diary before going to bed at night.

and during the march, no matter how tired he was after camping every day, he would direct everyone to dig two trenches around the camp.

this is what became known as "fortifying the village and fighting a dull battle".

once people are busy and devote themselves to it, no matter how stupid they are, they can take off.

Zeng Guofan is mediocre and not clever. His magic weapon is to cherish every second, live the present in a down-to-earth manner, and constantly reflect on himself.

the more idle people are, the more confused they feel and accomplish nothing in the end.

and those who are too busy to grieve have already done things beautifully and stepped into a higher circle with their real skills.


the way to get rid of a person is to keep him idle

"if you want to get rid of a person, leave him idle. In the end, he is doomed to the road of depravity."

ordinary people say that leisure is a blessing.

in fact, people age the fastest when they are free.

leisure means that you don't have to think, stop exercising, the circle is getting smaller and smaller, and it is declining day after day.

Mr. Yuan Longping, who was still working until the age of 90, was worried about rice fields.

in his letter, he wrote:

"Agriculture is my profession. If I leave the farmland, I will have nothing to do. That is the trouble." I am still in the field now. As long as I have pursuits and ideals, I will not feel bitter. I am now in good health, the old horse in the stable is not ambitious, I have to meet new challenges and move towards new goals. "

Old Yuan devoted his life's painstaking efforts to agriculture and got a lot of returns at the same time.

whether one is young or not has nothing to do with age, but with attitude.

people grow old when they are idle.

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but busy, energetic all day, hard-working limbs, no time to worry, is really getting younger and younger day by day.

A study shows that if a person lives to be 100 years old, only more than 1 billion brain nerve cells are frequently used, and 80% of the brain nerve cells are not used.

if you use it, you will be effective; if you don't use it, you will fail; those who use their brains frequently must be smart.

scientists have found that people who often do mental work can still maintain their sensitive thinking ability by the age of 60.

while those lazy people who have nothing to do all day have a higher proportion of premature brain failure.

sweat in sports, exercise in thinking at work, busyness is rewarding.


busyness is the cure for wounds.

find yourself something to do. Don't waste the gift God has given you.

Life will always encounter some setbacks, obstacles, be hit unprepared, and even want to give up, so broken.

I hope you can keep yourself busy at this time. Start with the smallest thing.

Cleaning the room, washing clothes, mopping the floor, even if you cook a meal seriously, can heal the wound in your heart.

"people must do something when they are alive."

where you spend your time, there will be a return.

indulge in gossip news and games, lie on the sofa day after day, seem relaxed and relaxed, and finally get a tired body.

go out for exercise, write, read, think and reflect, actively busy, in exchange for a healthy body and a sensitive brain.

the real winner in life is to enrich your life in your busyness.

the rest of my life is expensive, please don't waste it.